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  1. I have a buddy who owns a mountain cabin. He and his brother, discussing over many beers, decided to rip out the sink and put in a urinal (being largely a guys' hunting cabin and all...). Well, when the wives went up one weekend, his wife came out of the bath and asked about the sink. He pointed to the one across the room in the kitchen area ("There's one right there!). Needless to say the atmosphere turned frosty.
  2. Go handle me a beer you stainless steel Brian Boitano.
  3. Utterly terrifying. What's the Pantone color of a Shamrock Shake? That's their revolution.
  4. Yes, the well known Ukie lass "Eileen Kennan". Borscht with a side of colcannon.
  5. And now you understand why I drink only distilled water, or rainwater, and only pure-grain alcohol when I go to Canadia on business.
  6. Well, as everybody knows American AFVs have no BV, so no tea culture whatsoever. But Russian AFVs are not equipped with samovars, either. Ummm, the only AFV that matters is an entire BV! (If your coffee doesn't run $900/cup, you're just not trying).
  7. Room 40 also plays a key role in the book I read last weekend, "Dead Wake" by Erik Larson. About the sinking of the Lusitania, it shows how they knew not only of the submarine threat on the final approaches, but tactical details down to which submarine (and its captain and his skills/predilections) and where individual boats were +/- 30 miles.
  8. Pre K education provided for all would provide the most bang for the buck. Especially in urban areas and with single parent families. Ireland cracked the code on state funded college education, and as a result have a highly educated young workforce. Right. Pre-K education hasn't been tried. There's always a solution right around the corner, particularly when the gubmint can step in and raise the kids for "single mothers". Ireland must have succeeded due to Midnight Hurling or something.
  9. Not big into Star Trek, but this is pretty funny and good editing:
  10. BP

    Sous Vide

    My chief weapon is surprise!... Surprise and tongs... tongs and surprise... My two weapons are tongs and surprise... and ruthless efficiency with sea salt and fresh pepper! My three weapons are tongs, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency with salt and pepper... and an almost fanatical devotion to the coals... My four... no... Amongst my weapons... Hmf... Amongst my weaponry... are such elements as tongs, surpr... I'll come in again.
  11. BP

    Sous Vide

    I like the spirit of continuous experimentation, documentation and sharing. But boiled steaks. . .you may as well become English or something. I can't be a part of such perversions. Steaks need a char. Heathens.
  12. If ya'll do the USS Kidd, let me know, as my late uncle had an artifact he wanted donated to the museum. Nobody else in the family knew but me, so I treat it as an honor to do it on his behalf. Two birds, one stone thing. He was on Kidd's sister Black, and I think might have been the last president of their squadron association before they all faded away.
  13. How we survived the height of the Cold War is beyond me. At any time we could have a catastrophic own-goal, let alone an accidental full-scale shootin' match. I mean, hell, this was up the road in Goldsboro, NC. Hard to to tell the difference of the "Oops, sorry to 4 megaton your bucolic Murrican town!" and an episode of the "Young Ones". Any aliens zipping through the universe come across Earth and Dad hits the spaceship lock and says, "Roll 'em up kids!"
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