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  1. “Soviets are adversary, while enemy is Army”(c)US Admiral I do not remember the name of. I think the last thing Russian Navy would like to do is to idle in their bases while Army is staging the demonstration against possible conflict over Ukraine. They also want their piece of pie.
  2. How is the Donbass militias preparing, are they receiving new "donations"? – nothing about any new donations of heavy weapons (usually pro-Ukrainians know about them and create outcry in their media, but now they are happy celebrating new toys from UK and do not report any new weapons in Donbass). Mood about pro-Russians is mostly “We know it will be our last stand, let’s make enemy pay the price as high as possible – and hope Russia would avenge us”. After 7 years of trench war against superior enemy, it is hard to be cheerful optimist What is the atmosphere among normal people in that area? – it is complex question. Last year new program of economic recovery was initiated by new curator of regional economy, with plans to bring average income up to the level of Rostov Oblast (Rus region across the border). If successful, it will make the region the most prosperous among other regions of Ukraine, except mey be capital Kiev. But it is plans, so let’s wait and see. At least salaries are now paid, Russian citizenship provide many locals with unrestricted access to Rus job market etc. – so the mood is not so bad as it was two years ago/ How is the Ukrainian army preparing? – They are massing troops near contact line with Donbass (but not along Russian border as it seems logical if they really believe in inevitable Rus attack). is there a spirit of revenge? - They had it even before the war, as relations between East and West of Ukraine are traditionally uneasy. How much has it improved since 2014? - It is complex question. They are now way more experienced, trained by NATO advisors, got some new communication equipment and new toys like Javelins, sniper rifles etc. But at the same time they are now lower on light armor, their tanks, vehicles and artillery –in other words, Soviet legacy - are now worn out. Do they believe that Russia will directly intervene to save Donbass? – they will only attack if they believe Russia would not intervene. But they may be wrong (or may be fed with disinformation by Western politicians like it was in 2008 with Saakashvilli of Georgia) How is the atmosphere among ordinary people in the rest of Ukraine? – Far from enthusiastic, Zelensky lost his popularity, while Poroshenko have not gained any back…. How is the atmosphere among ordinary people in the rest of Russia. – People are mostly worried by covid and economy. Media is trying to keep them informed on recent developments, but we are consumer society now so not clear how successful this campaign is. How much are they willing to sacrifice to help the donbass? – Not known, it is a big IF, since our official line for years since 2014 was “Donbass will go back to Ukraine under Minsk agreements”. Could Putin survive politically if Russia does not intervene and the Ukrainian army suppresses the Donbass republics? – I do not think he would be able to manage this level of political trick. In case of conflict escalate. Can the Russian economy survive without gas supplies to Europe? - Yes, but it will be another structure of economy as result. Can Europe survive on US liquefied gas alone? -Yes, but it will be another Europe with lower living standards and less competitive economy.
  3. February is expected to be very tense this year - if weather turn cold in Ukraine (Feb is coldest month), it will be full scale energy crisis for both industry and population (due to local Gov neglected preparations for winter and they are running extremely low on coal and gas stocks). Quite likely lots of factories and infrastructure may be damaged beyond repair, and effectively it will be the last winter of Ukraine-the-industrial-country. Of course, weather is unpredictable, but there are strong reasons both for Western handlers to use Ukrainian army now, till it is still supported by some industry, and for local Gov to launch attack to distract public from their own failure. March may be too late as snow begin to melt and roads unusable. Next window for pro-Ukrainian attack is late April-early May, when snow already gone but leafs not grown. It is reasonable to keep Russian Army on high alert at that time.
