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  1. With all my respect, the problem in your logic above is you consider Houthi as something separate from "the tribes". The same way Germans believed it is enough to kill "Jewish Comissars" and Russians will become their loyal slaves. Reality turned othervice.... After all, if it is enough to bomb fuel port and four container cranes to remove Houthis from the political scene - why it wasn't done by KSA and Emirates instead of fighting (and, effectively, loosing) bloody and costly war against them? Are KSA and Emirates so stupid not to understand that, while now few Jewish pilots have easyly made the job they have failed?
  2. Cheap drones are only the first drops of technological rain coming. I do not want to speculate about it to avoid bad people using the ideas - but no doubt there is plenty of smart guys in, say, Malazia who would invent something after watching another Gaza video. And if you do believe they "will be overflown with countermeasures as an over-correction for the previous neglect, and then they'll remain useful to almost none" - well, we allready have nice example of another cheap weapon: bullets.
  3. Back to Irina Farion who was killed recently by unknown gunman: Prediction made 14 years ago by Oles' Buzina (Oles Buzina - Wikipedia who was killed by pro-Ukrainian activists in Kiev in 2015) "If you will stay on this Bandera's way, you will sooner of later be killed by terrorist bullet"
  4. Your problem is you are overfocused on Houthis and other people directly ariund you. Yes you could bomb the port and make few extra hundreds (or extra thousands) of babies in desewrt mountains die from hunger and desises, yes you could ruin few more blocks in Gaza or Beirut - but the problem is, development of technology allows group of angry students from, say, Egypt to buy DIY drone from AliExpress and launch it from hundreds (or even thousands) kilometers away into your cities. Mr Al Houthi is only showing the future that is allready here.
  5. JDAMsky strike, Kharkov region https://t.me/anna_news/68761
  6. Lancet vs. rare Polish M120 Rak SP mortar https://t.me/milinfolive/126474
  7. Well, not going to debate this, especially in this thread. If you really believe old man who, with all my respect, is struggling with names of his key subordinates, is able to run massive country of 300+ mln people without massive, lets call it this way, help - it is up to you.
  8. Not exactly the topic of this thread, but as you wish: drone video of glide bomb (other sources say missile) destroying pro-Ukr ammo storage in Kharkov region https://t.me/boris_rozhin/130733
  9. So. practical meaning of this statement is desert rebels in rubber flipflops are able to sent their DIY drones (and hit targets) as far as "longest range known airstrike in the IAF's history".
  10. Three Iskander strikes on two military trains on Barvenkovo railway station, Khsrkov region https://t.me/boris_rozhin/130710
  11. P.S. Full picture for the reference, people covered on billboard are Heinrich Himmler and the Governor-General of the Galicia district, Otto Wechter
  12. Do you really believe President Biden is writing his posts, speeches and tweets himself? He is just talking head for "collective Biden", in far greater extent then President Putin is spokesman for "collective Putin" (resulting in constant changes in his statements line reflecting infighting in Rus elitesP. So Biden's personal physical condition is not so important. By the way now, thanks to fresh revalations by Arestovich, we know "collective Putin" have started begging for surrender from thge evening of fiirst day of "big war", th great surprise of Zelensky's administration.
  13. Can't see the article - is it really saying "Pro-Zelensky nationalist"? Actually this 60yo women is good example of how, let's say, convertable and artificial this pro-Ukr nationalism is, and she was surely not pro-Zelensky who is too Russian and too Jewish foir her. "<Irina> Farion was one of the most odious representatives of Ukrainian nationalism. Having started her way into politics with membership in the CPSU, since Perestroika she has continuously broadcast Russophobic statements and initiatives into the public field — called Russian-speakers "degenerates" and called for their "disposal", as well as openly welcomed (https://t.me/MedvedevVesti/18069 ) the murder of journalists from among the opponents of total Ukrainization. With her radical position, Farion was able to make enemies even under the current Kiev regime: for example, in 2019, she called Zelensky a redneck. And not so long ago, the activist called for Russian-speaking members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine not to be considered Ukrainians, which even caused a harsh response from Azov*. So there were enough people who wanted her dead without any outside interference." (https://t.me/dva_majors/47700) * Azov are more of pseudopagan white supremacists originating from industrial, Russian-speaking cities of East of Ukraine, not "real Ukrainians" from the point of view of West Ukrainina nationalists "Back in 2023, the Russophobe received threats from the deputy commander of the third assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of "Azov", Maxim Zhorin. Then Farion said that all Ukrainian military personnel who speak Russian serve Putin. She also said that the Russian-speaking Azov fighters are not Ukrainians. Farion's statements caused a violent reaction among the "Azov people". The leaders of UNA-UNSO and the "Right Sector", Korchinsky and Yarosh, on the contrary, supported her position. Farion found herself at the forefront of the conflict between the "new" ("Azov") and the "old" Ukrainian nationalists. In 2023, it cost her a position at Lviv National University, and in 2024, her life." ( https://t.me/anna_news/68729 ) Note she was Komsomol member since 1978, Communist Party member from 1988 - so quite flexible in her views. "If it hadn't been for perestroika, Farion would now be sitting in the Lviv city <Communist Party> committee or regional committee. Or maybe higher. She would teach us how to live. In Russian." (https://t.me/olegtsarov/14044)
  14. New type of "barn-armor", this time hedgehog-style https://t.me/milinfolive/126413
  15. TV is "owned" (via ownership of shares etc.), but not controlled. There is no Gov official body controlling TV programs quality except direct violation of law like airing porn etc. And, first and foremost, since whern being Gov-controlled (of even Gov-stated) is making the message final truth? Is your Gov always competent and truthful? Here in Russia, Gov official are just regular people with regular level of (in)competence.
