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  1. Lancet vs. M777 https://t.me/infomil_live/180
  2. M113 covered by anti-drone cages https://t.me/milinfolive/106961
  3. Rare video of Russian tank crew clearing the way through minefield (and firing on enemy positions) https://t.me/milinfolive/106858
  4. Yes, but it is located in the region where they could strategically block oil/NG export from Central Asia to Turkey or Europe, also it is separating Turkey from Turkish-speaking regions of Cental Asia (and Russia) and also potentially threatening communications between Russia and Iran.
  5. I am not following this topic closely (since what Kremlin is saying got little real importance, important are actions) - but as far as i remember it is usual "We are following our obligations of ally of Armenia, and it got nothing to do with events in AZ". Since some time ago Armenia have officially recognised NK as AZ territory (to sort of dismay of "Kremlin" - sort of "What was then the sence of all this nonsence for 30 years") it is quite logical position, but everybody understand Armenia is becoming another vasal state of US (or, to be more correct, liberal/neocon fraction of US elite). That is logical result of the thrend that was on for last decade or so. Can't say by the way it is against Russian interests - now we could have better relations with AZ, AZ will be less dependent on Turkey (as without NK problem hanging on, Turkey is far less important ally for them), it may boost land route to both Turkey and Iran. Armenia was Russian Empire legacy, it can't last forever.
  6. NATO armor graveyard near Berkhovka https://t.me/infomil_live/169
  7. British Challenger tank on move somewhere in Zaporozhye region, note it is operating alone - probably in the same "Infantry support SPG" as all other tanks on this war. Seems like frontal protection damaged by trees https://t.me/infomil_live/168
  8. There is no doubt this planes will go to Ukraine sooner of later, but i think first we will see ex-ArmeniaAF planes transfered to Ukraine as part of liberal Armenian elite new friendship with West. Probably Georgian Su-25th will go the same way, as they are relatively simple planes and pro-Ukrainians got plenty of trained pilots for them. According to official RusMoD claim, this week Su-24M, Mig-29 and two Su-25 of UkrAF were shot down by fighterplanes, plus one plane destroyed on the ground. ( https://t.me/boris_rozhin/98339 )
  9. Statistics of FPV drones used by pro-Russians (by number of videos published) source https://lostarmour.info/tags/fpv
  10. Since when "Ukrainian intelligence chief" (famous for his promises to take Crimea last Spring etc.) speaking to VOA is reliable source? Let's wait and see, currently even most hardline pro-Russian TG channels (who are newer shy to disclose another big brass mistake) are not reporting any massive human loss (actually, none at all). Re "historic building" - see my post above, it is official name of the building. By the way. couple of days ago hotel in Cherkassy accomodating foreign military instructors was hit, and pro-Russians believe it caused 20-30 foreigners killed or wounded. Official pro-Ukr video shows person of paramilitary look carryed out of ruins https://t.me/info_zp/46977 What pro-Russians are saying about it: "In the village of Orshanets near Cherkassy, there is a training center based on the border service training center. The entrance to the village itself is closed to everyone. Any visitors are checked by the military police at checkpoints and turned back. Every day it was used to train Nazis by foreigners. Day and night at the training ground, in addition to the shooting, preparations were underway for work from large-caliber guns and drones. The residents of the region noted an increase in the number of foreign instructors and mercenaries on the eve of the so-called "counteroffensive". As reported from the field, the blow fell on the Central Hotel and a restaurant with the same name. They tried not to settle civilians there and not to serve them. There were always a lot of new passenger cars with black license plates near the hotel. (black license plate in both Russia and Ukraine are military ones - RA) After the strike, the area was cordoned off for three blocks, no one is allowed even to work in this perimeter. Everything is checked when leaving this zone, up to phones with "prohibited" content. According to preliminary information, the number of KIA may be about three dozen. About 20 people are presumably under the rubble." (https://t.me/boris_rozhin/98145 )
  11. FPV drones vs. Turkish KIrpi MRAP https://t.me/uav_tech/20947
