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  1. No, Roman, you and the rest of the 140 million are listening to this clown : http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37766688
  2. Softpower doesn't work with closed societies( NK) or resource rich ( Russia ). With Cuba it would work like a charm. Besides, as there never is the alternative of hard power, maintaining the embargo is absolutely futile. It didn't work for 60 years. What do you want ? Wait another 60 ? The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing all over again and expecting different results. Ponder about that a bit.
  3. So in your view the embargo is there not to pardon Castro for its 60 year reign of terror ? What kind of logic is that ? The embargo primarily affects the population, not the ruling class and gives a perfect excuse for all the shortcomings of the system. It's making the status quo last as the population and the state reached an equilibrium where the idea is we give you the minimum to live without actually doing any real work and you don't have political demands. What you need is to throw a wrench in the system gears. The context is perfect with Venezuela in tatters. If the embargo is truly l
  4. Terrific advice. Btw, which side of the boat are you on the embargo topic ?
  5. Yeah, somebody told a story to somebody who told to somebody and we end up with Kennedy the well behaved rapist or Clinton fired from Watergate. Right... This is of course comparable with a self admission of multiple assaults. In what sort of twisted reality is the right living ? Not only are you making up s**t, but you're swallowing it both hands just to fulfill your view on how reality should be. Pathetic.
  6. That's easy, the Kennedy's and Clintons assaulted women individually or in small groups but were committed to using state resources to give preference or hand-outs or abortions to women. If Trump had run as a Democrat and promised the same free sh*t, he'd be getting the exact same pass.Yeah, they assaulted a lot of women. There is a difference between womanizers and predators. Kennedy is of the first, Trump is of the second. The difference shouldn't be too hard to understand, although difficult to accept.
  7. Baffling to see people insulting Clinton as not being usefull and they support Trump. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming.
  8. Equivalence ( especially fallacies ) doesn't absolve one's failings.
  9. Yeah, noticed that. According to the paper it must weight between 5 and 20 Earths. Also one of the variables is the age ( assumed 4,5 Billion years ).
  10. Apparently we have a 9th planet in our solar system. Puzzling how something 2x as large as Neptune ( up to 10x Earth ) managed to escape detection so far. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/10/20/the-mysterious-planet-nine-might-be-causing-the-whole-solar-system-to-wobble/ And the paper itself for those interested : https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.03963v2.pdf
  11. Latest update : Schiaparelli lost during descent. Parachute malfunction most likely.
  12. Juno isn't doing too good either. Safe mode, valve issues. http://www.space.com/34412-juno-jupiter-spacecraft-delays-engine-burn.html
  13. Her internal polling must be absolutely freaking ugly, because they are pulling out all stops- media sullying the last of their reputations, big fiance/business completely in the tank, whole bag of typical lib dirty tricks, basically pulling off the mask- to sully a guy who supposedly down big time and hardly a threat. Right. Prepared to yell "fraud" already ? The Manchurian candidate was a children's play compared to this. I always wonder how big finance/business somehow support the Democrats who levy higher taxes on them. With the media is simple. Working for Fox News and clones requ
  14. Dozens of high ranking Russian officials killed in Latakia based attack according to rebels. http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Report-Dozens-of-Russian-generals-in-Syria-killed-after-a-car-bomb-hits-their-military-base-445975 Waiting for other sources to confirm this.
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