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Found 8 results

  1. I searched for a thread like history of Soviet tank,to no avail.....I am interested how does replacing/upgrading AFVs practice works in US Army.I obtained R.P Hunnicutt book on Patton,which gave me the idea about introduction dates and various upgrades for Pattons.I had to search elsewhere for other vehicles.However,it is unclear to me how upgrading proceeded,what happened to older vehicles? Example,M113 was produced in three improved version. A1 (1964); A2 (1979); A3 (1987) ...however,what happened to A1 when A2 introduced? They all were upgraded? NG received them? Scraped or transformed into new versions? Or M1 Abrams. All variants served together in,let's say,1992.Then,I think,remaining 105mm were upgraded to 120mm Now,this is the tank list I have,which is the entire point: M48A1 (until December 1979?) M48A3 M48A5 (October 1975-mid '90) M60 (fall of 1960-1963?) M60A1 (1963-1972?) (basic version) M60A1(AOS) (late 1972-1975)) M60A1(RISE) (1975-77?) M60A1(RISE/PASSIVE) (1977-1997?) M60A1 ERA (late '80) M60A2 "Starship" (1974-1981) M60A3 (May 1979-upgraded with TTS couple of months later?) M60A3 (TTS) (August 1979-1997) M1 (1984-1992?) M1IP (1984-1992?) M1A1 (August 1985) M1A1 HA (October 1988)
  2. It is pretty well known that MiG lost a big market in eastern Europe, first when USSR applied the "Sinatra doctrine" and then when the Soviet Union dissolved. I have been trying to get some idea of the number of Fulcrum to be acquired by Yugoslavia and Warsaw Pact nations if the Communist governments would have stayed in the power. This is so far what I have: - Yugoslavia: 16 MiG-29, first country in Eastern Europe to receive them. 28 more were planned. - Romania: 16 MiG-29. There were rumours about a total of 30 to be acquired. - East Germany: 24 MiG-29, all transferred to Luftwaffe after reunification. No details if more were expected. - Czechoslovakia: 20 MiG-29. Fleet divided between Czech Republic and Slovakia. - Poland: 12 acquired from USSR, 10 from Czech Republic, and 22 from Germany. - Hungary: 28 MiG-29 received in 1993 to pay for Russian debt. All retired and offered for sale. - Bulgaria: 22 MiG-29 received in 1989-90. Maybe our Eastern European colleagues could provide more details. Were there contracts for more MiG-29 being negotiated in 1990-91?
  3. Hello, I am doing online research for a Cold-War based wargaming project and I need to find out the following: Is there good online sources for Platoon level organizations for NATO and Warsaw Pact armies for the years ca. 1980-84? Any help you can give would be most appreciated!
  4. https://theartsmechanical.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/glomar-explorer-going-to-scrap/ http://news.usni.org/2015/09/09/former-cia-spy-ship-hughes-glomar-explorer-sold-for-scrap
  5. I thought you would like to know that I've added the first installment of the Marine Corps organisation to my website. Mahlzeit! More to follow in due course.
  6. Will there be anything new on this Years Red Square Parade? I´ll BET Putin will put on a REALLY big show this year ... Posted in AFV Forum, as I like to see Tanks more than Missiles ... ( a little more, only a little ) Hermann
  7. I'm sure everyone who plays WOT is familiar with this beast, the Batignolles-Chatillon design for a lightweight MBT. For something that actually had at least a steel prototype made, there appears to be very little information about it floating around. On paper it's a very impressive design. Early 50's, 80mm frontal armor with a healthy amount of slope, and a mere 25 tonnes. 25 tonnes. It makes a T-54 seem overweight! Armament was a high-velocity 90mm cannon of some sort. What was the bat mechanically? An overgrown AMX-13? According to a number of web sources it had hydropneumatic suspension, so that at least was different.
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