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  1. A ground game and a coherent and focused message wouldn't be a bad start. Those clips of rallies in Georgia where the speakers were telling voters not to bother to vote because it was going to be another rigged election have not aged well at all...
  2. What prominent Conservative voices were kicked off? Limbaugh? He shut down his account on his own. Looking up to see who was kicked off the best list I could find was this one from Forbes. I wouldn't call any of them prominent and they're all clearly Trump fanboys. Everything I've seen is those 70k accounts were nobodies. The last I saw on here was that one website, AR15.com, is back up. The banks and companies cutting off business/donations are cutting ties with Rs who voted to contest the election on the Hill. An election, as already noted, that was clearly won by Biden and w
  3. That's just NYC. The piece I saw was referencing the country as a whole.
  4. Everyone seems to be missing the biggest reason Trump is culpable and it has nothing to do with his speech - if he had done the right, moral, and ethical thing by conceding his loss in the election weeks ago (when it was overwhelmingly clear he had lost... for the umpteenth time...) and stopped pushing this 'stolen election' nonsense we never would have had that rally... and thus never had the Capitol riot. There are absolutely solid critiques that have been brought up about the hypocrisy of Twitter and other companies in their selection of cancelling out Trump while other leaders or nati
  5. He's doing his best to grab the mantle of unofficial-TN-jerk now that DKTanker has departed and abdicated that throne. It's a shame how far his posting style has degenerated...
  6. Umm... the threats were against the Rs if they did not support (or have not been, as some have already been receiving threats) Trump. I went back to the piece I saw two nights ago. One R Congressman stated he was receiving threats before the vote... and then decided to vote no on impeachment. Did that influence him? The reddit pieces I was referring to were apparently referencing a WaPo article citing sources on the Hill stating several R Congressmen voted no due to fears from threats received or they felt they would receive if they voted to impeach.
  7. Violent crime across the country is up. A report I saw on this a week or two ago said on average most places are seeing levels that they haven't seen in 5 years (which, while bad, still isn't as bad as things were decades ago). Not really surprising given all the ramifications of COVID and the social justice uproar from last year.
  8. Actually it's perfectly clear that many Rs in Congress have been receiving death threats. One on the floor during the impeachment debate detailed a threat he received that morning (there's a reddit post stating what may be this same Congressman said he would not vote for impeachment due to the threats... I'm still trying to verify this). In an interview last night another one of the 10 who voted for impeachment said he was receiving threats. I think it's a given all 10 who voted for have likely received threats at this point. Tack this onto the numerous state R officials who have recei
  9. Amusing how my 'better' has to run and hide in a bubble from me.
  10. I stand by the post you quoted here - nitflegal talked of a possibility and sunday was saying it was a certainty... that's being dishonest from the start. What nitflegal's going through must suck, and what's encompassed parts of the college scene in this country is deplorable (no one on TN has ever argued against that fact that I can remember), but it doesn't pay to get pissed off over what might happen. And if we want to talk about publicly admitting when one's an idiot... when are folks like sunday going to stand up to the plate? Himself and others here on TN still throw out this noti
  11. You're right in that I didn't check the posting times close enough. nitflegal's latest comment is just an hour old while this thread is 3h old. Still, his initial comments never said it was a certainty while your post leads off that it is. Maybe try working on getting the content accurate in your own posts as well (though, yeah... from a guy still pushing rigged US elections that's probably asking too much).
  12. You mean nitflegal? I went back to that thread. The latest he posted was he thinks nothing will come of it. Has he mentioned elsewhere that he's been let go? I understand a lot of folks posting these days are angry and upset... truth and reality has fallen by the wayside to many posters (for months, sadly). Still... is it asking too much to engage in a conversation honestly, especially from the start?
  13. Not sure how to say this without sounding like a dick... but do you really not know how to use one of the various search engines out there? Over 50 officers were hurt, 15 hospitalized, and one has died. https://thehill.com/homenews/news/533287-capitol-police-officer-dies-following-riots
  14. As it's already been pointed out it was my post you responded to where you wanted a citation, not DZ's. Walter_Sobchak was nice enough to post one link. There are countless others out there with plenty of citations if you, as he pointed out, bothered to spend just a few seconds of searching the web. There's also this thread... I talked about it and referenced Biden's condemnation during the debates (which I'm guessing you didn't watch). Some of your other citations are fairly weak as well. The clip with Harris is referencing the protests and not the riots (it's even in the title
  15. This. I live in a nice part of the Valley and it's been deplorable how folks around here have acted throughout this Pandemic. From the selfish, irrational behavior at the start with hoarding (and we had another wave of that shit around the election here), to the constant refusal to follow guidelines regarding mask use and social distancing, etc. Money can buy you nice things... can't buy you empathy and integrity, though.
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