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  1. Finally got IL-2, and it kicks ass! Even had to buy a new joystick for the game, Sidewinder Precision 2, because the old stick didn't have rudder or throttle control. The Airacobra is indeed excellent, a big cannon is a must against bombers. FW190 is another of my favorites. But I have to confess that unlimited ammo is the only way I manage. And those spins are mighty hard to recover from...
  2. It's a pretty good game, esp. the graphics and sounds are impressive, but IMHO it's too unrealistic. I mean c'mon, you almost have to spray a whole Thompson clip to kill a single enemy. The game is also too linear, leaving very little choice what to do and where to go. But the Omaha Beach landing was utterly awesome, very SPR:ish!
  3. Name: <---- Age: 25 Country: Finland Service: 11-month conscript service 96-97, Marksman AA-tank driver Interest: Military history, weapon systems, computer games, movies, books, rock music, gym, beer, etc. Tanknet: Been around from -97 IIRC, arguing against LIC's opinion that only 4-foot midgets could drive T-series tanks. Comments: Best military forum of the whole net. And a great group of people as well.
  4. Now that I finally got my PC updated to a 1400MHz AMD, perhaps I can throw in a few comments on this forum too. At the moment, I'm totally hooked on Counterstrike. Any of our resident Swedes want to have their asses kicked on some Finnish or Swedish Counterstrike server? -Petteri
  5. There was an interesting article in the newest Finnish "Panssari" (=Armour)-magazine concerning Russian tactics in urban combat. The article stated that Russian tankers built steel wire fences around their tanks, to a distance of about 30 cm from the tank, so that RPGs, which have piezoelectric fuzing, would fail to detonate on impact. The steel wire caused the RPGs' fuzing to short circuit, as the round hit the tank and the wire at the same time. I don't know how factual this information is, because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to electonics myself. -Petteri
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