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Found 1 result

  1. I'm starting this thread in the hope that some of the discussions on China can migrate from the "Hypothetical War: Contest for the Spratleys" to this thread. My respects to that thread as it is one of the longest lasting. The reasons for starting a new thread firstly because such a thread fits better in the "Military Current Events" section more than "General Naval & Air". Secondly, because when it comes to China, it is no longer just the Spratleys we would be talking about. 3 years on from X-files' "Hypothetical War" thread, China is now going head-to-head with Japan in the East China Sea. Who next? What next? Even as it appears to me that China's spectacular economic boom is on the wane, more and more it is becoming the nation that no one can ignore, and not always in a positive way. These days, you can't watch a Hollywood blockbuster without the plot didn't somehow wending its way to China, or at least involve some Chinese characters (and most importantly) who aren't necessarily the bad guys anymore! Hmmm...
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