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  1. Instead of up gunning how about going to a 20mm auto cannon?
  2. No it should be 6.5x43.21MM if for no other reason than it would make me smile. 😀
  3. Maybe he was thinking of one the Vismod Sheridans?
  4. Ruger M77/357 & M77/44 are close. Shorten the barrel to 16" or less it would make a good brush gun.
  5. Like all the WWII Japanese warbirds at airshows are from the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora".
  6. Forget 12GA. 105/120mm beehive should prove to any primitive AI you mean business. 😁
  7. In the US (LA County & SoCal)) there is a lot of space on both sides of the tracks. They are designed to take a derailment and still have space for rescue vehicles. One time I saw a Bell 214 land next to the tracks . I don't know how it compares to Germany or Western Europe but I just wanted to put it out there.
  8. How much do Merkava Mk 3 & 4 turrets weigh?
  9. I think Karen would most likely drive a Lexus Hybrid SUV. The HOA would probably mandate nice finishes and silencers for the MGs.
  10. Whenever I see one from the front, I always think it's trying to talk..
  11. Direct deposit for me. Check for my older relatives.
  12. The same thing could be said for the Commando Stingray, and it was already being built for the Thai's. They could have leveraged off the production line and built some for US needs and probably sold some to the Taiwanese. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stingray_light_tank
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