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  1. Pro-Ukr MTLB running after being hit untill being stopped by obstacle - i used to read in WWII memoirs about simmilar cases with T-34
  2. Video of (reportedly) two M777 guns on position hit by MLRS. Note relatively big distance between guns
  3. Even pto-Ukrainians are not saying that, and it looks like advance to Krasny Liman was extremely costly for them as they stepped out of SAM umbrella and big citiee into the area where RusAF and artillery tool a heavy tall on them (but sue to relatively forested landscape were still not able to stop them as Rus forses are short of infantry to hold the ground). Maeanwhile fresh video from Kherson front where at least some of pro-Ukrainian battle groups run into trouble
  4. I wonder what ultra-patriotic pro-Russian sites you are reading since the ones i am reading are msotly like "isn't it what we were saying in vain for 8 years since 2014?" Below is Yandex-translated example, written by my friend who is now serving in LNR militia (Original in Ris here Бойцовый кот Мурз's Journal (livejournal.com)) Now, when something not very secret has become quite obvious, two texts are being replicated on telegram and the Internet in general. The author of the second, as a lady, has some priority, so first I published a short answer to it on my channel. Actually, the source text of Anastasia. ( Collapse ) anastasia I will repeat here my answer from the telegram. Nastenka, calm down. Yes. They have stolen, sold, attributed, lied. Because the social package, early retirement, mortgage and kids need to be attached. Yes, 70% of our Russian army are complete untrainable morons. Yes, our army has been living in a deeply echeloned lie for decades, with which it is fenced off from itself and from society. Yes, everything will be God's dew for these fish eyes, do not doubt. The innocent will be punished, the uninvolved will be rewarded. Because our army is a collection of clans and mafias fighting for bread places.The three main types are the caretaker, foreman and watchman. Everyone knows this, multi-page reports have been written about it. Including me personally. Nobody gave a shit. And there's nothing you can do about it. They are untrainable. Calm down. In the comments on my channel, three interesting remarks happened to this answer. Svetlana: "And then how to win? Under whose leadership?" Ruslan: "Why the fuck should she calm down, Murz? It's up to you all to freak out like her." Dmitry Sedov: "If that's the case, why participate at all and prolong the agony? There is no victory in spite of it, this is a perestroika myth" I'll start with the answer to Ruslan. Ruslan, here in the Donbass, in the People's Militia Corps of the LPR and the DPR, since the reformation of the People's Militia of Donbass into these very Corps, everyone has long since gone mad a hundred times, asked themselves and each other a hundred times all the questions that Anastasia asks, fortunately there were reasons for exactly the same questions for these the years are many. We learned to get out of hopeless situations, learned to quietly put the brakes on the idiocy of the authorities and fight the right way. We learned to appreciate the few military professionals who came here from the Russian Federation, exchange experience, and maintain contacts with them even after the end of their deployment. The fact that Anastasia and millions of people in Russia together with her realize and "digest" only now, people here have understood and realized for a long time, have learned how to work with everything at the same time and even win in places. And, if there were chances that these small victories would be prevented by the "advisers" who came hunting for new titles and awards, people simply took with them a few fighters before the fight at the command post, with whom they ate a 16 kilos of salt together - "If the those tourists ger frightened and say to throw ours - on my command, put their muzzles on the floor and lead to the basement. The fight will end, we will complete the task - we will release them and as if nothing had happened. Let them receive awards." It is, of course, very impressive Alva performed with Carlyon, but it's in the books, it's necessary according to the plot. Life is not always so beautiful. Actually, this is the beginning of the answer to Dmitry. Let's define, Dmitry, what we want. Do we want to win or lose? Or we just want everything to be simple, clear, here and now. I will disappoint you - everything is immediately simple and clear here and now does not even happen in books, otherwise they would be uninteresting. I do not know who "prolongs the agony". Since May 2014, when I came to the war for the first time, I want to win it. And already, probably, the whole Internet knows what I faced then, with what kind of finished scum, looters, bandits and executioners sent from the Russian Federation as a "help" to the Militia (I'll tell you in detail somehow, otherwise the story has grown over eight years