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  1. The Army officer was released at the scene and one of the cops has already been fired. About sums up all we need to know about who's right in this one (though, sadly, that cop will likely be hired by another department in short order).
  2. I can't speak to the accuracy of his historical claims. His points are accurate for how things are today, though. Here's a quote from Justice Scalia basically saying the same thing:
  3. Except, as usual, it's not at all as DKTanker implies. Here's the quote from Biden's speech: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/04/08/remarks-by-president-biden-on-gun-violence-prevention/ It'll be up to the courts to decide if the measures he's initiated are within his purview... and that's how it's supposed to work.
  4. Saw this on the front page of reddit and figured they were taking something way out of context. Nope... it's as stupid as it sounds. https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/2021/03/31/alabama-senate-committee-deadlocks-bill-lift-k-12-yoga-ban/4819975001/
  5. The border counties are sparsely populated (which you think would help) and not that well off (that's the kicker). When stay-at-home orders were put out the reality is only the wealthy could actually afford to stay home (and what defined an essential worker in this state was pretty broad). Thus folks on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum (SES) kept working (and folks lower on the SES are more likely to have larger households and multigenerational ones) and minorities, who we've now seen are more prone to bad outcomes from the virus, are more likely to be on the lower end of the SES
  6. That does about match the number of Americans who think the last election was stolen.
  7. The most brazen election steal in history, or whatever the true believers are still calling it, still has nothing to show in actual court. I'm shocked... SHOCKED I tell you.
  8. We have as much of one as any state. I've seen nothing to see that playing a role in the spread of COVID. A few months back I went into detail using our state's website with all the COVID stats how bizarre the spread was and what areas were being hit hardest. The Navajo nation has been devastated... but that's all the way up north and hardly a hotbed of illegal immigrant activity. Some of the border counties were bad but it seemed to have more to do with socioeconomic issues than any inkling of illegal immigrants spreading the virus.
  9. Who knows. Tucson is a strongly D town whereas I live in the heart of R territory in the NE Valley. That likely played a role. Whatever the reason an experience I had a month ago when we were posting record high death counts highlights how around here no one gives any fucks. I was on vacation, up late gaming, and decided I was going to treat myself to some cupcakes out of this artisan shop near Fashion Square. It's late at night (for me at least), dark, so I can clearly see into every restaurant as I drive down there. They were all crowded... no distancing... no partial capacity. As
  10. There's been plenty of studies showing they work from my understanding. The below quote is from the US News article in Ivanhoe's link: At this point I don't see any reason to question the effectiveness or strategy of wearing masks, to be completely honest. The issue, and AZ sadly showcases this, is that masks were never the be-all and end-all. They were supposed to be used in conjunction with social distancing, avoiding large groups, proper hand washing, and the closure of certain businesses that don't work with these guidelines. If you were to walk around the Valley right now
  11. That's a pretty weak article and conclusion. Two massive issues I notice which the author doesn't address. First, the US News article lists my state of AZ as not having a mask mandate (while oddly enough the pic in the AT link says we do). Both are actually accurate... I'm pretty sure we've never had a state-issued mask mandate because basically every county and city authority issued one themselves. (He also says mandates likely influence folks based on fear of repercussions... here in AZ, where mandates are local, I'm not really aware of any serious enforcement other than asking folks
  12. We're right up there near the top. Last time I checked we were like 5th or 6th worst in the nation, barely behind places like NY which so many on here love to vilify, for deaths per capita... and that's living the R dream of weak enforcement and opening things up fairly quickly.
  13. AZ is also a retirement hub in the US, had a short and poorly enforced lockdown, and if you were to walk around today would see no social distancing with most folks wearing their masks around their neck... and we're one of the highest deaths per capita states in the country. It's almost if...
  14. You can make a strong argument that it is. If you pass a law that restricts certain criminals from voting, you know that law has been enforced disproportionately against certain communities (and said communities tend to vote for the opposing party), and the result is more voters disenfranchised on the opposing side of the political spectrum than your own... yeah, that would still be voter suppression.
  15. In regards to your last point everything I've read states the law restricting criminals from voting has been applied equally across the board. There's no question about that. The issue is in who gets prosecuted and convicted with the crimes in the first place. In that regard the law may be clear but the application of it is not fair and equal. There's really not much of an argument against the notion that your odds of avoiding conviction tie in with how good of a lawyer you can afford. Couple this with a history of police going after the poor for various reasons (easier convictions t
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