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  1. I'm so jaded at this point with episodes like this I'd wager he still walks away away free after the trial, gets his job back, or gets some other ridiculous deal like the dirtbag from the first post in this thread where he gets to retire/get benefits/some other bullshit... 😠 ETA - Was just reading the reddit post on this and a comment fairly high up comes from someone who claims this shitbag was their roommate a decade ago and was always a worthless human being. Claims this officer should have been charged with some stuff back then but apparently his mother was a LEO and covered his ass from the local authorities before moving him to AZ. Again, just a random person's comment on reddit but the bit about LE helping "one of their own" at the expense of doing what's right is certainly believable. (I mean... look how police unions always stick up for these fuckwads no matter how bad their conduct is.)
  2. How in the world does anyone not see this as the right and just outcome?
  3. Oh, I agree. As I mentioned if one is poor it's not impossible to eat healthy. It's just harder. I think the real issue here in the States is that no matter where one lies on the SES food is often used as comfort. Had a bad/stressful/whatever day? Go get that fast food/make that comfort meal from childhood/go out to the fancy restaurant (which is no guarantee you're eating healthy). I'd be curious what you and the rest of our European contingent could share regarding if this behavior is the same over on that side of the pond. From friends who have spent some time in Europe to the fact your population is healthier I'd wager it's not as widespread over there.
  4. Reddit comments have been enlightening regarding this incident. Apparently film sets use their own terminology so live means blanks or whatever device may be employed to recreate the gun firing. This term being used in all the recent articles/reports about the incident doesn't necessarily mean there was an actual live round in the gun. Those same reddit comments have highlighted there's a multitude of ways films recreate guns firing and there are a multitude of gun props that are simply incapable of firing a live round. It sounds like this film was being made on the super cheap, with a very inexperienced armorer. So many things had to go wrong for this to happen. Heads should roll.
  5. So was this why you were trumpeting the same thing at the start of the pandemic? Actually, I'd love a source on this claimed Fauci quote. I tried last night to find a source and the best I came across was a local news interview with Fauci shortly after we had our first official COVID cases in the US. In that interview Fauci stated that he believed COVID would be contained with the protocols they had in place (supposed testing, tracing, and isolation... that bit certainly hasn't aged well). He said the flu was a bigger concern because that was actually out in the population and so many Americans blow it off. Two completely different things if that's where you might be getting this from. I wouldn't be surprised since so much of what Fauci has said has been twisted and manipulated by his detractors since this all started (and then there's still the question of why anyone has negative feelings about the guy... FFS...).
  6. Some quick googlefu last night seemed to indicate that the Amish are much healthier than the American population as a whole. Given their lifestyle that seems understandable. Going back, again, to that quote from Dr Osterholm way back at the start of this thread the concern with COVID for the US was we're a nation of unhealthy people. The Amish aren't in that group and thus likely explains why they had better results.
  7. The best had to be sunday's exchanges with nitflegal in recent weeks where the former was picking out the tidbits to fit his agenda while the latter has made several statements stating he believes the data clearly shows the vaccine is safe for adults, that alternative treatments have been investigated, and that the support for most of them is still weak or nonexistent. And sunday has the gall to say what he has about others in the last two years... 🙄
  8. Where one falls on that ladder simply highlights how much is in one's control. Thus someone working two jobs, living in a food desert, who has had no education (and wouldn't know where to begin) on nutrition outside of what they may hear occasionally on the news/internet/from friends is going to have a harder time being healthy than those wealthy folks around here who work that one job (maybe even live in a household still where only one person needs to work) have plenty of time (if they chose to use it to get healthy), have decent healthy grocery stores/markets, and can afford all manners of nutritionists/health coaches/trainers/etc. Those differences likely explain why Blacks have worse numbers since as a group they're the lowest on the SES. That doesn't excuse them... it's still possible. Just harder. So... your whole point was agreeing with Der Zeitgeist and myself? You have an odd way of going about that.
  9. Other news outlets do a better job clarifying that he already served time for the murder.
  10. As I already mentioned you have to look at where folks lie on the socioeconomic spectrum. Black Americans are at the bottom. That's not an excuse and it's certainly not impossible for them to be healthy... but it's a reason their numbers are worse. And is being unhealthy a choice for the overwhelming majority of Americans? Abso-fucking-lutely. Come visit where I live in the Valley, NE Phx/Scottsdale, which is home to the most Conservative and richest in the state. You'll see fat and unhealthy people everywhere (and they're overwhelmingly white) and these folks have no bloody excuse for it. Which leads me back to my original counter to you - what's your point?