  4. That is nice story, let’s look at it closer: 1) Your Grandfather and his comrades newer actually came to contact with Soviets. All they know about them was told to them by Germans who were guarding them, i.e. cam guards. Is it surprising that this guards were of very little desire to meet Soviets face to face, after what this guards were doing to both Soviet POWs and civilians for years? Note that timing is “late 1944”, time of rapid advance of Red Army so nobody was able to leave territories already liberated by Red Army and run ahead of mechanized columns to spread the world of what is happening there. So their actions are based on their personal expectations and German propaganda. 2) Isn’t it clear that Western POWs were very important for this camp guards, as they were both their ticket into so much desired Allied POW status and shield in case of being intercepted by Red Army. So it was very important to this guards to convince your Grandfather and his comrades to go with them, voluntarily and as fast as possible - not to shot them on the place, like it was often done with Soviet POWs in similar situations. So the story of your Grandfather is actually not about terrible Soviets, but about his German guards and German propaganda. And actually it is very much in line with Soviet accounts of this time – they were surprised to see completely empty towns with intact houses, and corpses of German refugees who froze to death on roads trying to outrun Soviet offensive. Re “l RAF Radar personnel whom escaped from those camps whom are believed to have fallen into Soviet hands” – it is “may be” story (equally possible is they just fell victims of numerous misfortunes of war). Below is real story of real person who was not afraid of Soviets (may be because he not followed his German guards but run away from them). https://roughdiplomacy.com/you-and-what-army-joseph-r-beyrle/ By the way what Georgia you mean – one the homeland of Stalin?
  5. Few pages back our Member from Estonia provided graphic description of Soviet Colonial empire brutality, expressed in providing priority supply of resources to population of “colonies”….. From the point of view of us backward barbarians you moved on from spraying bullets on Indians and Russians in early XX century to spraying bullets on Iraqis in early XXI century.
  6. Is it the same statue that was featured in “Night in museum”? https://youtu.be/VqwOsjZI9Jg There is popular idea in Russian social networks to start buying out this monuments Americans do not need anymore, to be installed in newly constructed residential areas in Russia that lacked historical monuments…. It is widely believed they are far better (and far cheaper to buy) than “modern art” created by contemporary artists.
  7. US or Britain and France back in 1933 were not quite the developed shiny Democracies they pretend to be now – they were colonial empires, and US in addition was apartheid state. Still, we see citizens of this democratic societies spreading bullets and bombs of local barbarians in XXI century the same way as they used to do it in XIX century. Your democracy, if it exists, is for your local consumption – and for US in Russia, Iraq, Afganistan etc. you are still the same.
  8. Actually I think Germans owe golden statue for political officers of Red Army for saving them. Looking back from 2022, I can’t imagine the efforts it took to convince Soviet soldiers not to eliminate population of Germany after seeing what they saw on territories liberated from Germans. Reality is by some miracle revenge cases were isolated and limited in scale – more over, regular Soviets were stopping Eastern Europeans revenge on Germans with something like “who are you to claim revenge, you have not suffered 1/10th of what we have seen and still we do not revenge them”.
