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  1. French regiments were (and still are) sized like large battalions, but were real combat formations and not depot units tasked with raising battalions for brigades and divisions. French units designated as battalions are usually small battalion-sized formations or temporary units.
  2. According to the sagas they made seasonal visits, sometimes staying during winter until traveling back to Greenland in the spring.
  3. They had guns (these are usually locked down in the trunk of the patrol car until needed) and advanced on the grocery store at once after arrival (which is the textbook method), when they encountered the perpetrator inside they got arrows coming in their direction and either withdrew or stayed in place until body armour and shields could brought up, no shots were fired. While this was happening he escaped out the back of the store and remained unseen for close to 30 minutes, this was when he went on a killing spree (with a knife?) in the neighbourhood resulting in 5 deaths. When he was encountered again a warning shot was fired and he surrendered without delay. The whole "wait until (insert)" thing that the norwegian police seem to be prone to doing in critical cases tends to lead to high deathcounts, as was the case during the Utøya-massacre in 2011.
  4. TonyE

    New NK tank

    Even down to that damn desert tan camo.🤮
  5. Arrows atleast were modern ones with black shafts.
  6. While he did use a bow, there was also atleast one secondary weapon that as of yet is unspecified.
  7. Quite correct, still going strong as Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (NSM, JSM, NASAM, RWS etc).
  8. Aye indeed.....and what fine days those were.🥰🧐
  9. 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
  10. Damn, the M1 Abrams can be had in any other colour than desert tan?😵😮
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