  11. You have to be careful with anecdotes because there is seemingly someone who has had the opposite experience. I had dinner with an old high school friend earlier this year just after the vaccines had started rolling out to the mass pop. She personally knew 7 people that had died and several more that were hospitalized. Several of the dead were under the age of 40. Her experience doesn't change what we know about the virus, though.* If anything such accounts like the above, which I've heard a lot of in the last two years, just reinforces how fractured and isolated we've become as a society. COVID has killed just over 700k Americans... that comes out to ~1 in 500. Yeah, that's not many... but in a healthier society that was more connected I think more people would know someone directly or know of someone who had a loved one die from COVID. But we're not a healthy and connected society anymore. One example... my mom has lived in the same house for 30 years. When we first moved into that house 30 years ago they had block parties where the whole neighborhood came together to bbq and have fun. Now, and going on for well past a decade, she couldn't even name any of the 3 families that border her property let alone the dozen or so houses that used to do those parties. On top of that the majority of those dead are elderly... and in so many families the elderly are simply... forgotten or ignored. * Her experience likely does shed some interesting light into who's paid the price. She specifically mentioned her previous career was as a hair dresser and some of those old friends had died (jobs that were deemed essential here in AZ which put young, not necessarily well off, individuals in constant close contact with others indoors). She's in Law Enforcement now and COVID has been the leading killer amongst LEOs by a HUGE margin over the last two years (accounting for 2/3 of all deaths). This stat is interesting and leads down a rabbit hole of interesting discussion. The fact it's been the leading killer doesn't change the fact that COVID isn't a prolific killer of the population at large. Instead it reinforces how the danger of being a LEO is often overblown. Along those lines LE unions are the first to push for funding given the dangers their members face... but those same unions are also fighting tooth and nail to stop mandatory vaccinations for LEOs. I can't help but laugh at that latter bit.
  12. Your point? You don't think a huge chunk of that white population is unhealthy... and by choice? (And given the SES differences they actually have less excuse to be unhealthy.) Across the spectrum, be it white, black, brown, or whatever, the US is an unhealthy nation. Period.
  13. Yep, that tweet is a big nothing if one had been paying attention since the beginning. Go WAY back in this very thread and check out the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr Osterholm. Osterholm warned that COVID would be worse for the US compared to others because we're a nation of fat, unhealthy people... and he was right.
  14. It's absolutely turned out to be overrated. Listening to the pundits going back 20 years the Rs should have sunk to the ranks of the Green Party by now... but instead they're doing fine. At the local and state level they've been dominant for most of those past 20 years (there's some merit that this is due to gerrymandering and the fact the Rs do it better than the Ds). At the national level they're still able to challenge for POTUS as well as the House and Senate (it's been interesting to note the pundits talking recently about how Biden has to pass his agenda in the coming weeks and failure to get anything accomplished will likely mean the Rs make big gains in 2022). Some of the more fascinating discussion I recall after the last election were the pundits willing to try and understand the R successes and vote tallies and not succumb to falling back on such tropes as racism, etc. to explain it away. Some interesting theories about the nature of politics and Americans (especially those in the middle) being uneasy with the thought of one party having all the power. Agree completely with your second paragraph... a real Conservative who wasn't a shitbag could be dominant along the lines of how Reagan was. Sadly, when looking at the likely field of R candidates in '24, it's just more shitbags... (I had hopes for Haley initially but the reality is I know so little about her and she's been overly supportive of Trump which makes me think she's just another shitbag.)
  15. Well said. Two questions I have after reading this and remembering that discussion with my friend from years ago. First, if it's something we understand why isn't this understanding brought up in the discourse? Second, and most importantly, how do you address it? As already mentioned simply countering with the truth/reality actually causes the one clinging to the conspiracy theory to double down. Ignoring them, in this day of inter-connectivity through the web/smart phones/apps/etc. just helps such theories spread like wildfire and grow. Seems like a lose/lose situation.
  16. Saw a post about this on reddit the other day and figured they were misreading something, just lying out their ass, or something else. Nope... it's as stupid as they made it out to be (the guy calls Fauci a scumbag... like, WTF?!). An editor at Breitbart thinks the Left is using reverse psychology to influence elements of the R not to get a vaccine in hopes some die off. Just... /facepalm Have you ever thought that maybe the left has us right where they want us? Just stand back for a moment and think about this… Right now, a countless number of Trump supporters believe they are owning the left by refusing to take a life-saving vaccine — a vaccine, by the way, everyone on the left has taken. Oh, and so has Trump. Now think about this… On this very day, about 1,000 people in the U.S. will die of the China Flu. How many of those lives could’ve been saved had they been vaccinated? Is it 998? Is it 778? Is it 229? Does it matter? And if the left is all vaccinated and we’re not, who’s winning? The push for mandates is another ploy to get us to dig in and not do what’s best for ourselves because no one wants to feel like they’re caving to a mandate. Final note: How many of you were aware the CDC believes that 99.5 percent of those dying are unvaccinated? I bet not many of you. So why would the metric that is the most convincing one not be all over the place? Once you learn that 99.5 percent of deaths are unvaccinated, it cuts through all the muck. That number is startling, an eye-opener… Forget cases, forget mandates, forget masks, and Howard Stern… When you learn that almost everyone dying is unvaccinated, that’s a come to Jesus moment. I could be wrong. Maybe the left isn’t that evil and sly. But when I think of the unvaccinated lying there dying, being told by their doctor, “Sorry, there’s nothing more we can do to get enough oxygen to your lungs,” I don’t laugh. My heart breaks for that person. Imagine lying there dying thinking that all you had to do was get the Trump Vaccine. Even if this isn’t the left’s plan, who’s owning who? https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/09/10/nolte-howard-stern-proves-democrats-want-unvaccinated-trump-voters-dead/