  12. To the fact that ethnic Armenians are overrepresented in Russian ruling elite, to the extent that Strelkov is complaining about Armenian clan? I do not remember any statements from Putin about that (not surprising, as he is usually staying clear of topics that may harm his pipularity or require some investment of "political capital") Article from 2021, when number of ethnic Armenians living in Russia surpassed population of Armenia "There are more Armenians in Russia than in Armenia — what to do with Armenia?! Question. If Armenians don't need their own country, and they want to live in Russia, (the majority), so join it to Russia — and that's it?! And then it turns out ugly. Spare Homeland. As a spare airfield for cheating husbands and wives. Over the past ten years, the Armenian Diaspora in Russia has multiplied, and there are 2.9 million Armenians in Russia, while there are about 2.8 million Armenians in Armenia. The creation of the Armenian autonomy is overdue. If not for one thing. Armenians don't want it themselves. It is more convenient for them to live among Russians. Armenians don't really want to live among Armenians either. Otherwise, they would not have left Armenia. Or they were returning to their historical homeland. But they are more comfortable in Russia among Russians. At the same time, even the criminal news shows how many Armenians there are in Russia. Yesterday, three bailiffs arrived at the <illegaly constructed> house of Vartan Kochyan, an elderly Armenian in his 60s, in Russia. For the demolition of his house. He opened fire on the employees. The deceased bailiffs are Makivasyan and Azyazyan. One Armenian managed to escape. Vartan Kochian walked around with an unregistered gun over the bodies. And was detained after a while. Russia. Yes. Sochi. (all names mentioned here are Armenian - RA) Amazing life hack. There is no need to fight with anyone. Moving the whole country to Russia. And you live among Russians, which is comfortable and convenient. Because Russians are kind and hospitable people. Well, everyone is welcome, of course. And after a while it is not quite clear where your country is and where Armenia is. Some [eople fear Chinese invasions. But other nations also choose Russia. But at the same time, the question arises, if the trend continues, what to do with Armenia in fact?! In another 10 years, there will already be 4 million Armenians in Russia, and 2 million in Armenia — the decline of Armenians there is obvious. They are leaving the country. Then there will be 10 million Armenians in Russia. And in Armenia — only a million. So, maybe, I repeat, if they don't need their own country, and they want to live in Russia, let's join it to Russia?! At the same time, I like Armenians. Not those who appear in the criminal chronicle, but those who live in Russia. I have an Armenian friend, and Garik Martirosyan, for example, is very sympathetic to me. He also lives in our country, but periodically there. It's as if they, the Russian Armenians, have a spare Homeland. At the same time, there is another interesting point. The population census is taking place several years ago. And young citizens who grew up in Armenian families in Russia, some of whom were born here, report that they are Russians. A documented fact. You can say anything during the census. That is, the father is Armenian. Mom is Armenian. Although often a Russian woman. The children are Russian. Do not belittle the importance of the "melting pot" of assimilation. This is the case in the USA and Europe — difficulties with assimilation, the country of emigrants and the wrong emigration policy when resettlement occurs by districts and regions. And in Russia, the culture is so powerful, apparently, that everyone turns into Russians in the next generation, which is facilitated by the mixing of bloodlines. Welcome, Armenians. It is wonderful that there are so many Armenians in Russia. But then what will we do with Armenia?!" ( https://ilyavaliev.livejournal.com/8919397.html?ysclid=lmvoh6rev3877254757 )
  13. Surprisingly, recently two Leopard tanks were scored on Svatovo direction ("Eastern front" or "Northern front") video Добивание «Ланцетом» танка Leopard 2A6, брошенного противником в ходе неудачной атаки ВСУ под Сватово-Кременной. | Labirint Z | Дзен (dzen.ru)
  14. May be it is not obvious to foreigners, so: Margarita Simonyan is ethnic Armenian.
  15. Have you seen my post above with TASS video of HQ damage? Isn't it not state media enough? What "official media" are really not saying is the fact the strike was by NATO missiles. The reason is simple - it will harm prospect os negotiations with West out elite is dreaming about. By the way, surprisingly, one of the hosts on "Soloviev Live" channel (of "Soloviev-the-Kremlin-propagandist" repeatedly mentioned here) is openly speaking about this party existence and their dreams https://t.me/SolovievLive/210835 "The attack on Sevastopol is a blow to a huge part of the Russian elite, which really set itself up to freeze the conflict in the autumn of this year. It was in the air. For many, this goal seemed almost achieved." Taking into account thsi guys always follow "party line" with all its twists and turns, it is indicative.
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