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  1. Forget 12GA. 105/120mm beehive should prove to any primitive AI you mean business. 😁
  2. In the US (LA County & SoCal)) there is a lot of space on both sides of the tracks. They are designed to take a derailment and still have space for rescue vehicles. One time I saw a Bell 214 land next to the tracks . I don't know how it compares to Germany or Western Europe but I just wanted to put it out there.
  3. How much do Merkava Mk 3 & 4 turrets weigh?
  4. I think Karen would most likely drive a Lexus Hybrid SUV. The HOA would probably mandate nice finishes and silencers for the MGs.
  5. Whenever I see one from the front, I always think it's trying to talk..
  6. Direct deposit for me. Check for my older relatives.
  7. The same thing could be said for the Commando Stingray, and it was already being built for the Thai's. They could have leveraged off the production line and built some for US needs and probably sold some to the Taiwanese. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stingray_light_tank
  8. Not strictly military, but: Assvengers Endgame
  9. Jojo Rabbit is also in the same vein. I remember reading about it a few years back, i was like WTF!? They are going to make a movie about a Hitlerjungen and his imaginary friend "Hitler". Who is played by a Jewish Maori who also directs.
  10. Since the lockdown started: H.P. Lovecraft - The Dunwich Horror H. Beam Piper - Little Fuzzy Sitting om my desk are: E.B. White - Charlotte's Web John Wyndham - The Day Of The Triffids
  11. The claim Wood was raped by a Hollywood big shot when she was 16 seems credible. She never identified her assailant. Douglas was a Hollywood big shot at the time as were several dozens of others. Other than that, there is no evidence or testimony to link him to the incident. I would ignore it. This happened in 1954. The anonymous blogger who revealed the story posted it in 2013 claiming he had heard it twenty years earlier. They just played on TV "In Harm's Way", maybe someone confused Kirk with his character in the movie.
  12. Achzarit, Nagmachon (and derivatives), then the Achzarit Mk.2, then the M60 were tested for that role but also failed, and then the Namer production began. First as refurbished Mark 2 tanks, but serial variant was already new built hulls based on a mix from Mark 3 and 4. Any info on the M60 tests?
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