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  1. National Farmers Day or something I think. I expect Sir Kneelalot Starmer thinks it's to commemorate the glories of the kolkhoz or something...
  2. Hello Retac, glad you are enjoying the book and thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated. 😊 Ref the above, the following is off the top of my head as I'm not on my work machine, so please excuse the lack of/any errors in locations and/or timings. I don't think the bit about Horrocks reflects what I was driving at, mebbe I could/should have been clearer. By the time 30 Corps had finally closed up to the south bank of the Lower Rhine and they were holding the meeting that hung Sosabowski out to dry the die was cast regarding the 1st Airborne Division and Horrocks (and De
  3. Why do I need to do that? Why would I do that? I can point out that there ARE troops performing some form of civil security functions without needing to A. challenge one to a fight or B. even do anything other than asking questions. If anyone is going to end up on the wrong end of an SA80 bayonet it'll either be some of your many leftist who've decided that Robert the Bruce was a racist OR it'll be more of your new citizens who are utterly devoted to some other religion than the CoE and decide that they need to kill a guardsman for Allah. I'll be here wishing you guys had better security if
  4. I am? I'm pointing at the soldiers themselves that perform security NOW. And are armed, NOW. If there was an attack would the Guards stand around or would they run or would they fight? I dunno, oh font of all UK knowledge AND Chief Denigrator of SAME. You could of course come OVER and perform an attack on Buck House NOW to show us, I'd pay good money to see you on the wrong end of an SA80 bayonet. BillB
  5. Don't be coming in here with your facts and logic and other fripperies young man. BillB
  6. SOURCE: Mawdsley, Evan. Thunder in the East: The Nazi-Soviet War 1941-1945. Hodder Arnold, London, 2007. ISBN 978-0-340-61392-4 **General Editor's Preface, pages xviii - xix** I'm surprised to see those two caught out like that, I thought they were better than that. AIUI Eisenhower's SHAEF's original plan involved a step-by-step broad front advance after the Germans who it was assumed would conduct a repeat of 1918; as Carlo D'Este puts it for example: D'Este cites a SHAEF planning paper to back up his analysis, WO 219/2506 'Post-Neptune Courses of Action After Capture of Lodg
  7. Blimey RETAC, you're a glutton for punishment, I don't know whether to be flattered or just afraid... In response to your question, I think Rich has answered better than I could have done. TBH I didn't look at DRAGOON and I doubt there was much if any cross pollination apart from the mainland Italian landings emphasising the need to clear the beaches as rapidly as possible - hence the omnipotent Beach Masters. OMAHA actually went better than it is routinely given credit for, and there was a distinct lack of push at UTAH despite the windfall of accidentally landing in a better stretch of
  8. Fair question. FWIW I agree with Rich it was about the logistics so I don't subscribe to the ending the war by Xmas stuff you see sometimes, and I don't really think anybody that mattered thought so at the time either. However, I think a successful MG in its entirety might well have set the scene better for the resumption of operations in early 1945, possibly by removing the need to fight through the Reichswald and Westwall defences and force the Rhine; at worst it would have offered an additional line of attack that would have stretched the Germans yet further. BillB
  9. Ah, now you're talking! That would cut out the walking for access as I did that on one of my latest jaunts to Arnhem, bimbled around with the camera tucked into the front of my riding jacket. I have a pic somewhere of the scooter parked where they manhandled the 6 Pounder AT gun up onto the bridge ramp to deal with the pill boxes on the bridge. BillB
  10. As anyone who has put together an I&I can tell you, shepherding a group of enthusiasts around a tour like that is surprisingly hard work. Yes, I can imagine it is. We could always try Stuart's idea regarding the beer bribery I suppose. BillB
  11. I'd be more than happy to act as battlefield guide as there are some places I have only visited via Google street-view, but I'm not sure my legs are up to much walking around these days, mores the pity. However, if you are up to carrying a fat bloke piggy-back... BillB
  12. Norwegians defeated them with improvised defences in couple of occasions, and the Dutch wiped them out in Hague. Airborne operations are, by default, high risk-high reward and total loss of force is always a possibility. Fair one but a bit of damning with faint praise too I think. The Dutch did make a mess of the landings at the Hague but that was as much due to flawed operating procedures and simple bad luck as Dutch resistance. Ref the flawed operating procedures the idea of dropping on a functioning airfield was a popular staple but rather risky at best, and then there was the German pr
  13. A la Vespa if you don't mind. And I'll be having words with you in the Arnhem book thread later... BillB
  14. Indeed. Even if it's just know your enemy... BillB
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