  16. Who are "they"? Media people who have prepared this? Gov PR people who have given Putin clips from computer game to show foreign journalists as video records of VKS work in Syria? Don't be silly, they are the same type of latte-drinking life-enjoying university graduates who are putting Rus Fleet ships on the background of US electoral event stage I'm afraid it is your personal problem you believe that TV illustrations you are shown are somehow related to real target lists. Do you really think TV news department assistant, 20yo girl with education of "international journalism", is calling the organisation responcible for keeping ICBM targets list (please excuse me for nlot telling you where this guys are located) and asking "Could you please give me fresh targets list in UK, please?" What you see is result of this girl's quick google search.
  17. See above, quite likely this brigades are not for Ukraine but for French colonies
  18. P.S. Video of Tel Aviv drone strike - predictably, in Russian, with comments the same as from Lvov to Akhtubinsk https://t.me/boris_rozhin/130523
  19. Note i was warning about that Pro-Rus take "Today, a video has spread of how Tel Aviv was attacked by a drone, the responsibility was taken by the fremen of Arrakis, the Yemeni Houthis. Heated debates arose in Israeli Russian-speaking social networks and Israelis shouted: "Where is our EW? Where is our air defense? The savages' UAV couldn't have flown that far!" How familiar it all is. A new reality, when you step out of your comfort zone and suddenly realize that military production and military science have reached a qualitatively different level and now even a weak and poor country can successfully attack a much stronger one, at first it really shocks many, get used to it." ( https://t.me/vysokygovorit/16572 )
  20. They do not need to blow it - just turn few taps....
  21. It is widely believed here in pro-Rus circles that Russia (i mean Russian state) is not paid for this oil shipments, in best case money are staying frozen on bank accounts. Effectively, it is political bribe from "appeasement of the West" party to South Europe politicians in exchange, as they hope, promotion of better surrender conditions. By the way it is interesting that pro-Ukrainians have only stopped oil transit for one oil company, while two others are continuing with their oil business... "Following Hungary, (https://t.me/olegtsarov/13978 Slovakia also stopped receiving Russian oil from Lukoil via the Druzhba pipeline. One of the solutions for these EU countries may be an agreement between other Russian companies, Tatneft and Rosneft. Theoretically, they could supply Lukoil volumes — Ukraine has not yet banned their transit. I think the bans are Ukraine's pressure on Russia in order to once again increase the cost of oil transit. After recent increases, the cost of oil supplied through the pipeline has equaled the cost of oil supplied by sea. Apparently, Ukraine now wants oil delivered in transit through Ukraine to be even more expensive, and the transit fee is even higher." ( https://t.me/olegtsarov/14013 )
  22. Well, Russia is based on two contradictory traditions - tradition of discipline and tradition of riot/self reliance. Now discipline tradition is more or less prevailing on grassroots level (but some abominations are corrected by people on the ground, for example after foreign mercenaries and Azov Nazis were set free by dirty deal in exchange for Putin's friend Medvedchuk, and, more over, flown abroad on Abramovich private jet with brand new iPhones as gifts from Abramovich - by strange coincidence they are no more making their way to captivity alive). So can't rule out somebody on the ground will drop, by pure accident, HE shell on pipeline.....
  23. They need light brigades to support presence on massive territory of former French colonial Empire - while they are clearly unfit for Eastern front. So quite logical assumption to make is that this brigade will be sent to Africa to oppose Wagner-supported movements (the same way as UkrArmy SOF is now used there), not to Eastern front. Free white cannon fodder is rare now, why not use it where it is more important to France itself? Personnel would be happy to go to much safer warzone without enemy artillery, drones and aviation, not to mention ballistic and cruise missiles
  24. It correlates with some of pro-Russian opinions ( yandex-translayed from https://t.me/rusengineer/4637 ) "Actually, that's why I'm rather glad that Trump came to power than keeping the Biden. Being at the forefront of the fight against the West is certainly fun, but <i'd prefer> someone else to show courage and heroism better. Therefore, the global mixfight of the United States with the global South will greatly ease the pressure on us. Well, to bargain for good conditions for our neutrality, this is essentially a victory in the global mess. The United States itself rose just by sitting and trading with everyone until the winner was determined, and then joined on his side, last time. It's quite a good strategy. 27 million lives, against 600 K*. Obviously, it is more advantageous in terms of population, demography, etc. Therefore, <through> the peak of the showdown of this global conflict, it is better to wait in a neutral status, getting nice things from all sides. And strengthening their positions." * Losses in WWII ment here
  25. Politics is mostly comedy, but unfortunatelly people (spmetimes individuals, sometimes millions) are killed in process.
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