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  1. A lengthy piece from Heritage talking about R-supported reforms on the government end (I've read it before) and a short piece saying how Reich is a terrible economist... What's your point? Again, you said you watched that piece. There's nothing in it stating that is the only reason inflation is occurring. It's clearly stated it's a small part. The only thing in question is the bit at the end about whether there may be some collusion going on between companies in some of these markets (that's where they bring in Reich... but only briefly and he's not the only person talking about it). Curious... do you think antitrust legislation shouldn't exist? IF something is going on to stymie competition (isn't that a basic premise of a free market economy?) don't you think that it should be investigated and if found to be accurate acted upon? This isn't the first time this has come up. Let me quote myself: No one's addressed this yet. I don't remember a good response years ago, either (tends to happen when we move these discussion away from cheap political talking points and try and dig into the weeds).
  2. Despite reddit being a shitshow the day this story dropped I was surprised to see several posters lament the decision but also call out all the Ds over the years who didn't do anything to codify this decision into law (and they had plenty of opportunities where it wouldn't have been too hard). The biggest disappointment from that one day of blitz coverage was this notion that the USSC reversed course on a decision... really? Anyone who's had a basic education in this country should not have been surprised the USSC can change their mind on an issue. As I mentioned above I'm really surprised how quickly this story fell out of the news cycle. The day of the front page of reddit was almost all various posts on this story. I can't remember if I've ever seen anything like that since I found reddit over a decade ago. The next day there was almost nothing there... in fact what I did see was a story tangential to the RvW decision - a post about how same sex marriage and other LGBT decisions may be in jeopardy. (Another example of this - the NewsHour the day of was 50-55m out of 60m on this story... the next day the two leading stories were inflation and the war in Ukraine with just one piece at the end of the hour on the RvW story.) The poll numbers are still odd to me. It seems many of those folks who stated they were pro-life before this was leaked are suddenly quiet (saw another poll today that those in favor of this decision were only 24% compared to over 50% against) on the matter and not wanting to stand up now that it seems RvW will be reversed. Along those lines it's interesting how Rs are shifting the story from the decision to the leak... you would think how this had been such a big part of their platform for years they'd be doing victory laps... but instead they're kind of quiet (not much money to be raised from victory parades?). ETA - To follow-up on the point of coverage... despite how this has been a major focal point of both sides over the years I can't help but remember that famous quote from Carville "it's the economy, stupid." Inflation isn't going away... and if the economy gets worse I imagine the Ds still get hammered this fall even with this decision being officially announced just a few months before the election.
  3. The nobody on twitter with less than 2k followers represents the left? Or are you referencing something else? On the contrary... I'm shocked how quickly this story has fallen out of the news cycle.
  4. Here's an AP piece covering issues with the movie. I'm not holding my breath this is going to lead to any prosecutions (in fact it sounds like some of this stuff was already looked into and found to be nothing... just like the accusations here in AZ).
  5. Only three in AZ. My original post which was quoted by Detonable was referencing AZ. If Detonable meant somewhere else... he should have said that.
  6. Curious... did you watch the vid I linked? It's interesting to see folks immediately label PBS as 'propaganda' and look at my one post as the only thing PBS is stating as the reason for inflation despite the fact the video does no such thing nor do I state that. The NewsHour has had several pieces over the last few weeks covering inflation which most of you wouldn't have any disagreements with... if you actually watched it.
  7. You wrote all of that and still didn't address the point I made. 😆
  8. Aaaaand back to the focus of this thread. It looks like my Pathfinder campaigns will pick up again in the near future. I was running two adventure paths at the same time and even with COVID we were able to keep playing... until adulting put both campaigns on indefinite hiatus. One of my players was in both campaigns but has a bizarre custody arrangement with his ex regarding the kids. That coupled to work stress last holiday season left both campaigns up in the air. I won't lie... he was one of my favorite players (got into the RP side and actually built characters and not just spreadsheets) but it looks like we found a good replacement. Sadly one campaign is completely axed (another player in that campaign just doesn't want to play... and I won't miss him) but the good news is one of my players is going to run an adventure path so that I can finally be a player! This will be the first time since back in Korea 15 years ago that I'll get to be a PC. I've spent most of the last two weekends building and comparing characters. I'll likely only get to do this once so want it to count! There was some concern if we'd ever play again at all. I host all the games but my apt is kicking me out in the coming weeks (they want to renovate the place so they can charge an additional $600/month... I passed on moving into one of the already renovated apartments). Even with Maricopa County being one of the worst places in the country for rent hikes (on average they've gone up 30% in just the last year) every apt that pops up is snagged almost immediately. Thankfully it looks like I have something locked down so the games can continue!
  9. That must have been amazing to see in the theaters! I invested in a decent LG OLED back when the 2nd season of Witcher came out... but only using the TV's default speakers for sound. I can tell I'm missing out... (Though, yeah, I can see how some of those moments must've been painful in the theater.)
  10. Wow... yeah... I hope all this evidence has already been passed along to the appropriate authorities (many of them with an R behind their name) so justice can be done.
  11. In Jackson's defense he was brought onto that project late after the original director bowed out and the studio was apparently the one pushing for making it into a trilogy. As to this latter point why Jackson didn't push back or simply bow out himself is a big question I have. Still... I went back and re-watched the Hobbit trilogy and while they certainly weren't up to the level of the LotR trilogy... they weren't awful, either. There's just so little good fantasy out there in film/TV that they're still worth watching (at least once).
  12. Per the leak and Politico article Roberts hasn't actually shown how he'll vote. Right now the five in favor of overturning RvW are Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. How Roberts votes is irrelevant at this point.
  13. I'd completely forgotten about that example when I made my post. I was thinking specifically of the base jump scene that just had me going "there's no way he's not needing a few weeks off after that". I liked how dark and gritty it was and appreciated the detective angle (though I think they could have gone even further in that direction and played up this as a strength... let Batman get ahead of the curve a few times rather than play catch-up the entire time) as well. Ultimately I'm glad I watched it. For me that's the deciding factor of whether I recommend a movie or not. With that being said I have no desire to watch it again. Contrast this with Dune where I've probably watched it... almost a dozen times now? I've lost track, honestly. When I have free time to sit down and watch something even with everything on HBO Max and Netflix (the two streaming services I'm subscribed to right now) I often default back to watching Dune yet again. That says something about how damn good that movie is.
  14. As of now that still seems to be a safe bet. There aren't enough votes in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster (key Senators who would be the swing vote have already stated this leak won't change their mind) and even then there aren't enough votes to pass a law to keep abortion legal-ish at the Fed level (a similar bill was pushed a few months ago and didn't have the votes). As of now it looks like later this year this decision will be officially released (I don't see any of the five justices who voted in favor changing their minds) and then 22-26 states will effectively make it illegal to get an abortion. That number is up in the air because the MI AG has apparently already said that while her state has a trigger law she won't enforce it. No idea how many other states have similar situations. The real question is... will this help Ds in the midterms? I had always heard the split for pro-life/pro-choice was ~45/45... but today I'm seeing several sources state it's closer to 15/50 (the ambiguity seems to stem from a large % of pro-lifers being ok with abortion being legal but with a lot of restrictions). That later number seems hard to believe considering all the states out there that have been passing trigger laws to outlaw (mostly) abortions. Even if the Ds get out the vote I could also see a sizable portion of the pro-life camp getting out to counter it. Guess it all depends which breakdown of the electorate is more accurate on the issue.
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