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building a navy


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I understand why the Swedes chose a two turret four gun layout, it was as much as they could get into the displacement available. But AFAIK for longer range naval gunnery in this period, 6 guns was really the minimum practical fit for an effective warship. 4 guns is just too limiting on salvo size/rate for good spotting, 4 shots is a good ladder salvo, but full broadsides (as in a 4 gun ship) limits the 'refresh rate' for spotting information. The alternative, fringing 2 gun salvos, dosen't produce a very effective shot pattern for spotting or getting hits.


So a 4 gun ship is moderatly acceptable in places where visability can be assumed to be limited, ie the North Sea, Baltic etc, most of the time. However it really is takeing a hefty handicap in good visability. A CDB might have half the gunpower of a BB, but it could be taken to be about 1/3rd as effective under certain conditions.



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What a nice looking ship! :wub:


Finland built two costal defense ships that were smaller armed with for 254mm guns. These saw some action and one was lost to a mine during the Continuation War. The surviving ship ended up being handed over to the Soviets at the end of the war. They changed its description to a monitor. They are interesting designs but lack the elegant lines of the Swedish ship pictured above.


Since I am not sure about Mr. Aromaa's picture policy go here full details and pictures:



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