  9. I think we have already debated this many pages ago when looking for definition of democracy some of our Members claimed to be best possible way of managing the society. Traditional democracy was “dictatorship of slave owners”, and I do not see how it is better than “dictatorship of the proletariat”
  10. Stastement from DNR MoD (Yandex-translation from https://dnr-news.com/oficialno/59133-zayavlenie-oficialnogo-predstavitelya-nm-dnr-o-podgotovke-ukrainy-k-nastupleniyu-v-donbasse.html ) The command of the People's Militia of the DPR records the preparation of units of the armed formations of Ukraine to unleash active hostilities in the Donbass. The developing situation is formed on the basis of the following intelligence information: - at the railway station of the settlement of Krasnoarmeysk (UKR. Pokrovsk), six units of multiple launch rocket systems "Smerch" and two MLRS "Hurricane" with cluster munitions were unloaded; - the last two weeks have marked the arrival in the zone of the so-called "joint forces operation" (in the areas of the settlements of Shumy, Marinka, Taramchuk and Chermalyk) of nationalist units of the Right Sector DUK, as well as snipers from the 74th reconnaissance battalion and the special forces of the SBU Alpha. The strengthening of the enemy's reconnaissance activity with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles is recorded along the entire contact line; - active replenishment of ammunition is being carried out at field artillery depots in the OOS zone, active supply of various ammunition to the warehouse in the area of the settlement of Dobropolye has been noted; - at the Anadol training ground on the basis of the 25th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intensive training of the RCBZ units is being carried out, in connection with which there is a possibility that the enemy will commit provocations using chemicals that were delivered to the settlements of Avdiivka and Krasny Liman at the end of 2021. Also recently, NATO countries have been actively transferring various weapons and military equipment to the territory of Ukraine. In the last few days alone, 9 C-17 aircraft have arrived from the UK, which delivered more than 460 tons of various lethal weapons, including about 2,000 NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers. NATO countries have repeatedly stated that all weapons supplied to Ukraine are not intended for use in the so-called "joint forces operation" zone. At the same time, the intelligence of the People's Militia of the DPR received reliable information about the arrival of a large batch of NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers designed to equip military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located on the line of contact. According to the information available to us, these anti-tank weapons will be used by assault groups of the 25th and 95th airborne brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called National battalions during the fighting to capture settlements of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Earlier, British military instructors had already prepared calculations for the use of these anti-tank grenade launchers. Their training took place at the 199th training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region. The transfer by the Ukrainian military command of NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers and other lethal weapons, the arrival of nationalist battalions on the line of contact once again confirms the fact that the Ukrainian army is preparing for active hostilities in the Donbass. We call on Western countries to stop the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine and force the Kiev authorities to implement the package of Minsk agreements.
  11. Two divisions of S-400 are on move from Khabarovsk region to Belorussia as part of exercises planned for February 2022. https://www.bfm.ru/news/491115
  12. The result was Bourgeois Democracy in its finest – with big business striving on military spending and workers movement suppressed (and, later, on exploiting occupied countries), small business also getting their share of war benefits, and wide public got their traditional demands (including, but not limiting to, anti-Semitism) met. I am Russian and I am old enough to remember old villagers tales of how enthusiastic where young German soldiers when killing and raping in poor Russian villages in the middle of nowhere – there was not Hitler who have done this, but good kids who back home were singing in church choirs and probably knew some Goethe lyrics by heart.
  13. BMP-4 with Winterketten https://youtu.be/MoZ7GH5Ol5Q
  14. Let me remind you your own words few lines above "No, Germany in action. They for one are scared at your threats to cut off the gas." So now it is not Russia who treatened, but Germany? By the way since German Chancellor threatened to cancel NS-2, will he do the same with NS-1? Or Russian Gas from NS-1 is less aggressive then from NS-2? Reality is, it is questin of time for US to ban commercial opereations with Russia (because of Ukraine, because of Iran, because of China, because of wrong party winning US elections or because of arctic pigeons - anything goes). This sanctions will make Germany unable to pay for Russian gas, and Russia will not supply iot for free, so Germany will loose this source of enegry.