  17. Met up with a friend a few years back who went on a deep dive into the psychology of conspiracy theorists after a run-in with one over the course of several hours playing frisbee golf. I won't do the explanation justice as it's been some time... but ultimately conspiracy theorists believe what they believe not because of convincing evidence (as outlined in the weak arguments sunday has pushed regarding the 'stolen' election) and as such presenting real evidence to counter them won't impact their stance (in fact, it actually makes them more staunchly entrenched in what they believe... which, again, we've witnessed with sunday over the last few months). Rather... conspiracy theorists believe what they believe as a reaction to a feeling of a loss of control/power... whether that's personal or of the group they feel they belong to. Being the only ones who 'get it' gives them this sense of power back... even though it's completely illusory. In that context it makes sense why large elements of the R base are starting to cling to these conspiracies... be it a stolen election or a vaccine that doesn't work/kills more than it's saved/or whatever BS they're peddling next. The R base has been facing a bleak future for years given pure demographic shift (though, honestly, this shift hasn't really transpired) and especially if one's R nature is heavily rooted in religion there have been several setbacks in that area for years (same sex marriage, LGBT rights, etc.). I've witnessed this latter transformation with my mother and members of my own family. I'm from a very conservative Lutheran family and if you were to honestly ask my mother she'd tell you we're in the end-times with everything going on... and to no surprise has jumped on the wagon with the above mentioned conspiracies. In her opinion there's definitely been this loss of power for 'her side' and she feels persecuted (even though... she's not). When looking at it like this it's easier to be empathetic to them... except in sunday's case where he's just turned into a douchebag. Empathy, though, doesn't mean one has to sit by and let BS go unchallenged.
  18. Except, they're likely not. Case in point as highlighted over in r/conservative (which, if you're not aware, is a rabidly pro-Trump subreddit). The auditors claim like half those ballots deal with discrepancies around mailing address. Well, as pointed out, those issues likely involve many service members and college students using mail in ballots and recent changes of address. Luke AFB is in Maricopa country... and ASU is one of the largest universities in the country. In short, if one spends an oz of effort to investigate some of these 'issues' it soon becomes apparent they're likely not issues at all. As I already mentioned... try putting in a quarter of the effort to understand something pretending the folks have an R behind their name or Trump as their last name. You'll likely discover there's a reasonable explanation after all.
  19. You must be thinking of another platform unless something has drastically changed with Steam in recent months (I haven't logged in in almost a year... so possible something drastic has changed since then... but it was basically the same thing for a decade before then). Never saw an ad... ever... and was probably the least bit intrusive of all the various programs now aimed at gaming on my various rigs.
  20. That video I linked which I know you didn't watch (because it tears holes in the agenda you're pushing so hard) mentions one of the concerns with Ivermectin is that in the countries where it's supposedly had success, like India, there is widespread parasitic presence in the population. Thus, there are some good questions about whether the Ivermectin is actually helping fight COVID or helping get rid of the parasites which in turn would help the individual's immune system fight off COVID. Those docs recommended more testing, which is already underway, on populations like those in America to see if it's actually effective against COVID in its own right.
  21. The bullshit is starting to get so deep here in the FFZ every once in a while you have to bring in a backhoe.
  22. I'm guessing this wasn't your intent... but I didn't state what your quote is attributing to me. That was rmgill. Next time, best to go back to the original post and quote that to avoid confusion/misrepresentation.
  23. So... an audit which reaffirmed Biden won, gave him more votes, had the R AZ Senate leader stating it validated the election, and where the R AZ AG is sitting on the recommendations to investigate the 'irregularities' likely because they're such a joke even places like r/conservative are poking holes in them... you think that audit supports the BS you've been peddling for months? Pro life tip for you, sunday... the tinfoil hat is supposed to go on your head and not wrapped around your neck. Also, you have the bloody thing too tight... it's been cutting off blood flow to your brain for quite a while now. 🙄
  24. The below vid features some folks who aren't nutjobs (some of you may recognize Rhonda Patrick from all her appearances on the JR podcast). In particular they address this graph and the concerns raised by some regarding VAERS from the 35-1:01 mark. The vid also touches on questions about pregnancy and Ivermectin to name a few.
  25. The good news is it doesn't take much. I like to tell folks when I first got down to 10% body fat (and my bloodwork at the time was all amazing as well) I did it without a gym membership. I did simple body weight exercises 3x/week and walked 20m 6x/week. The key wasn't the exercise, it was that I finally changed my diet. That's 90% of the work right there... and that's why America is so fat and lazy because the overwhelming majority of Americans won't give up their junk food. Not talking Skittles and Snickers... the food they eat and consider a meal. The majority is junk food, plain and simple. Americans would rather eat comfort food than be comfortable in their own bodies.
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