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  1. Eh, both had moments of doom/gloom and hope. One example is the final question of the evening where Trump went dark while Biden went positive. We won't know for a few days who 'won' (CNN's own poll is showing Biden clearly winning... but that's coming from CNN) but I think this article summed it up best. Let's say Trump clearly won... it may be irrelevant as we have nearly 50 million votes already cast (which will likely end up being well over 1/3 of all votes cast). Biden's had a sizeable lead for most of the time. Whoever Trump won over last night will likely be too little too late.
  2. And some were complaining about the mics being muted tonight. 🙄 Trump came across far better than in the first debate. Pundits were giving him decent scores for his performance. Will it actually translate into a boost in the polls? Personally that seems unlikely as both candidates had their moments tonight. Trump did much better and Biden did good enough seems to be the consensus I'm seeing.
  3. Big box stores tend to have all the supplies (food, cleaning, toiletries) that one would need during a lockdown and that Ma-and-Pa stores aren't selling because it makes no business sense to compete with those big companies in those markets (unless it's rural in which case they likely stayed open). Many of you are looking at these rules for who has to be shut down and eyeing the government suspiciously... yet where's the criticism of a complete lack of relief efforts from the government to help out said small businesses? We had measures earlier in the year but initial reports were (shock
  4. Do you have a link for this? First time I've heard of this and my googlefu is turning up nothing so far.
  5. 🤣 All the bleach comments a few pages back. Trump's comment during the debate that it was 'sarcasm' makes zero sense when you look at what he said. In short he basically admitted he had no idea what he was talking about. Yet... folks on here still try to defend him. It's as hilarious as it is sad.
  6. Why's that? As for the case in question I've heard the Justice Dept may have a strong position... but there's grumbling that it was rushed for political purposes so that could hurt their chances of success.
  7. Making fun of Biden for wearing two masks is just giving him free publicity on a subject he does better with voters on than Trump. Interestingly enough last weekend one pundit was stating he had talked to some pollsters and they were hearing some Rs (not a lot... but some) were willing to vote Biden almost solely on the handling of the pandemic. The pundit noted this was remarkable since party members nowadays almost never cross lines but these voters can justify it to themselves because the pandemic isn't political (or rather... it shouldn't be). Considering how close Trump's win was i
  8. FWIW... Trump said the bleach comment was sarcasm during the last debate. 🤣
  9. Like I said... I'll believe it when it finally happens. The record is pretty poor across this country even for what should be open-and-shut cases.
  10. Many Americans tend to focus on a singular issue when they vote. Abortion is one such issue that for large segments of both parties is something they simply can't waver on. It varies from person to person, though. A good friend of mine is pro-choice but votes R when she bothers to vote (she doesn't see RvW being overturned ever and her big issue is immigration). Our system simply isn't set up to handle more than two major competitors. Take the basic tenets of how the EC works. You need 270 electoral votes to become POTUS. If you throw in a third candidate and that candidate shares t
  11. I'll believe it (a conviction) when I see it. Over the last twenty years even in the most egregious cases like this one cops are only convicted half the time. He has a decent chance of getting off.
  12. Will never happen. First, there's no middle ground on the issue of abortion. Second, back in '16 with both parties putting forward such unpopular candidates the Libertarian ticket actually wasn't bad yet only managed a paltry 4.5 million votes. If there ever was a chance for a middle ground/third party movement to take hold that was it. Lastly, as sad as it is at the end of the day most Rs are fine with Trump. Not all of them are as rabid in their support as the posters here on TN... but when asked only a small percentage are truly dissatisfied with him. What I'm more cur
  13. Murph... your link, as usual, doesn't support anything you're saying. Once again, as usual, you're making a massive claim about something that isn't a story... because you and your links are simply twisting the public record to push an agenda. (You had a similar post a few weeks ago with the ridiculous claim the virus has only killed a few thousand people...) From the very beginning... for MONTHS NOW... the wearing of masks has been pushed as part of a combined effort with social distancing, proper hand hygiene, avoiding large gatherings, and closing certain businesses in order to limit
  14. I recall someone answering it. Think the reply was tax evasion or fraud. I don't remember them going into details.
  15. Fauci has always stated no. Trump and the WH have had conflicting comments in regards to that subject. As for supporters of Trump, including here on TN, there have been countless attacks on Fauci over the course of the Pandemic.
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