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  1. If you really want a strange biblical story to put on celluloid..... Try Chapters 19, 20 and 21 of the Book of Judges, has all sorts of stuff that modern audiences would enjoy.
  2. Bible.... Ben Hur?? Book chapter and verse please...... and no you won't find Spartacus there either.... I am Spartacus! No, I am Spartacus I am Spartacus, and so is my wife But I am Brian! No, I am Brian!
  3. The Carnival is Over, by the Seekers. Judith Durham died yesterday.
  4. I wonder if the Luftwaffe ever tried their night fighting radars in an air to surface role? Perhaps they didn't think about it.
  5. Did the Luftwaffe or Kreigsmarine have anything much more to add to the topic, apart from what has been mentioned above? Or were neither of those services overly concerned about radar being used for anti-submarine warfare against RN submersibles? The Kreigsmarine may have become a bit more worried when RN / USN light forces started being able to locate, and kill, light forces by the use of radar. If an S-Boot could be located and attacked, then the sail of a U-Boot would have been similarly vulnerable.
  6. Courageous Class Large Light Cruisers 28ft (7.9m) Intended for this operation.
  7. I am quite fond of the death of Maximus in Gladiator, even though it was a rip off of Hamlet.
  8. You thought that Boris Johnson was / is bad as Prime Minister. Australia had Scott Morrison as Prime Minister until a few months ago. He was jokingly referred to as 'Scomo from Marketing" Now this wanker has come out at a happy clappy speaking in tongues so called Pentecostal church and has told the congregation (remembering that he was Prime Minister until very recently... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-19/scott-morrison-says-put-faith-in-god-not-governments/101250118 Former prime minister Scott Morrison has told churchgoers they should put their trust in God — not governments — during a speech focusing on anxiety in Perth. Mr Morrison was a guest speaker at a birthday event for Pentecostal church the Victory Life Centre, founded by tennis champion Margaret Court, on Sunday. In an address lasting almost 50 minutes, the sitting Cook MP said government was "important" but he was thankful "we have a bigger hope" than politicians. Wanker
  9. You cannot have a milf as a PM, it just wouldn't be proper and all that. It also reminds me of when Australia had a PM Tony Abbott who was oft seen in a swimming costume, or as we describe the type of costume as a 'budgie smuggler' (you will have to look that up.....)
  10. And having a heavily armed populace who don't give a damn about in reality about democracy leads to a government (even a local government) who will not stop this:
  11. No, I did not ignore anything, I just further understood how pointless any mention of civility without being armed has become in this context. The USA is a country that celebrates "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." But where a large proportion of the population believes that they must be armed to maintain their rights against "that government of the people, by the people, for the people," The USA was indeed the first country that was founded on a huge measure of democracy (leaving aside that at the time that it was founded a huge percentage of the population was left out of the democratic experiment [ie, blacks and women]) and can be rightfully held up as an example of democracy. So why do other democracies not require an armed citizenry to hold their governments in check? Perhaps it is because in most of those democracies the government is not seen as an enemy, as those governments are seen as governments of the people, by the people, for the people.
  12. Look for re-issued 1970s and 1980s Tamiya kits. Sure they won't have resin or PE and rivet counters have a field day criticising them, but they are fun, not overly complex and usually half the price of more recent kits that you need a masters degree in microsurgery to build.
  13. To quote someone much better than I: Since your most serene majesty and your highnesses require of me a simple, clear, and direct answer, I will give one, and it is this: I cannot submit my faith either to the pope or to the council, because it is clear that they have fallen into error and even into inconsistency with themselves. If, then, I am not convinced by proof from Holy Scripture, or by cogent reasons, if I am not satisfied by the very text I have cited, and if my judgment is not in this way brought into subjection to God's word, I neither can nor will retract anything; for it cannot be either safe or honest for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen. Martin Luther
  14. That is quite an 'Indulgence'.
  15. I see that two members of this site have agreed that mass shootings are a sign of a healthy democracy... let us see how many more. And please no one quote again from non canonical books of THEIR bible or I will start quoting other books from the 'Old Testament' (the first covenant) that were actually part of Jewish canon. Some books were added by the Church of Rome only to bolster its authority without reference to the actual books of the old covenant.
  16. It was your prohibition not ours, and look at how it worked out for you. But we have had some remote communities (ie Indigenous people) who have, as communities, decided to either be 'dry' or to limit the purchase of alcohol, and a few social security measures stopping people on government income payments from spending more than a certain percentage of their income on alcohol and or gambling. I would actually risk saying that gambling is as big a scourge on communities as alcohol over most of Australia, leading to social breakdown, crime, malnutrition (when a family spends more $$ on gambling than on food). So no, I do not live in a perfect society / community / economy .... but I do not fear for my safety from other things, except maybe drunk or stupid drivers.
  17. I take it that you are being facetious. As I follow both MSM and non MSM I have yet to read or hear of anyone harmed. Of course don't let the facts get in the way Source https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality perhaps consider Romans 13: 1-14
  18. Well the 21st Amendment was repealed. Or should it still be in place? What about the 18th Amendment? According to some, once an Amendment is in place it is set in stone.
  19. I have come to understand that supporters of 'gun rights' simply accept a large number of mass shootings each year as a sign of what they consider to be a healthy democracy.
  20. Let us not forget the third of the British weapons of desperation trilogy. The Smith Gun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_Gun
  21. 'Armoured weerrcles'. Is that like Chekov 'Nuclear wessels?'
  22. We need a tank designed by Ferrari or Lamborghini, rather than Fiat.
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