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Found 3 results

  1. I searched for a thread like history of Soviet tank,to no avail.....I am interested how does replacing/upgrading AFVs practice works in US Army.I obtained R.P Hunnicutt book on Patton,which gave me the idea about introduction dates and various upgrades for Pattons.I had to search elsewhere for other vehicles.However,it is unclear to me how upgrading proceeded,what happened to older vehicles? Example,M113 was produced in three improved version. A1 (1964); A2 (1979); A3 (1987) ...however,what happened to A1 when A2 introduced? They all were upgraded? NG received them? Scraped or transformed into new versions? Or M1 Abrams. All variants served together in,let's say,1992.Then,I think,remaining 105mm were upgraded to 120mm Now,this is the tank list I have,which is the entire point: M48A1 (until December 1979?) M48A3 M48A5 (October 1975-mid '90) M60 (fall of 1960-1963?) M60A1 (1963-1972?) (basic version) M60A1(AOS) (late 1972-1975)) M60A1(RISE) (1975-77?) M60A1(RISE/PASSIVE) (1977-1997?) M60A1 ERA (late '80) M60A2 "Starship" (1974-1981) M60A3 (May 1979-upgraded with TTS couple of months later?) M60A3 (TTS) (August 1979-1997) M1 (1984-1992?) M1IP (1984-1992?) M1A1 (August 1985) M1A1 HA (October 1988)
  2. The Magach 4 is seemingly missing from history with the only evidence of its existenss being an old report from 1982 which talks about the syrian military capturing a magach 4 loaded with M111 Hetz ammunition, the magach 4 is even missing from wikipedia and barely has any photos of it online, i personally only know of one actual example of it which sits in the Kubinka tank musuem inside Russia
  3. I was at Ham Radio Outlet this past weekend and found an interesting book. Seems like this would be a good thread for periodic perusal. Anyhow, the book. The Secret Wireless War The Story of MI6 Communications 1939-1945 Geoffrey Pidgeon Special communications Units I & 11/12 and DWS from 1942-1947. http://www.amazon.com/The-Secret-Wireless-Geoffrey-Pidgeon/dp/0956051529 I've dipped into it slightly and it seems fairly comprehensive. It would make a great companion book with Louis Meusltee's Wireless For the Warrior series.
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