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  1. They were quite close to adapting the 20mm automatic gun T3 (Solothurn S18/1000) as a light anti-tank weapon in 1940/41, it was in competition with the Colt .90-cal. (23mm) T4 automatic gun.
  2. The swedes tested a 57mm gun on a Stridsvagn M/40 (called Pvkv IV) in the early 50s (both tank and gun were ww2 tech), this was not a 6-pounder though but the swedish m/43 Pvkan. The conversion required a new turret and the design was not without problems, although it looks damn cool in the field.
  3. I have now gazed into the heart of Balkan and i'm left somewhat scared, yet also strangely entertained.....😯😎
  4. Meanwhile in Peru......:
  5. In Venezuela, 1950s armament is king, say hello to the AMX13M51 RÁFAGA!
  6. Is FV432 hull.
  7. Előre Bácskába?😮
  8. TonyE

    Ajax Issues

    French light armour platoons usually have three heavy armoured cars (105mm armed AMX-10RCs, soon to be replaced by Jaguar with 40mm gun and MMP AT-missiles) and three light armoured scout cars (VBL), so a mix between light and heavy.
  9. It could have been built 2km to the west along the same line, there is a large abandoned "wasteland" there.
  10. Some more on the shields found in Dura-Europos: https://sword-site.com/thread/713/rectangular-oval-shields-dura-europos Unfortunatly the well preserved ancient city of Dura-Europos was destroyed by the Islamic state jerkoffs during the syrian war.
  11. The hunger of Nichola would scare any mortal man.....🤢
  12. There was one found in Egypt aswell:
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