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  1. Still, prospects of UK revitalizing Ukraine heavy industry is quite unlikely (given the condition of UK own industry). But there is no need to argue about it - let’s just wait and see….
  2. Not “Bn” but brigade command position, according to pro-Ukrainians. Pro-Russians say this long-range artillery strike was conducted after repeated shelling by pro-Ukr artillery of settlements near frontline. Quite logical step to deliver the message to those giving orders, not cannon fodder on frontline positions. Seems like the strike was modest in scale (as losses are only 7 WIA, only one badly wounded) – but effective in PR effect, since the news reached UK. Re “rumours” - I do not know why quite official arrival of the division to Brest by rail, where it will take part in joint exercises, are described as “rumours” Photos here https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/6936027.html
  3. No idea where you get this ideas about Iranians and their discipline (by the way try replacing “Iranian sailors” with “Black sailors” and see where it will take you to). Here in Russia during WorldCup-2018 Iranian football fans girls were noticed both for their hot temper and tendency to dress as lightly as possible (quite an achievement for Russia, where girls usually use every of rare warm days to demonstrate results of their fitness work) – even mainstream newspapers wrote about it. Si I do not thing StPete will be something special for young Iranian sailors. Surely public morale rules in Iran are different from what is common here, but not all human relations are public. https://vz.ru/news/2018/6/26/929673.html?q Note photo on FanID badge https://static.life.ru/posts/2018/06/1129430/19edb69476851a31151c645a5fb77ff9.jpg What about Russian beer – it is widely believed to be poor, far inferior to Czech
  4. As far as i know they are heading to StPete, where they will take part in annual naval parade
  5. Nice, so what we get is: 1) Ukraine shipbuilding industry, once inherited from USSR as able to construct any type of warships including aircraft carriers, is now unable to deliver even missile boats of their own; 2) Ukraine as state/economy is unable to afford it without loan -in other words, ships not only will be constructed by UK, but paid for by UK taxpayers – as prospects of Ukraine ever returning this money are unclear (taking endemic corruption into consideration). Britain ruling elite is desperately trying to find new role on international arena after not-exactly-successful Brexit and loosing the status of US main ally (now it is Germany https://www.politico.eu/article/united-states-no-better-friend-than-germany-us-ally/ ) , so we will probably see a lot of gamble in different hot points of the world from Crimea to China. Will see what party will prevail – “pro-US” or “pro-independent” (see recent leak of documents about Defender affair and Afghanistan withdrawal, considered by some as “pro-US” party demonstrating discontent with decisions made by Gov).
  6. Unfortunatelly entire plant is gradually scrapped - see this picture from 2014 for comparison
  7. Future will tell what they will get, but current net result of widely advertised political project of constructing this ship ended up literally in ruins, as the shipbuilding plant, once one of the best in USSR (birthplace of Soviet aircraft carriers), followed the general trend of Ukrainian industry. Money were stolen under cover of chain of fleet commanders and political leaders speeches. I'm sure a lot of flats in London were bought
  8. Progress of Ukrainian first and only project 58250 Vladimir the Great corvette (multifunctional frigate) construction (started in May, 2011)
  9. Thank you for providing illustration for my point. Country of 60+mln (and modest economy “responding” to global #1 industrial power with 1+bln population, in regions on another side of the globe, is clearly dangerous game.
  10. https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2021/07/13/microsoft-discovers-threat-actor-targeting-solarwinds-serv-u-software-with-0-day-exploit/ “Microsoft has detected a 0-day remote code execution exploit being used to attack SolarWinds Serv-U FTP software in limited and targeted attacks. The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) attributes this campaign with high confidence to DEV-0322, a group operating out of China, based on observed victimology, tactics, and procedures.” So we see not only that attempts to link Russia to SolarWind breach were baseless (nothing new actually – as it was demonstrated in many cases from MH17 to Skripals miracle etc., no need for evidence to cry out Russia is guilty) but that security agencies, despite of USD billions invested in them every year, are unable to find real perpetrators in time for political decision taken - in other words, are incompetent. And incompetent organizations running countries with nuclear arsenals are quite worrying, taking into account their politicians are also hardly competent but always quick for action . https://thehackernews.com/2021/04/us-sanctions-russia-and-expels-10.html
  11. Well, as you pretend to have “Global Brittan”, it is quite logical for your competitors to exploit your weak points around the globe. More over, as you parade your ships off China coast, it is only question of time you will see Chinese carrier strike group(s) not only near British coast, but also, for example, off Gibraltar…. When country of 60+ mln is pretending to complete vs. country of 1+bln, outcome is quite predictable.
  12. Only if China will behave in the same manner as US (and USSR before that) did – by trying to drag XIV century society into XX century. If Chinese decision makers are that stupid, they will end up badly even without Afghanistan. But currently there are no indications they really are….
  13. Or will accept surrender proposal before fighting to last ammo, or just switch sides the moment they step out of Gov-controlled territory. Civil wars are like that even in more civilized places.
  14. What “all neighbors” you mean? Chech Republic discussed in this thread is not even close Russian neighbor - more over, even if USSR recreated by some magic in its borders, it will still require reunification of Chech and Slovak Republics back into Chekhoslovakia to have common border with this hypothetic USSR-reborn. Even UK is more Russian neighbor than land-locked Chech Republic – at least free sea transit is available between our two countries. If you check real neighbors of Russia, we mostly have integration projects with them (like Belorussia), very soft travel regime and easy acceptance into Russian citizenship for their citizens (like Ukraine and Central Asia), or good trade relations (like China). Not mentioning huge infrastructure projects to get more easy travel....
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