with enchanting fairy tales in the absence of a direct link to a detailed account of events. By the way, there is some legal reason for this.) Then, in May 2014, looking at my purple-colored stiff fingers and the same color left shin with a scar from the rope after the crucifixion, I had a reason to say "If Russia sent scum and looters instead of helping Donbass, then why prolong the agony? Russia - that's it, it's over." But I still wanted to win the war. I was hurt to tears that the Motherland sent such a finished scum as Kozitsyn to the holy cause, but I wanted to win. And I'm not the only one. I knew a man who came to fight very far away, who in 2014-2015 was "put in the basement" five times for absurd reasons, who each time lost everything he had, and, nevertheless, continued to fight. Eight years have passed, eight years of war, deaths, tears, deceived expectations and hopes of ordinary people, but the stubborn Donbass people have achieved their goal - they are now officially Russia again. And they still want to win, although it is probably obvious to an intelligent person from the outside that this is an "extension of agony". After the hellish "mobilization" without armor, with steel helmets and "mosinki", with frostbitten feet, after a huge number of combat episodes, having survived each of which, only one, many people would despair and say that well, what the hell to prolong this agony. We don't want to "prolong the agony." We want to win. We think what needs to be done for this, and we do. Everyone is in their place. Calmly, without nerves and unnecessary emotions. "How then to win? Under whose leadership?" I have repeatedly written how. Open the best book about the current moment, the series "Reflections of Eterna" by Vera Viktorovna Kamshi, everything is written there. "Trust the tenents. They are omnipotent." And in conclusion of this lengthy night monologue, I will tell you about a man who is now many times worse off than any of us. Even worse than the fighters who came out of the abandoned Liman, during the defense of which their comrades died. A person feels the full horror of the situation, felt it for years, when it was obvious to no one outside of Donbass, but he can't do anything. Nothing at all. While. Served in the "Ghost" fighter, a simple guy from Bryanka. He came to fight at the very beginning in 2014, after the death of Mozgovoy, he moved from the "Ghost" to the sapper company of one of the brigades of the LPR NM. In 2016, in the summer, he was blown up by an antipersonnel mine, stood on a prosthesis. He returned to the service, really fought, happily escaping in the spring "to the fields" from office work at the first opportunity. He took Rubezhnoye, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk. He cleared minefields, demolished the fortifications of the AFU by "Gorynych". When we brought him a batch of comfortable collapsible sapper hools from Mikhail from the "Russian Kulibins" for the first time, he grabbed me for joy-hugged me and lifted me off the ground. A man on a prosthetic entire ankle. He is more than a hundredweight and I am even more. So we agreed with him that we would buy modern metal detectors for his sappers through the KTSPN. Here they are, metal detectors, with the 105th load of KTSPN arrived. I'm calling. The man says - OK, I'll tell our people, they'll stop by. I can't do it myself now, in the hospital. What is it? Are you sick or have a cold? No. Blown up. With a healthy leg. A short silence on the phone. A quiet, calm, confident voice. "So I will learn to walk on two prosthetics." Probably, it is necessary to reach out and kill me and all such people like this guy from Bryanka, so that we stop "prolonging the agony". Otherwise, we can suddenly win. Perhaps the pro-Ukrainians even has enough "Haimars" for this. Let's see.
  5. This is ancient conflict rooted hundreds of years into history, and all this videos are indicstion that all this talks about civilization etc. are just empty airwaves, people are still the same as they were. The only difference is now they got shiny nice smartphones to film and share their achievements in killing other people.
  6. Political decision to leave Afghanistan IMHO was based on two facts: 1) General failure of Western armoes there to acieve initial goals set by politicians. Not only insurgency was not defeated - but Western troops became de-facto hostages in their sandbag bastions surrounded by hostile envirionment and badly dependent on supply by dangerous roads or by air; 2) Prospects of Ukrainian Army operation against Donbass (with general aim to cause political change in Russia as Russian public was expected to aust "Putin" after this humiliating defeat and open the way for even more pro-Western Gov) was grave danger to this hostage forces in A-stan as even limited supply of modern MANPADS and ATGMs would have made this sandbag fortresses deathtraps. So the forces were pulled out, but it was result of their initial failure to become not hostages but masters of the country.
