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  1. Seems like they have learned results of Ukrainian aviation attack on Lugansk city administration well (despite this attack is still denied by Ukr Gov)
  2. As for me, the key reason for USSR collapse, despite of all economic problems, was ideological/moral decay – nobody was taking Communist ideology seriously anymore, at least in form proposed by Communist party bosses (not surprising - as they were the same the same people who became “independent presidents” and oligarch as soon as they managed to privatize what they could grab). And without ideology supported by majority of population USSR was doomed.
  3. As for me it was the set of promises, that were hard-to-achieve (but still reachable) when taken separately, but unachievable when taken all at the same time. It was not only trying to complete in consumption with leading Western countries middle class (most countries of the world fail to reach this level, and USSR ruined by war was in unfavorable position right on the start – still, it was possible) but trying to do it while promoting equality (started in 1960th, before that Stalin system with massive difference in salaries between qualified and unqualified labor was supporting education and
  4. Let’s look at previous page – it was your words “There is at least 2 major authors of cold war history that maintain that when the USSR disolved itself, many Russian politicians believed that shorn of the baggage of Communism, Russia would thrive and 20 or so years hence those nations that left would come back into the fold in a looser union, perhaps akin to the new Union treaty Gorbachev tried to get them to sign. Here we are nearly 30 years on and they are further away than ever, which is why Russia is moving to desperate methods like handing out Russian passports like confetti, and outright
  5. They are #11 among Top20 Ukrainian news channels (https://detector.media/rinok/article/164059/2019-03-13-naypopulyarnishymy-novynnymy-saytamy-u-lyutomu-staly-obozrevatel-segodnya-ta-24-inau/ ) Ukrainian Gov attempts to silence them were even mentioned in OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media report (which is hardly pro-Russian) - let me quote “On 8 February I wrote to Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin conveying my concern about the case of Strana.ua news website and its editor, Igor Guzhva, following reports that a number of journalists from Strana.ua, as well as some members o
  6. There is important factor missing in you explanation – not just “hellish war that is going badly and w/o much point” but “hellish war in far away land with hostile population that is going badly and w/o much point”. That is why I outlined regional factor, it is important to understand why Ukrainian Army in Donbass feel (and act) like on occupied territory.
  7. It is quite boring to explain obvious things again and again…. During last years of USSR, Ukrain as Soviet Republic was much more comfortable place to live than most of Russia-the-Soviet—Republic. Pro-independence propaganda (driven mostly by local Communist Party bosses who wanted their own country to loot or, at least, return to golden era of Brezhnev years when Dnepropetrovsk clan was ruling USSR) described Ukraine as potential paradise on Earth, and imperial rule of Moscow as only obstacle on the way. And significant part of population truly believed in that. Now situation is dramaticall
  8. As I have said here many times before, this conflict is not along ethnic lines, as there is no ethnic difference between sides. But another side of the coin is deeply rooted regional confrontation (not surprising for the territory artificially bounded together to fit political purpose – as mostly industrial Donbass and other regions like Kharkov, Nikolayev and Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepr) were integrated into mostly rural regions to provide proletarian component for mostly rural rest of Ukraine. It was worsened by “divide and rule” policy during post-Soviet independence years, resulting in dehu
  9. It heavily depends on what part of Internet you surf – for example in this oppositional news show from Ukraine redeployment of Ukrainian tanks, SAMs etc., combined with aggressive rhetoric was discussed in early March https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnpqNTctkZE
  10. It heavily depends on one’s definition of victory. Conflict in Ukraine is Russian civil war, both sides are Russians – so there is not so much difference for Javelin providers if ATGM crew kill tank crew of vice versa as net result is few more dead Russians, excluded forever from Russian genetic pool. West will support Ukraine to make this war as long and bloody as possible, even if there is no hope for victory for pro-Ukrainians. Survivors will add some more white migrants to Europe struggling to stay Europe amid wave of non-European migration – it could also be considered as profit.
  11. It is part of longer video from Nizhnevartovsk - note how some pedastrians just ijnore the bear https://youtu.be/k3gfqAA5YMc As result, nobody was hurt (including the bear, who turned out to be pet from local spa hotel) https://youtu.be/c9Qh4Tgaw8I
  12. The real question is where they were found – for example in this article https://e-news.su/in-world/376085-kak-oblomki-rossijskih-iskanderov-okazalis-v-karabahe.html one of the opinions is they were in fact brought from Idlib (where Iskander missiles were officially used against pro-Turkish islamists) - and this explain their magic discovery long after conflict ends, as they “melted from snow in Shusha”
  13. President Zelensky recent visit to frontline Note inscription above shelter door behind him, For those who can’t read Russian – it reads “Vietnam”. Small detail, but speaks volumes about how Ukrainian Army feel (and behave) on occupied territory
  14. No need for such complex plan, while everything is way more simple: decision makers in Kiev know that in case of trouble they will be given comfortable save haven somewhere (probably, Canada) where they will spend the rest of their lives on Western taxpayers payroll pretending to be Ukraine Government and Parliament in exile For example, one of Ukraine Parliament members was caught on camera texting “time to get out of the country” after report by Ukr Army chief about military situation https://youtu.be/XBWBsFjCThw
  15. It is not correct - “Banderistas” are not only mostly Slavic from ethnicity point of view, but are often Slavic nationalists and White supremacists . For example, in video below Ukrainian nationalists who have beaten Chelsea football fan who was misfortunate not to be white, are traced to Azov regiment and to acting as hired tugs by SBU to travel around Ukraine to suppress political opposition. With English subtitles At the same time, current President of Ukraine is Russian-speaking Jew, de-facto master of Ukraine Minister of Interior Avakov is Armenian refugee
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