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Found 3 results

  1. FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft has won the contract on the production of 75-150 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles (AGSV) for the Norwegian Army.This vehicle was originally called M113F4, and was pretty much an elongated M113F3 with a shorter superstructure to allow for various types of modules to be fitted in the back (similar to the Australian M113AS4), such as an Arthur artillery hunting radar module, a SHORAD module with a launch unit for IRIS-T missiles + a multi function radar, and a logistics variant with a 10 foot ISO container. In addition, there is supposed to be an electronic warfare variant that has a full superstructure. An earlier computer model by KDA showing how a new SHORAD vehicle based on the M113F4 could look like. Rather than let the Army’s workshop in Bjerkvik handle the production of these vehicle as has been the case in the past, they decided to outsource the production to FFG. IMO this makes sense considering that there is an urgent demand for these vehicles, especially the SHORAD variant, and the earlier Project 5026 ended up being completed way behind schedule. In any case, Bjerkvik will probably get some work anyway since FFG is also delivering additional upgrade kits to bring M113A2/M577A2 up to F3 level, in addition to the new ACSVs. Speaking of which, it also seems like FFG has made a lot of changes to the original M113F4 design, and it now appears to be more similar to their PMMV G5. The new Armoured Combat Support Vehicle. FFG is having success in Norway these days. In addition to this contract, they're also producing 6 Leopard 2 based Wisent 2 ARVs for the Norwegian Army, and will probably receive an order for 6 more in the AEV configuration to replace the Leopard 1 based NM189 INGPVs. The delivery of the first Wisent 2 to the Norwegian Army happened in September last year.
  2. No, don't just make threats. https://www.flightglobal.com/helicopters/norway-threatens-cancellation-of-nh90-helicopter-contract-over-upgrade-delays/147436.article Edit: Another article that's not behind a paywall like the previous one, but you have to make due with a translator: https://forsvaretsforum.no/forsvarsministeren-helikopter-nh90/forsvarsministeren-norge-vurderer-a-droppe-nh90-helikoptrene/245557
  3. Interesting what dendrochronology can find: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-43727547
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