  7. I would call it civilian control and civil society in action, the rise of one i have allready described. Next to all pro-Rus bloggers have reposted Kadyrov, others wrote own comments: State Duma deputy, former. Commander of the 58th Army, Reserve Lieutenant General, Andrey Gurulev: "THE PROBLEM IS IN THE GENERAL LIES" "I fully agree with Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov (https://t.me/mig41/20956 ) in this part. The problem is not that the commander of the grouping of the Central Military District incorrectly assessed the situation. The problem is the general lies, the report of a good environment. This system goes from top to bottom. We did not know the number of forces and means that were advancing on the Estuary? If they didn't know, where was the intelligence? The 144th Division worked perfectly there, the army aviation worked perfectly, the artillery did not stop working at all. The whole problem is not on the ground, but on the Frunzenskaya embankment, where they still do not understand, do not own the situation. We need our own Kvashnin, who gave commands, wrote a directive, went to the trench to the soldier to see how his task was being performed. That is why we have successfully completed the Second Chechen campaign. Until something completely different appears in the General Staff, nothing will change. Everything else is a consequence of the policy pursued from there."
  8. Actually Liman was initially defended only by handful of volunteer units who managed to stop the initial momentum of pro-Ukrainian offencive and converted it into slow process of grinding through forests and rivers under heavy strikes of Russian artillery and aviation, that inflicted heavy losses on pro-Ukrainians and depleting their reserves. That is what Strelkov wrote about it on Sep, 30 (not forgetting to kick top brass and political leaders). By the way note he allready got 655k subscribers on his channel https://t.me/strelkovii/3401 So, what's going on under Liman? - Based on the aggregate of indirect data, we can say that Liman is surrounded. It is not clear yet whether it is a complete encirclement or operational, but - at least - all roads to the city are either intercepted by the enemy or are under direct fire. Frankly speaking, considering from the side the (forced) defensive operation of our troops in the Liman-Yampol-Drobyshevo area, I initially assumed that it was of a "deterrent" nature. That is, the enemy - advancing in a SECONDARY DIRECTION (for us) and spending reserves here to achieve a more "media" than decisive military result - was initially restrained by not the most combat-ready units (volunteer reserve units without heavy weapons) with only one goal - to give him these reserves to spend and gain time, for which the main forces of 20- the 1st combined arms army will be able to recover after a heavy defeat at Balakleya-Kupyansk-Izyum, replenish mobilized and strengthen on new frontiers east of the Estuary. I also assumed that the enemy was conducting an "auxiliary" (or even distracting) offensive under the Liman, masking their supposed main blow on the Zaporozhye front, as well as trying to divert our reserves from there. Actually, I still consider this danger quite probable, because - unlike the Estuary area - the enemy's breakthrough somewhere under the Canopies or south of Ugledar threatens with the collapse of the front and the threat of encirclement of our entire Kherson group, the enemy's access to the Crimean Isthmuses and - as a result - to the strategic defeat of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with unpredictable general consequences. Why did I think and still think that the rigid retention of Liman area is very difficult for us, and its surrender is not critical? Because: - in the conditions of the continued general superiority of the enemy in manpower by 3-4 times - his offensive combat operations in wooded and heavily rugged terrain a-priori can and will be successful. With no superiority in artillery and aviation (not so significant), it is completely impossible to fend off the constant pressure of enemy infantry groups with a lack of their own infantry in such conditions; - The capture of Liman area (only Liman - it's not about Svatovo, for example) - does not give the enemy further strategic development. The maximum is operational and tactical, nothing more. In such conditions, our troops could be tasked with holding the area for as long as possible and inflicting maximum losses on the enemy, but not for a tough defense. From here - having received information about the abandonment of Drobyshevo and Yampol by our units - I assumed that our troops were being pulled out of the resulting "bag" in order to further organize the evacuation of the Liman itself. I would have done that. But now let's move on to what we have at the moment in reality: and we have at least an operational (or even complete - I don't have exact data) ENVIRONMENT. Which is being urgently tried to break through from the outside. (And the enemy - one must think - is also not sitting idly by and pounding on the unblocking forces from all available long-range weapons. With corresponding losses). So that's why the departure from the Liman was not secured in advance by entering sufficient forces into the "corridor" to hold it and cover the departure - I have no answer to that. Therefore, completely reject the thesis of uv. Andrey "Murz" about betrayal - I can't. But still, with a higher degree of probability, I assume IMPENETRABLE CRETINISM AND UNPROFESSIONALISM OF THE COMMAND. Unrecoverable in conditions when no one is responsible for all the numerous and regularly recurring failures, except for outright "switchmen". I sincerely hope that our units that have been encircled in Liman (there are, in general, a few of them - both in armament and in personnel number) will be quickly unblocked and successfully withdrawn. Otherwise, a relatively insignificant operational and tactical defeat will turn into a colossal moral blow to our army and, conversely, into a huge moral success for the AFU.
