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  1. Has anyone mentioned the Alaska Class? Six ships planned, two built and in service by VJ day. In essence, even though being not much more capable than the Baltimores in the AA role, their heavier main batteries would have been useful for anti-ship carrier escorts.
  2. All it needs is a set of rotors (Sparkie's wet dream?)
  3. Those of the crew, say 3000, would represent around 250 tons. Tilting the carrier a little would have cause the avgas tanks and any water tanks to similarly flow a little to that side. But does anyone else remember the movie 'The Bridges at Toko-ri' where the prop aircraft were used as pushers, at full revs, to get the carrier 'Savo Island' to the dock?
  4. But only eight years older than the North Carolinas.... You forgot the Rodney and the Nelson, both with arguably better armour than the North Carolinas or the South Dakotas, and with nine 16in guns each. Yes they needed major work by 1944, but if needs must that could have been carried out to extend their useful service lives.
  5. Liberty, or how it is perceived, is a strange thing, it varies according to culture and the like. To take things to extremes, or maybe not all that extreme, depending on where you are from. In Most English speaking countries (that includes the USA by the way) incest is prohibited by law, and many in those English speaking countries, including myself, would agree that this is a reasonable curb on what some people would claim be to liberty. (There are some technical arguments about this of course). But in Russia incest is not illegal, in Spain consensual incest is not illegal, in Brazil it is not illegal, in Japan it is not illegal..... I could go on and list many countries.... it is also understood that that are conditions upon this legality, such as informed consent, age restrictions and the like. Meanwhile, in the USA the age of consent to non incestuous sex varies from 16 to 18, depending on the state. Could someone in the USA claim that their liberties are being infringed for, as an adult, not being legally allowed to have incestuous sex when over the age of 18? Or could a 17 year old couple be able to claim that their liberties were being infringed n their state when others in the USA can have sex at the age of 16? Of course these examples are extreme, but they raise the issue of what liberties are innate. A citizen of Spain or Brazil may claim that their liberty to have sex with a family member is commensurate to that of someone in the USA to bear arms.
  6. If you have a choice between 14 days in a quarantine establishment, so that you don't spread the plague to others, or 14 days in your home, so you don't spread the plague to others, which would you choose? Or are you saying that everyone who may be contagious should simply be allowed to spread the plague? There is an old saying: "Your right to wave your fists ends at the point of my nose."
  7. Yes it initially sounds bonkers: BUT! It will be voluntary and only for people who agree to go into home quarantine after returning from areas where covid is flowing freely. It is not the whole population and is an alternative to being put in other forms of quarantine. See South Australia is trialing an app that will monitor people who are in home quarantine by checking geo-location data and scanning their faces. The trial, which began on Monday, allows around 50 South Australian residents returning from interstate to conduct their 14 days of mandatory quarantine from home. Residents who sign onto the trial will install the Home Quarantine SA app on their smartphones to monitor their compliance with quarantine requirements through random in-app checks. Users will have 15 minutes, when the app pings them, to prove they are at their homes by showing the app their faces and giving it access to geo-location data. If they fail to do so, police will check on them in-person. https://ia.acs.org.au/article/2021/sa-trials-facial-recognition-for-home-quarantine.html Not quite the same as claiming that all South Australians will be tracked everywhere, is it?
  8. And the Canberra flew just one year after this. But putting it in another perspective: this aircraft first flew in December 1948 The Il-28 (same design team) first flew in June 1948, six months before the Il-20. Could not the two groups designing these aircraft talk to each other? I mean they may have come up with something resembling a an A-10, at least in purpose, long before that aircraft was considered. Having two jets, close to the fuselage, would have solved the pilots vision problem and given a much higher speed as well.
  9. The more inherent violence there is on the field, the less violence in the stands. Also sports where one side or the other scores with more frequency than in Association Football have less violence because there are more opportunities to release tension.
  10. Or just quietly allowed to escape / go home, after all, who wants to have to guard a 65 year old man or a 14 year old boy?
  11. Do those mortality figures include the POWs who had served Germany but were handed over to the Soviets after VE day? The Western Allies knew what was going to happen to them but handed them over anyway.
