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  1. 5.56 and 7.62 drones are next.
  2. Obama was elected as senator from Illinois the year before (and ran for Prez in '08), Darth Cheney sensed a disturbance in the force......
  3. There was a portuguese movie about the carnation revolution made back in 2000 that featured a lot of armour btw;
  4. I do sometimes wonder how these wheeled skyscrapers will perform on a european battlefield against an equal tech-level opponent, with gear such as BMPs and T-wagons.
  5. The stuttering and stammer continues......
  6. First airstrike with the first female POC vice president! First! First!
  7. TonyE


    From Durandal: "Thanks Bojan again please :)"
  8. TonyE


    Durandal has a few follow-up questions, this is related to the russian army; 1/ How many T-72 are already upgraded to the B3M/B4 model and how many are they planing to upgrade? This upgrade obviously change a T-72 into an almost T-90 model. 2/ how powerfull is the new gun 2A46M5?
  9. TonyE


    Durandal replies : "thanks to Bojan!" 🙂 .....but: "and no i won't comeback. :D"
  10. TonyE


    A couple of questions from old tanknetter Durandal; 1/ how intersting it is for the tank crew of an old tank to open fire with an HE round instead of an AP/Heat round who would never pierce the modern tank frontal armor, can the HE round destroy all the optical equipements, or and disrupt the main gun calibration? 2/ Can a thermobaric round detonate all the reactive armor of a tank? Or noone really care because the targeted tank will be toasted anyway.
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