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  1. How large is large and how high is too high?
  2. The problem is, you are considering this rhetoric without its political context. Let me advise you to this video Leaving aside traditional overoptimism of this commenter, what we have is "collective Putin" is still bagging West to be allowed into some lind of conditional surrender ( under "Istambul draft agreement" that is de-facto capitulation of Russia) and is only asking to be allowed to keep some sort of face-saving gestures ("new territorial realities") to stay afloat inside Russia. And UN representative wording is just "bad policeman" play. Luckily, "our enemies will not betray us" and chances of dirty deal like this are minimal. But this 10-year war will probably last another 10 years, as current policy of Russian elite seems to allow all willing to fignt for pro-Russian case to die at frontline, staying with population of "qualified consumers" Anatoly Chubais was once dreaming about.
  3. Claimed to be JDAMsky strike on fuel tanker train in Kharkov - seems like drone was observing its way to unloading station with military tanker trucks https://t.me/boris_rozhin/119558
  4. Pro-Russians are experimenting with the ways of breaching positional stalemate: this time, assault group quickly crossed "dead zone" on motorbikes https://t.me/milinfolive/120020
  5. Missile strike on D-20 152mm howitzers storage near Sumy https://t.me/milinfolive/120021 P.S. Location https://t.me/creamy_caprice/5066
  6. Triumph of dignity: barbed wire along Tisa (border) river to stop Ukraine male citizens from fleeing mobilization https://t.me/boris_rozhin/119477
  7. Another helmet camera video (claimed to be also taken from corpse of KIA pro-Ukr GUR opeeative) - this time showing their landing from UH-60A Black Hawk (combined with video from pro-Rus drone observing landing) https://t.me/milinfolive/119964?single
  8. Iskander vs. S-300V launcher and radar (may be, decoys as there is no deronation or fire) near Krivoy Rog https://t.me/milinfolive/119961
  9. And, one more logical step, why US was willing to spend money, but then changed their mind, after hundreds of USD billions gone?
  10. Logical question is "Why?" For example, Soviet A-stan Gov collapsed in 1992 because of Russia stopping supply of ammo and fuel for good reason: Russia itself was in ruins..... After all USD billions invested into their traning over years?
  11. First, as far as i remember the label "fake news"is reserved to other channel, as we know from authoritative opinion of US President Second, there was no news at all in the link i have provided - just opinion. You do not like this opinion? Well, it is your right. You mean after assembling the force of 300 000 reservists (more, then entire grouping of RusArmy in Ukraine in 2022) on top of regular forces, IDF have "pretty much defeated" "aside from Rafah" the terrorist organistation armed with light arms without heavy weapons or AD, killing spectacular number of civilians by unlimited aerial bombing campaign in process? Well, how do you think what are the prospects of IDF against Hezbollah, not to mention Iran? Another fake news for you How do you think WHY "pressure from US" came? May be because IDF brilliant operation went so good it threatened not only West's position globally, but even US internal politics? What is the plan for next steps?
  12. Areicle in American Conservative worth reading https://www.theamericanconservative.com/how-putins-relationship-with-islam-works/ from this article "Contrary to the impression some Western observers have tried to create of Putin as a fanatical Russian nationalist, Putin has always emphasized Russia’s “multiethnic and multifaith history,” as he put it in a 2005 speech in Kazan, which, to the crowd’s amazement, he delivered in the Tatar language. " Video of this speech - he was obviously reading transcript, but have practiced a lot The author is corrctly pointing out that problem "with Muslims" are coming not from Russian Muslims, but from Central Asia migrants who are coming from the regions where radical Islam is the only answer to problems of powerty and abuse by their local half-feudal elites. Pro-Rus take on this article ( https://t.me/NeoficialniyBeZsonoV/34835 ) "An interesting article by American journalist Helen Andrews for The American Conservative (https://www.theamericanconservative.com/how-putins-relationship-with-islam-works /). In it, she examines how Putin is building relations with the Islamic world. And convincingly comes to the right conclusions in it. Our president and Russian diplomacy are quite successfully building mutually beneficial friendly relations with Muslim countries: from Shiite Iran to the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf. In addition, the Russian government is successfully able to maintain interfaith peace between the Russian Orthodox majority and the indigenous Muslims of Russia. However, the rhetoric that is well received, for example, by Tatar and Chechen elites professing traditional Islam, does not work at all with migrants arriving in Russia from Central Asia. They don't hear her and they don't want to hear her. Andrews refers to the book by British scientist Dominic Rubin "Russia's Muslim Heartlands: Islam in the Putin Era". Rubin spent a lot of time in the fields, interviewing young Muslims in Russia from Moscow to Makhachkala. In the course of his research, Rubin came across the popularity of Islamic radicalism among Central Asian migrants. This is what a Tajik builder from Moscow, Hayreddin Abdullah, told him: "I was in almost all provincial mosques in Russia when I was working around the country. If we talk about Tajiks, a lot of people passively or actively support ISIS. I will say more, 30 percent of Tajiks in Russia are Wahhabis. And another 40 percent do not call themselves Wahhabis, but share many of their views." Andrews also notes the problem of prison jamaats, when prison gangs of Wahhabis led by veterans of the Chechen and Syrian wars (from the Wahhabi side) They put entire zones under their control, suppressing the power of the black thief suit. I would like to add that many radical imams go to prison specifically to recruit supporters. Andrews summarizes that the rhetoric and national policy of the Russian President works well for interfaith and interethnic peace between the indigenous peoples of our country, as well as for building relations with the outside Muslim world. But the influx of Central Asian migrants professing radical Islam poses a direct threat to stability in Russia. From myself, I note that the accents in this note are placed correctly. ISIS is controlled by Western and Israeli intelligence agencies, and is at war with all of Russia's Muslim allies: Iran, the Houthis, the Taliban, Syria. Thus, the uncontrolled entry into Russia of supporters of radical Islamism from Central Asia, on the contrary, prevents our state from building friendly relations between Russian Christians and Muslims. After all, if we can always come to an agreement with the traditional Muslims of Tatarstan and the Caucasus, with the elites of the Middle East, then it is impossible to do this with radical Islamists."
  13. It is just an opinion, no need for you to be in agreement with it. Let's wait and see how will events develop, and how long will it take victorious IDF to defeat Hamas. AS far as i understand, today is 6 month of this campaign....
  14. Cluster 500kg JDAMsky vs. forest belt, drone view https://t.me/dva_majors/39428
  15. Caesar SPG with anti-drone grids https://t.me/milinfolive/119926
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