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  1. Ghost Recon has me intrigued, but apprehensive. The series went way off track starting with the second game and Ubisoft have butchered the whole Tom Clancy franchise mercilessly ever since. GR:W looks to me like Far Cry re-badged with a slightly more military vibe. For me it will all depend on whether you can control your team members and how they implement it. In the meantime, Fallout and Uncharted should easily fill the rest of the year along with the 40+ X360 and dozen PS4 games I have never touched in my cabinets...
  2. It was about a decade or so ago. There was a big PR song and dance about the whole operation. Hi def video of SAS fast roping from a seahawk onto the deck, big AFP press releases with mountains of drugs stacked up etc.
  3. 2005 victory day parade. (60 years) CCCP = SSSR = USSR
  4. When I first saw the photos on facebook without caption I thought they were Greek! #feelinglikeadumbass
  5. The Italians also lost a Tornado over Iraq in '91 to AAA.
  6. Reminds me of that German plan for a followup to Op Teardrop with a uboot towing three cylinders with V2's
  7. Read again what I wrote and please less snide comments - there is no revolution in concept of unmanned turret as that already happened - IFVs have such turrets for decade + already in service, Stryker MGS is also in service etc. Only "revolution" possible would be actually having such tank in mass production and service, which did not happen so far. I understand english is a second language for you, and your english is clearly better than my Serbian is or ever will be, but you really need to dial it down. Your constant rush to prove you're the world's foremost expert on whatever the topic
  8. There is no revolution in concept of unmanned turret, Soviets had prototypes since late '60s also. Revolution will be actually getting it into service (and getting it to work well in service).
  9. Such revolution Many innovation So tank Wow
  10. Every flavor of jet flown off US carriers, flying over Pax River NAS? Missing the F8 Crusader and A7 Corsair plus that early straight-wing jet fighter which for the life of me I can't remember. He means currently. And you're missing a hell of a lot more than those if it was every USN jet!
  11. I'm sure they were there, but the streaming feed didn't seem to show them, or if it did very briefly, that was my point.
  12. The live feed has hardly touched Moscow, only got armata and Kurganets, no boomerang or flathead or koalitsiya. Now they're at Murmansk with some happy little dog in the background on a submarine...
  13. The irony of the Greens demanding a more effective assault rifle...
  14. At first glance I thought that was a stealth unmanned vessel!
  15. This all comes down to the old chestnut: why? The different ergonomics means you're effectively halving the training time for a soldier's primary weapon and to what end? It isn't as though the secco is going to be giving his orders and go "we're going to be patrolling in bullpup mode today". You've clearly put a lot of work and thought into it and if it works could achieve some success catering to the civilian market but this just strikes me as another Internet gun nut "wouldn't it be cool if" or "we can solve this super-specific problem if" solution that isn't practicable or worth the cos
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