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  1. Bin Ladens big victory over western armies was by making them wreck themselfs in order to conform to and worship the Cult of Asymetrical Warfare.πŸ˜‰
  2. "Landesregiment Bayern", me like.πŸ‘
  3. Is that the "Worse than Watergate!" guy that was rolled out several times per year on TV during Trumps presidency?πŸ˜„
  4. Another highlight was when she put down flowers at the memorial to the vietnamese that captured John McCain after his plane was downed.
  5. More or less all of them were painted, often rather garish by modern standards.
  6. That is true, but only the germans have Nick Tschiller......
  7. Bend the knee to The God Emperor and all sins will be forgiven Stuart........do it😈......do it.😈
  8. The mainstream media fought and campaign for four years with rabid zeal to get this presidency and administration in the White House, finally they have got what they really want, may they continue to get it good, hard and deep.....infact......very very hard and deep for several more years.πŸ₯’
  9. Eh......no..... he is THE God Emperor, he has ascended to the Pantheon and rest upon the golden throne until called upon by mankind to return, having been refused due to their degenerate and whimsical ways. πŸ˜‹
  10. Taliban has learned shitposting from their years on the internet, here they recreate the Iwo Jima pose while wearing captured gear:
  11. Well, Biden said he would "Build Back Better", clearly that now includes the Taliban aswell.
  12. Also copious amounts of Mi-24 Hinds rather than the little MD-530 that the US insisted upon them buying.
  13. I think we can be certain that this is one she won't circle back to.
  14. He had six sons, several of who are still alive and atleast some of them have sons aswell.
  15. The only thing that remains of that era currently rest in RAF Museum Cosford:
  16. Almost a repeat of the iraq withdrawl when IS forces overran large parts of the country shortly afterwards and Obama/Biden just sat on their hands letting the carnage unfold.
  17. I stayed up watching the "show" until 0730 in the morning eurotime when Pennsylvania was called and the rise of the God Emperor was confirmed, best night i ever had.😎
  18. He had to let go of his fiefdom once before, he will not let it happen again.
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