  9. Meanwhile Kadyrov is levereging his newly gained political positions to ride the wave of public enger against MoD top brass and openly name people responsible for problems of Northern front in his Telegram channel with 2.77mln subscribers (source https://t.me/RKadyrov_95/2911 ) I have always said: there is nothing better than the voiced truth, even bitter, insulting, but the truth. This is the only way to move forward. Therefore, I cannot remain silent about what happened in the Krasny Liman. The defense of this area was led by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin. The same Lapin who received the Hero of Russia star for the capture of Lisichansk, although de facto he was not even there. Lapin was also subordinated to the troops of the Western Military District. The Colonel-General deployed mobilized fighters from the LPR and other units at all the frontiers of the Liman direction, but did not provide them with the necessary communication, interaction and ammunition supply. Two weeks ago, Major General commander of the Akhmat special forces, my dear BROTHER Apty Alaudinov, personally reported to me that our fighters could become an easy target. In turn, I informed the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov about the danger. But the general assured me that he did not doubt Lapin's generalship talent and did not believe that a retreat was possible in the Krasny Liman and its surroundings. A week later Lapin moved his headquarters to Starobilsk, a hundred kilometers from his subordinates, and he was holed up in Lugansk. How can units be managed quickly, being 150 km away from them? Due to the lack of basic military logistics, today we have left several settlements and a large area of territory. It's not a shame that Lapin is a talentless person. And the fact that he is being covered up by the leaders at the General Staff. If I had my way, I would demote Lapin to a private, deprive him of awards and send him to the front line with a machine gun in his hands to wash away his shame with blood. Army nepotism will not lead to good. In the army, it is necessary to appoint as commanders people of firm character, brave, principled, who worry about their fighters, who tear their teeth for their soldier, who know that a subordinate cannot be left without help and support. There is no place for nepotism in the army, especially in difficult times. Didn't we have enough in Izum? Even then I said: shoot at the enemy's military cluster in the Izum captured by the Nazis, especially since our artillery at that time had such an opportunity. They would have done away with the main Satanists and fascists at once. We should conduct our own in the full sense of the word, and not flirt. Use any opportunity and any weapon to defend OUR territory. Donetsk is still being shelled. Residents of the joined 4 territories want to be protected. I do not know what the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, but in my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law in the border territories and the use of low-power nuclear weapons. It is not necessary to make every decision with an eye to the Western American community - it has already said and done a lot against us. Yesterday there was a parade in Izyum, today the flag is in the Liman, and tomorrow what? Everything would be fine if it wasn't so bad.
  10. It is another sign of political changes: popular pro-Russian bloggers (including Vladlen Tatarsky who could be hardly described as "Pro-Kremlin blogger" as he is strongly anti-Western and anti-elite) were invited to the ceremony.
  11. Pro-Rus sources report forces were withdrawn from Liman overnight (they were relatively small and pro-Ukrainians somehow managed not to notice this withdrawl, only started to slowly move in in the morning).
  12. Better illustration of the new position of Plywood Marchal in Russian politics.
  13. It is not billboard but LCD screen, very quick to adopt
  14. Taking into account the square might be targered by drone, Himars or Tichka-U any moment, isn't it strange there are no mass crowds?
  15. Last time it was called "cordon sanitaire" created after Western involvement in previous Rus Civil War failed to provide desired results.... Nothing new is new.
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