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  1. "English is global language". Close-up view and walk around of 2C5 battery vehicles with individual marking https://t.me/anna_news/35287
  2. When rush to publicity might be the problem: Pro-Russians have released the video of pro-Ukr POWs - https://t.me/boris_rozhin/54876 Note the guy at 0:42 - nothing special, just one among many others But pro-Ukrainians in Kiev rushed to identify him as Maxim Butkevich, Maidan activist and journalist for many Ukrainian TV channels (and BBC), who was also trying to leverage "revolutions" in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan https://t.me/boris_rozhin/54896 here from 30:37
  3. Not only this groups.... It is civil war, and civil wars in Russia are always very brutal. But at the same time sometimes it takes very WWI-style forms of trench trade between sides "The present(ed) footage is not a new material as it comes from a report made by our troops and hasn't been given to the public before. On the Popasnaya front, our men traded ten crates of canned food to the Ukrainian fighters for an American Javelin ATGM, a German Panzerfaust and two domestically made grenade launchers. It was a pretty fair trade-off." https://t.me/NeoficialniyBeZsonoV/15010 P.S. Helmet cam video from previous owners of this machinegun https://t.me/marochkolive/28069
  4. "The commander of the 6th Separate Guards Cossack Motorized Rifle Regiment named after Matvey Platov, Hero of the LPR Vladimir Polupoltinnykh showed a captured M249 SAW machine gun, which was captured after the liquidation of a sabotage group in Zolotoye." https://t.me/marochkolive/28044
  5. Meanwhile pro-Ukrainians are converting small tourist boats on Dniper into gunboats https://t.me/periskop_pacific/958
  6. Video of French SPGs transported by short train (probably to avoid detection) https://t.me/Mikle1On/3531
  7. I'm affraid there are two Americas, and what is good for one - is bad for another, and vice versa. But let's leave it to USians, they know their country better anyway.
  8. I think the key words are here: "Natural gas prices immediately jumped in Europe following the news, while slumping in the United States." - how convenient for both US politicians struggling to reduce inflation, US LNG producers and US production industry.... Europe is to pay the cost of it.
  9. I think there is typical mistake to associate Nazism (extreme form of bourgeois society) with eliminating Jews. There are historic examples of de-facto Nazism without eliminating Jews, and there are historic examples of eliminating Jews without Nazism (and even long before idea of nation created).
  10. If given country is truly democratic, why embrace Fascism as a mean of combating Communism? If majority of voters is against Communism, it will not get to power (and there is no need for external tools like Fascism). And if majority of voters in really democratic country is for Communism - well, isn't is the democratic choice of the country?
  11. Exactly, they are not supposed to go against tanks, just light armed diversion groups. Derailment is not so massive problem if they move at slow speed. More about reconstructing bridges source https://topcor.ru/26387-rossijskie-vojska-zavershili-navedenie-pereprav-v-harkovskoj-oblasti.html
  12. I do not think there is strong ground to see Nazis as just "tool for killing Russians", even while it is quite popular point of view here in Russia now. Back in Lindbergh time, Nazism of various types and shades was fashionable and respectable ideology in so called "democratic countries", while "Russians" (Soviets) were considered just failed state with strange radical ideology, in the middle of nowhere and not a real threat - something like modern day Iran. The main point of having local Nazis was to keep local working class down and Socialists/Communists out of power.
  13. About how Western humanitarian aid was used (with English subtitles) https://t.me/dpr_mfa/555
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