  15. Germany is occupied country. Their ability for independent actions of this level are highly doubtful. Below is Yandex-translation of one of scenarios widely discussed on pro-Rus sites (this one is from Атакуют ли американцы Донбасс? - Червонец Андрюха — ЖЖ (livejournal.com) ) I see such a chain of events: 1) Since the end of October, the West has been actively rocking global hysteria in the information field. For example, in early November, the Americans announced the discovery of a cluster of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine. Well, how is it near the Ukrainian border? Almost near Moscow, in the Smolensk region near Yelnya, 350 km from the borders of Ukraine by railway and highways. If the Americans had not found a group there that covers the western direction from the Russian capital, "they would have found it in the Urals, not in the Urals, but in Kamchatka. Americans don't understand geography anyway. 2) At the end of November, Western politicians began a friendly howl that "Russia is about to attack Ukraine at the end of winter." This howl was in the common piggy bank of their propaganda and information warfare. At the same time, the West began to declare the West's rejection of "red lines" on the part of Russia, primarily regarding the expansion of NATO and about Ukraine. 3) In December, the Russian side announced the availability of data on the preparation of a chemical provocation in the Donbas. The scheme is worked out, in the West they like such, but therefore predictable. In the Syrian Duma, they carried out a provocation despite the fact that Russia announced in the UN Security Council two weeks ago that Syrian militants controlled by the Americans were preparing for it. However, we can hope that Western provocateurs are not using such a scenario now, since Russia already knows about it - a great risk for Western curators to be caught red-handed in this case. 4) In December, there was increased attention from the Western media, which has not been seen since 2014 and attempts by the largest Western news agencies to be accredited in the DPR. Among those were NBC News (USA) Sky News (Britain), CBC Radio-Canada (Canada), Financial Times (Britain), Associated Press (USA). Of course, they need accreditation to show events in the Donbas, and especially future events, in the "right angles". 5) Now Western politicians continue to talk about the same stupidity: "Russia is about to attack, Russia is about to attack." This is the creation of an information channel for pressure on Russia before the attack of cannon fodder in the face of the Ukrovermacht, on Donetsk and Lugansk. With such statements, Washington and Kiev will try to solve one of several goals: a) scare Russia with sanctions, warn it to intervene at the moment when the APU launches an attack in the Donbass, This will give the ukrovermacht a chance to win and reset the Minsk agreements-2 b) or, if Russia is still forced to intervene to counter the punitive operation of the ukrovermacht, try to win another bet - to realize its age-old dream by pushing the Ukrainian and Russian armies with their foreheads, as well as force Europeans in general and Germany in particular to join the sanctions on the Nord Stream -2. 6) Preparations for the operation by Kiev and Washington, if not at the final stage, then at a very advanced level. The UK continues to actively supply weapons to Ukraine. The fourth C-17A in a day does not have time to unload in Kiev and go back, as the fifth Ukrainian Express is already coming towards him from the Brize Norton airbase. It's just strange how neatly British planes circle Germany. Ten reconnaissance aircraft of foreign states conducted reconnaissance in the Russian direction from the Baltic to the Black Sea regions today. 7) Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrives in Kiev on January 19 to personally talk to the aborigines and give them final orders on their further actions. At the same time, he will give Zelensky a stick so that he does not waste time on confrontation with Poroshenko at such a crucial moment, so as not to disrupt the operation. On January 20, Blinken flies to Germany, where he meets with the newly minted German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, a co-founder of the Green Party and an opponent of Nord Stream 2. Here, it seems, they will also check the clock and talk about things that cannot be talked about even over secure communication lines. TTo is about the preparation of Kiev's punitive operation in the Donbas and the coordination of mutual actions. 😎 Towards the end of January - at the beginning of February, NATO members will give a hard-won written response to Russia's proposals on mutual security guarantees. The answer will be as vague as possible and, in the traditions of Western politics, about nothing - general phrases, assurances and no specifics. 9) On February 4, the Olympic Games begin in Beijing. China will be focused on hosting the Games and will not interfere in anything at least until they are over. 10) In the first days of the Olympics, we expect provocations from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and an attack by the armed forces of Ukraine on the DPR and LPR. Let's see how much this forecast turns out to be true, but I would really like to be wrong Washington will definitely make a final decision on Ukraine no earlier than the end of January, various new events and factors, including weather, may still play a role. In many ways, all this may be influenced by Russia's reaction and actions to the expected written refusal of NATO to the proposals of the Russian side on mutual security guarantees. However, the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the information pumping by Western politicians, numerous false accusations against Russia, the running around the world of top American diplomats, the work of Western countries with their embassies in anticipation of escalation, indicates that the order was given to Kiev. The process has been launched by the Americans and it is already difficult to stop it, since the inertia of this process is great. But still, it is still possible to stop it.
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