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  1. Russian railways are routinely transporting Chinese tanks via Transiberian route, along other trains (this road is now overloaded and undergoing upgrades to double its capacity to meet increasing demand) Seems like Chinese mil media are making PR case out of it (photos taken from https://periskop.su/1608620.html )
  2. Russia is also post-Soviet country with more or less the same legacy, ethnically similar population and similar economic model to start from. Actually Poland was in far more favorable starting position then Russia (no civil war and ethnic conflicts, no extreme climate regions, massive inflow of free money etc) . So as for me troubles of Polish shipbuilders were created not by “ dirt cheap from South Korea or China”. By the way average qualified industrial worker price in China is already higher than in Russia, and according to this map of Net Average Monthly Salary in Europe ( € ) Russia is no
  3. English is not my first language, but as far as i remember "proven" and "claimed" are two different words. I do not think it is reasonable to mention all this Salisbury chemical magic? as well as MH17 "evidences" provided by SBU.
  4. Artsakh republic Minister of Defence wounded (by AM version) or killed (by AZ version) in drone strike His deputy now took his post
  5. As far as I remember, President Aliev (AZ) stated they will not stop until “all occupied territories liberated”, meaning total elimination of Karabakh. Re “capture the areas surrounding Artsakh” – we have to keep in mind Artsakh is historical name of the region goingback to centuries when Azerbaijan was not on the map, and Turk-speaking nomads were still somewhere in Central Asia. Azeris and Turks are relatively newcomers to this area, while Armenians, Persians, Georgians and some other little known groups (like Talysh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talysh_people ) are old population. Both mode
  6. Is this Russian acceptable as "any Russian?" I really enjoy generalizations in this thread, seems like with this degree of Western "expertise" both Russia and China got no way but allience one day - just to stay safe of madness reaching dengerous levels in what was West
  7. Trump propaganda, as he seems like trying to rebuild US one
  8. Yes this is their foot to shoot, and seems like majority of Belorussians understand it well – that is why calls to massive strikes are not resulting in real actions, at least by now: people may not like Lukashenko, but they got families to make living for, and example of Ukraine transformation into failed state is quite in front of their eyes. By the way in theory Belorussia and Russia are parts of one Union State, and it is not just empty papers – for example my direct supervisor is Belorussian citizen. Re Polish shipbuilding industry, let’s see how Russian one is performing: In terms o
  9. Unfortunately archive of earlier Belarus thread seems to be lost, but I hope participants still remember all the hype around arrest of “Russian agents” (and Lukashenko statements about it). A lot was said about Putin’s hand in Belorussia etc. But now it turned out to be side effect of joint Ukrainian, US and Turkey operation – at least according to documents published by one of the leading pro-Ukrainain activists. As for me, quite explanation of why any reasonable passenger carrier avoid Ukrainian airspace, and also demonstration of how US, Turkish and Ukrainian special services operate.
  10. So what? By this kind of activity, they are ruining own country. The basis of Belarus economy was maintaining what was left from mighty Soviet Belarus industry (and, credit where it is due, Lukashenko despite of all his strange ideas was very prudent in keeping this industry alive, promoting trade benefits with Russia on expense of Russian producers while providing war materials and vehicles for pro-Ukrainians at the same time etc.) Now, I think, KAMAZ leadership is opening dozen of Champaign bottles every day MAZ is on strike – the same with other Russian competitors of Belorussian producers.
  11. As far as i remember the only country Canada got common border with is USA. Talking heads expect US-Canada war? I do not think so, To get into any other "peer conflict", Canadian forces need to cross ocean. So the answer to "what can we do" question is IMHO quite simple: do not go to military adventuresn on another side of the globe.
  12. Russian take on recent events in US (automatic translation from https://ria.ru/20201014/ideologiya-1579613104.html?fbclid=IwAR3XieePwFCwfrnJK8fb4eCxHaWBChfD_lhqGcZswEhQ0u_PqEhrjLEOvhE ) l government has started firing dissidents. Hundreds of thousands of people with higher education, a sought-after specialty and an active civil position are left without work for ideological reasons. No one paid any attention to this tragedy in our country, because it is being played out in the United States, not in our country. But there is every reason to believe that the blast wave from it will reac
  13. Soo the man who, as so called investigators tell us, was poisoned through incidental skin contact with some substance, was only saved by NHC magic assisted by Porton Down specialists and took years to recover, while man who, as the same investigators tell us, consumed bottle of water with the same substance, was saved by regional Russian healthcare in the middle of Siberia and is already ok giving interviews etc…. No idea how people still manage to believe it - at least here in Russia even “opposition” is sort of shy to talk about this story, as Russians are too cynical to buy this. By the w
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