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Found 1 result

  1. This is an notification of the proposed TANKNET 2-DAY TACTICAL RIFLE CLASS tentatively to be held on MONDAY 10/5 and TUESDAY 10/6 at PRACTICAL FIREARMS TRAINING in ALDERSON, WV (USA) The facility is open Saturday and Sunday for early birds. Please let me know if you are arriving early as it is a private facility and I need to arrange for entry. There is secure storage for gear on site. It is open to all present and former TankNetters who can find their way there. There will probably be enough guns for those of us not of Sam by the ones who are. Please clicky the links below in Colin's helpful post. If you are travelling slick, please try and arrange with others for your hardware and cool guy gear. If you have no idea what you are doing...please say so and we can help you out. The recommendation is an AR with a red dot or low power optic with sling and a minimum of 3 magazines. This is the default and by far the most successful combination. Other platforms like AKs and HKs generally have more issues overall but you can use them. Ammunition can probably be arranged on site but you probably have to pay for it beforehand. Work on 800-1000 rounds over the 2 days. DO NOT BRING STEEL CORED AMMUNITION LIKE M855 OR 7N6. It pits the steel targets. Most students stay in Lewisburg, WV which is about 15 minutes from the training facility. ACCOMODATIONS PFT has a corporate rate at the Lewisburg Holiday Inn Express. You must call the hotel directly to get this rate. Otherwise there is a frills free motel in Alderson called The Riverview for $60 a night. FEEDING We find our own food and bring our own munchies. There is a fridge on site. Lunch is usually from the nearby Subway...usually someone goes to get the order while we jam mags, talk shop etc. Dinner tends to be a short affair in Lewisburg. There is an Applebees, a couple of nicer places, some fast food joints and a Chinese buffet. TRANSPORT There is plenty of parking at the range facility. If your junk is in the trunk, you probably want to bring it. Those running slick can just share a ride up to the range. You don't need 4x4 but a sports car will have trouble with the slope. SHIPPING ADDRESS TBC Please go to Pgpft.com and avail yourselves of the relevant information. I am unable to link anything from here due to a glitch with my account. I urge our Yurrup cohort to join. We can roll it into a quick visit of NOVA sites like the Aerospace Museum etc. Some of this was covered in the DC I&I but there's loadsa new stuff that was not there then like the USMC Museum in Quantico. Any sidebars need to remember that some places (NY,NJ,DC,MD etc.) are not the land of the free and simply going there with guns is a felony. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. Attendance List (3/10/2015) Mike Steele rmgill fritz* T19 Simon Tan shep854 sunday* Stargrunt6 BansheeOne* On the way* e5M(?) JamesR *slick, i.e. without equipment etc. Chime in if you are interested but cannot confirm. We need a minimum of 8 to take the time slot. DATE MOVE TO MONDAY (10/5) and TUESDAY (10/6). PLEASE TAKE NOTE.
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