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  1. I don't see it (referencing the bolded bit at the beginning of your post). Just look at TN in general and the COVID thread. I think you and I are the only ones who have lamented what's happened to small businesses. Hell, we still have folks over in the COVID thread arguing against mask usage FFS. Folks are doing their typical BS and looking to score partisan points instead of discuss something more meaningful like how all these businesses got the shaft. To me it's clear why - the culprit is both the Ds and the Rs. Heaven forbid we have meaningful criticism of anything not D on TN. 🙄
  2. Cheney has a more Conservative voting record (and one more in line with what Trump wanted) than her suggested replacement. If fealty to Trump is all that defines what makes one an R these days than all principles have been abandoned by the party... (Then again, I've always argued they had few if any principles to begin with outside of kissing the ass of their donors.)
  3. Umm... what about the R treatment of Obama? Remember 'Not Our President' coming from the Rs during Obamas terms? What about all the ridiculous claims that he was a Muslim (just the other day a post made the front page of reddit highlighting that embarrasing moment during the '08 election where McCain had to defend Obama against the Muslim claims during a rally)? Hell... Murph has only been gone for a few months but have you forgotten his constant ridiculous rhetoric about everyone on the Left in this country? This whole disrespect of the POTUS (and the other end of the spectrum) because he's not of your party has been done by both sides for as long as I can remember.
  4. Exercising their right to look like dumbasses. Reports are after Cheney's speech to her colleagues she received a standing ovation... only to still be voted out of leadership. Members didn't have the guts to have their vote put on record. They're also talking out both sides of their mouths claiming it's not about her standing up to Trump's outlandish claims the election was stolen (it was) while R leadership goes and meets with POTUS and claim they stand by the election while not directly having the guts to come out and criticize Trump for what he's been saying. Whole thing is a circus... and just pathetic.
  5. I'm in full agreement with you on this one... with the addendum of the bolded bit.
  6. That's not going to happen until colleges in this country get torn down and rebuilt from scratch. No one, D or R, has shown they're willing to start the demolition. Talking to friends who were (past tense as they all got the hell out of there) there at some point it really is sad what's become of higher education in this country from an economic perspective.
  7. Heh... he's right in calling this country an Oligarchy (I've actually been pointing this out on TN for... probably over a decade at this point ) but he's getting the culprits wrong. The 'Deep State' isn't Hollywood, Education, Government agencies... it's Business and in particular Big Business. You want to look at who runs this country look who gets laws passed and who those laws favor... it's not the people, it's Big Business. There's a great study out of Princeton highlighting this issue I've mentioned countless times here on TN before. It highlighted that the odds of a bill becoming law had no influence on what average Americans thought about it... the odds were directly tied to what Big Business/special interests wanted. THAT'S who runs this country... period.
  8. The issue is more nuanced than the bonus money added to unemployment. One big issue cited reflects the numbers around women - their reentry into the workforce has been slow and this is likely due to lack of daycare since so many places are still shut down. In most households if someone has to stay and watch the kids that defaults to the woman. This issue goes back to the very beginning of the pandemic when it was pointed out how there would be huge ramifications on the economy and in health care if schools and daycares shut down and parents had to stay home with their kids. Doesn't matter if the parent wants to work but can't. There are also some conflicting numbers. In some industries, even where pay is poor, there's been little issue finding help. Why would that be the case if it's better to stay home and take unemployment? For some Americans the issue is the jobs they had before may simply not exist and they either can't take jobs available (lack of training) or don't want to (pay or benefits cut). Someone cited some crazy statistic a few months back... like half of all small businesses have closed down (no idea what metric was used to define small business). Still... that's huge. The same work may not be available for many of those folks and their old jobs simply aren't coming back (this could also play into the still low workforce participation numbers which have never recovered since the 2000 recession IIRC). This last bit is the thing folks should be pissed about. Last week I went back to a local mom and pop pita place I'd been frequenting for several years. I hadn't been there in two months because I was doing keto. Walk up to the door and... the store had been repossessed by the owner of the strip mall just days before. How much does that suck to have weathered the pandemic as long as they did and still fall short just as things are slowly returning to normal? I'd gotten to know the wife pretty well and I remember asking her what lifelines and aids were out there from Fed and State officials for a small business like hers? Basically nothing she said. What was there was too little or confusing. Why aren't people up in arms over this? So many small businesses closed... officials, D and R, doing dick all at the State and Fed level to help them. Businesses like that just don't bounce back. This couple I knew had used all their savings to start up this business after retiring from previous careers. This pita place was apparently her dream for decades. It's gone now... and they're not alone.
  9. Umm... that's a satire site...
  10. I take it this is some 'gotcha!' attempt? The latest guidelines from the CDC say it's ok to be in close proximity indoors if everyone has had the vaccine. Everyone in this shot has.
  11. The NewsHour, our public television news program here in the States, did a report a few weeks ago on what's going on in Israel that you can find here. In short it's a combination of a lot of things - some ultra-Orthodox simply refusing to get it, anti-vaxxers in general, young people not seeing a need to get it, and that Arab citizens have low rates (though they never really said why from what I recall). They've apparently instituted a vaccine passport program. I'm curious if we'll see the same thing here.
  12. I'm not quite sure what you're talking about in your third paragraph? As for the US as a whole COVID has killed so many that life expectancy dropped a full year in 2020 from 2019 estimates. That's huge. Yes, most were the elderly and in poor health. In this area I'm in full agreement with you in regards to reporting. Way back at the start of this thread someone posted a link to a Joe Rogan podcast with a doc out of the U of Minn who specializes in infectious diseases. Rogan asked him if there was anything we all could do. I loved the doc's answer - just live a healthy life. The sad reality is most Americans don't do that. That doc was terrified of what was going to happen in this country because we have so many unhealthy people here and his fears have played out - the US is currently sitting at 18% of all worldwide COVID deaths despite having only 4% of the world's population (and to be fair that number is probably a bit higher than it should be given some of the poorer nations aren't reporting figures as accurately... but even then it's still bad). I just haven't seen this mentioned in reporting of the virus. I've seen countless stories about various screw-ups at various levels of government and the terrible job Americans have been doing of following guidelines about masks and social distancing... but not a damn thing about maybe this should wake Americans up to the fact that if they just took better care of themselves we probably could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
  13. Per the bolded bit... how many times was this? I just recall the one early on in the pandemic where someone (was it the CDC or another organization?) lied about not needing masks to protect the supply chain for medical professionals. The Fauci example has been shown to be taken out of context. What other times were there?
  14. I'm not seeing at all what you're talking about. Instead what I'm seeing is a polar opposite reaction from the current administration compared to the last - they're being overly cautious instead of overly optimistic. Is that a horrible thing when we've suffered over 575k deaths from this virus? Is that really worth all the vitriol and blame on here when the same folks laying it at the current administration said nothing when the last was lambasting the use of masks, holding campaign events with large gatherings that we know in hindsight were super-spreader events (which isn't surprising at all considering what we knew of the virus at the time), and so on? Quite the double standard and perfect example of partisanship don't you think? Biden isn't wearing a mask because he doesn't believe in the virus... he's wearing it (sometimes... I've seen plenty of clips with him without it) to lead by example in situations where guidelines call for it. He isn't saying things won't return to normal (I did a google search on this and all recent comments are trying to give realistic expectations on when normal will come again) but was rather warning folks not to get too excited and let their guard down. There's completely reasonable explanations for much of what I'm gathering you all are pointing at and criticizing.
  15. Seeing you type this has to be one of the most hilarious things I've come across in TN in ages.
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