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  1. Not the same thing. Those commandos who surrendered were surrounded and left with no means of escape. Helicopters cannot be surrounded by enemy infantry. There was nothing preventing the helicopters from going on strafing runs until they were low on fuel before flying to Tajikistan.
  2. Studies have suggested the human body retains a robust immune response to the coronavirus after infection. A study published in the journal Science early this year found that about 90 percent of patients studied showed lingering, stable immunity at least eight months after infection. A smaller study published in June in the journal Nature showed that protection from the coronavirus could last as long as a year after prior infection.
  3. Would ending the corruption have mattered? The real problem was an almost complete failure to do anything about border security. Even if the Kabul government was clean Pakistani Taliban still would have continued infiltration/invasion with maximum effect. The U.S. command tried to do border security for about one week by deploying infantry into those areas but the effort could not be sustained. Taliban casualties soared but so did U.S. casualties. The government of Pak could ignore their losses but D.C. could not and had to pull back. Coalition command should have retasked the drones from the wild goose chase of hunting the Taliban commanders and instead used the drones for border patrol. Problem here was the lack of adequate number armed drones. Another problem was the drones types were not really suited to do that task. At least a decade ago I advocated deploying large numbers of smaller drones armed with machineguns to carry low altitude patrol/hunt/kill sorties. They could be developed from aircraft like these:
  4. I haven't seen this posted here yet: 'We aren't all illegal immigrants!' Biden is branded a racist for claiming Latinx Americans aren't getting vaccinated because they fear DEPORTATION https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9724197/Biden-branded-racist-saying-Latinx-scared-getting-vaccinated-fear-deportation.html
  5. San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities by Michael Shellenberger https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/56645981-san-fransicko
  6. Bribery is not the same thing as policy. What really matters is what happens to cops who take bribes. Too bad D.C. pulled the plug. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-police/new-commander-takes-on-corruption-mess-in-afghan-police-idUSKCN1T51UC
  7. JWB

    2021 Obituary

    A demon has died: Abimael Guzmán: Peru's Shining Path guerrilla leader dies at 86. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49110427
  8. A hospital will no longer deliver babies after staffers resign over coronavirus vaccine mandate. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/09/12/ny-hospital-babies-vaccine-mandate/
  9. Free: San Francisco schools report no coronavirus outbreaks; most eligible students in district are fully vaccinated. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/10/covid-delta-variant-live-updates/ Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19, CDC report finds Moderna vaccine is most effective, says another study, the largest to date in U.S. to assess real-world effectiveness. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/09/10/moderna-most-effective-covid-vaccine-studies/
  10. BioNTech to seek approval soon for vaccine for kids, ages 5-12, as FDA cautions patience for parents. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/10/covid-delta-variant-live-updates/ Coronavirus-sniffing dogs unleashed at Miami airport to detect virus in employees. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/10/covid-delta-variant-live-updates/
  11. Patient concerned about covid reports sex romp at New Zealand hospital: ‘It was just all a bit staggering’. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/10/hospital-visitor-sex-new-zealand/
  12. Pathogens mutate randomly. Eventually a mutation will enable thwarting of a treatment or vaccine. That assumes the pathogen in question can actually mutate in that direction.
  13. Admittedly the situation is extremely complicated but no groups in the region have very much incentive to attack Chinese commercial activities.
  14. Pak doesn't need to do all of that. Just keep the Taliban that is under the control of Pak out of Afghanistan. The Taliban that is in Afghanistan can be controlled by bribery enough to keep them from disrupting China's economic activities. OTOH one reason Pak invaded was to reduce the amount of raiding by Afghan Taliban into Pak. If China can bribe those tribes enough to keep them from raiding then Pak has no reason to invade Afghanistan.
  15. Oh really? "It has been easy for Pakistani nationalists to use anti-Americanism and grievances real or imagined in order to shirk responsibility for their own actions and cynically drive a wedge between Islamabad and Washington. China has simultaneously courted Pakistan as Islamabad looked for new partners. Pakistanis may soon recognize, however, that China seeks not a partner, but a colonial vassal, the deaths of whose citizens it sees as wholly irrelevant. " https://www.aei.org/op-eds/is-pakistan-nothing-more-than-a-colony-of-china/ Total propaganda. If Pak were that afraid then why does it launch so many terror attacks against India? That "insurgency" is more like unrest. See Detroit or Chicago. They were stranded because the Afghan air force was grounded after Biden pulled the ground crews out. Afghans didn't know how to do repair work (which is part of logistics). Misleading. There are a few leaders housed in that country. The vast majority of Afghanistan Taliban funding comes from the drug trade. See my reply above vis-a-vis Detroit and Chicago. The violence is almost entire over who gets the heroin profits.
  16. That relationship is a one way street. Pak is a de facto client of China. Kabul was not near to collapsing in 2020. Almost all of Kabul's real problems are caused by Pakistan which China could solve by forcing Pakistan to back off.
  17. We have to remember China and Pak have different goals. It might have been possible to push the Kabul administration to go in league with Beijing in 2020 thereby pushing Pakistan out of the picture. Maybe and perhaps probably.
  18. The insurgency ONLY happened because of Pakistan support. Without that help the tribals in SE Afghanistan would have had no ammo or HE to do anything. The real effect is to make sure the ANA soldiers were being paid. Which they weren't. It was like in Iraq in 2014. Politicians and government officials looted the military budget and the Iraqi army disintegrated. Or Rome after the aristocracy stole the gold and the legions deserted. See above. Without logistics soldiers do not get paid. They don't get ammo. They don't get fuel. They don't even get fed. Pakistan saw what was going on and simply paid the ANA to walk away.
  19. JWB

    The T-62

    I think you mean superior to the T-55?
  20. Afghanistan: House Of Cards https://www.strategypage.com/qnd/afghan/20210907.aspx
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