  12. The French just gave the world another good reason to not like them or their culture. I head it said a long time ago that France has a great culture but no civility, whilst England had civility but no culture: French sports fans have just proved this: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-23/french-football-fans-storm-field-dimitri-payet-nice-marseille/100398272
  13. Actually we have been told to get whatever vax that you can, as soon as you can.
  14. Hasn't the maths been essentially done re a 2.8cm sabot round by simply considering the 4.2cm Pak 41, that squeezed the projectile down to 2.8cm? That is 336 g (11.9 oz) projectile at 1,500 m/s (4,900 ft/s) MV. That is from a L55.8 gun (close enough to L60). The problem was essentially that any sabot round would need tungsten, that was simply not available in quantity for AT rounds, which was why the 4.2cm Pak 41, and the other squeeze bore guns, fell from use. The Littlejohn adapter achieved similar results with a 2pdr, squeezing 40mm down to 30mm (close to your 28mm figure). Canada was working on a higher velocity version of the 2pdr, nicknamed 'David': that is a 2pdr round fired with a 6pdr cartridge case from a modified 6pdr. The work never came close to being a service weapon but was evidently a useful tool for high velocity gun information. A squeezebore round from that development would have been 'interesting'. I guess that the 6pdr APDS may have overtaken the use use of the 40mm projectile from what was otherwise a 6pdr gun. I cannot find any reference to the weight of the projectile of the APDS 6pdr round except the weight of the entire projectile rather than just the shot without the sabot. Total shot weight being 3.25lb so if the actual projectile was around 35mm it would have weighed about a kilo.
  15. I think that the various states of Australia probably have stricter laws than the UK, after Port Arthur.
  16. Yes I know, the problem is when the proles and lumpenproletariat complain about all those people being outside enjoying the fresh air and the like and then use that as an excuse to gather in homes in groups of twenty, thirty or more. And we have had a couple of instances of a spreader going to an outdoor meeting and actually spreading the delta variant to those there, or on their way there. One of those had members of a meeting then going to their homes and spreading it further. Indeed, spreader number 1 in this recent outbreak passed it on initially to someone at at outdoor cafe. The other problem is how people get to those great outdoor spaces: like jamming people from more than one household in a problem area into one car, or catching public transport over distances. I live close to the beaches of Sydney. I have met with individual friends for walks there, not gatherings. I get myself there by myself, either driving solo or walking. That is how many get to the outdoors areas, and that is not a problem. It is groups of people traveling together that are the problem. The constabulary are not worried about people like me. They are concerned with groups who mass themselves into situations where spreading is almost inevitable.
  17. This is why I love living in Australia, or rather, in Sydney, Australia. This photo was taken at Cronulla Beach, in the south of Sydney, but could have been taken anywhere on the beaches in Sydney. Two mounted police officers making sure that people were complying with Covid health regulations: that is, exercising and not just sitting around, and staying within 5 clicks of their homes. Then there was the cute young dog saying hello to the horse, and the horse saying hello back. This photo was (briefly) on a NewsCorp website, but was taken down for some reason. I cannot imagine why. (remembering - there is no expectation of privacy in a public place....). This is Sydney for you! Please feel free to pass on, it too cute to keep to yourself.
  18. Better to go to .280 British, yes the one that those of Sam rejected, but if it had been adopted it would be in use today, and tomorrow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.280_British
  19. I have worked with women from Iran, in Australia: shortish skirts, heels, plastic surgery for their boobs etc. They were, however, supporters of the Shah. When they went to the mosque (or went 'home' to visit) they covered up, reasonably. They were Islamic, just not too far Islamic.
  20. And the Hurricane was going out of production anyway. End of production July 1944
  21. And once the rockets were fired more survivable in the air to air combat role, even though they still carried the racks.
  22. And then there was this: Lego demands US company Culper Precision stop producing Glock pistol covering that looks like a toy Posted 2h ago2 hours ago The Block19 has been pulled from sale after a legal complaint by Danish toy company Lego.( Culper Precision ) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-14/lego-demands-stop-to-us-company-toy-gun/100291810
  23. And Dad's Army 22 years later: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blacker_Bombard
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