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  1. bump This was designed much later, but it is sort of like some of the ideas I had. darn...can't upload.. http://www.twitt.org/BLUMENTHAL.htm#JERRYDREAMS it is quite a ways down the page, aimed at the Marines as a FAC, I guess. sort of a simplified (?) flying flapjack... Another idea was a Flying flapjack with swing wingtips.
  2. how about taking one of the medium bombers like the B-25 and instead of putting a 75mm cannon on it, put for instance 2 or 3 x M4 (M9? )or NS37mm guns firing to the front plus the two .50 caliber packet guns on the sides of the fuselage? I would think it would have been significantly more useful overall than the 75mm armed B-25. oh well... I guess I just like the A-10 too mucn.
  3. Or maybe we haven't heard all the true details? A fleeing terrorist killed while trying to make a break for it is a different issue.
  4. iirc someone recommended a Brasseys book if I wanted to know more about the numbers that would be needed for dimensions and weights... Maybe I'll stick with sci-fi Wild assed guesses.
  5. Yes, much like a reveersed UDES-XX and current ones cannot separate.
  6. I would still love to see what could be done with a vehicle of this basic configuration, with the front having a 3 or 4 man crew and armed and armored more or less as a light tank/well protected recce vehicle, and the rear being interchangeable modules for anything from flatbed cargo to artillery. Make the whole thing a hybrid drive, and have the connection be a relatively simple quick release electrical connection. Put auxiliary power unit in the rear if the module adds significant weight. This would help keep the overall power to weight ratio and manueverability up. If the front portion suffers engine damage, the apu in the rear might be able to provide enough power to limp it home... I really need to draw my idea up for grits and shins. What is a generally accepted volume for a crewman under armor? Wasn't there a Brasseys book on Armored vehicle design? I have never been able to locate a copy, iirc. then there is price... maybe inter library loan?
  7. The questions about caseless ammo are why I think they should concentrate on the polymer cased telescoped ammo. Not quite as small or light, but already in test firing, and supposedly doing well. That fall back alternate using the straight brass case looked good too. If I were making the decisions I would probably work with the Polymer or evolved conventional (in addition to the smaller case from that one, I have seen references to a significant weight savings due to the use of thinner stainless steel cases, also demonstrated) and put the caseless version on the back burner. I am curious how they work a gas seal on the chamber and maintain it as the weapon wears. I would be a tiny bit leary of gas leakage as a fully automatic caseless rifle wears. Maybe it is a no brainer to fix. I have seen no detailed info on the mechanisms for the LSAT weapon.
  8. interesting brochure. While I don't really believe it is a practical change now, I tend to think it should have been fielded at the time of its development. Perhaps it did not offer enough of an advantage (the ability to outrange Soviet naval and shore guns seems to me to have been of at best arguable importance even then, Nice but...) but I would think that it would have been easier to develop successful guided projectiles in 8" than in either 155mm or 127mm. At 12 rpm, that isn't a HUGE drop from 20 rpm from the 5" 54cal. Probably made up for by the much larger bang per shell. A 5 or 6 inch subcaliber shell should have been fairly easy to develop for extreme range capability. At 260 lbs, an 8" shell could probably carry the same amount of HE as a 155mm shell and a rocket booster that weighed more than a 5" shell does... an 8" proximity fused anti aircraft round? oh well, if wishes were horses all beggers would fly.
  9. It might, I suppose. Hmm, 3x M9 37mm cannons? Though they would not have had the HE effect of a single 75mm shell, I would think they would be FAR more likely to hit, and have a pretty good chance of setting fires due to the multiple small explosions... Hmm Here Mr. Tank come to papa!
  10. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, two movies that will imo enshrine Mel Brooks name in the Comedy All star hall of Fame!!!
  11. the burnellis style midsection was actually a spinoff idea. I was mostly trying to fill a gap similar to what Tony Williams posted as a proposed British aircraft. A more practical idea might be something evolved from the F5F/F50 but less advanced than the much later Tigercat. Speccing 6x.50 calibers was really pushing my own conception. Given the proposed Time Frame, 2x .50 and 2x.30 or 4x.50 would probably be more reasonable. I was hoping that semi conformal carriage of weapons would allow a little more speed/range for a given aircraft size and weapons load. one of the ideas I had was something with a lifting body center section similar to the Burnelli designs, but I was thinking of scaling it down a bit, unless I am misremembering the dimensions... Hmm, looking at those links... It looks like the X-BAB-3 is closer than most, though it is larger than I was thinking of, I believe. I had read a bit about the B1000 and B2000 concepts, but had not heard of the X-BAB-3. Do you (or anyone) have any other data other than the projected speed? I read through the PDF on that site, but... Are the authors of the site paranoid Conspiracy hacks, or do their claims stand up??? theprojected specs of the Burnelli planes certainly SOUND good...
  12. Any case of Hemmorhagic Fever gives me the heebie Jeebies. When my Mom was just out of Nursing school, she got a job in the Panama Canal Zone (My dad was in the Army, go figure). One of the Doctors there had contracted a Hemmorhagic Fever while trying to treat a patient with it. She has only mentioned it I think twice, in my 43 years. The second time was when I asked about it after the first time.
  13. Maybe I am misunderstanding the effects of the DIME "cloud", but my understanding is that the "microscopic fragmentation" has the effect of seriously increasing the concussion effect within the immediate area. I don't think it is acting like fragmentation per se, more increasing the density of the expanding gasses, like a shock wave in water instead of air. I could, of course, be wrong. I am no physicist.
  14. yet another interesting bit about the Bronco! i have been wondering for some time what could be done with a Bronco converted to Unmanned operation... oh well, silly idea. though there might be limited potential.
  15. My goal in an alternate timeline would basically be to have a 300+ mph "attack Fighter" in squadron service before Pearl Harbor. I was thinking maybe pilot and observer/navigator, or single pilot. I would prefer it to have the capability to grow further... So for instance if It could carry for Instance 6 x.50 caliber, and one aerial torpedo on 2x1000 hp engines, there would be growth capabilty as 1200 hp and larger engines became more available. The initial version might have 2000lb bomb capacity as an alternate payload. If I had my druthers, at least most of the guns would be in a pallet that could be removed and replaced by cameras or different guns. I would like to see the torpedo and or bombs in at least a semi-conformal carry, for reduced drag. A full internal bomb bay would probably be beyond the scope of the concept. By say mid 42, a version with 2x 1250 hpr engines, 3x20mm cannons and 2x .50 caliber (Of course, 4x 20mm would be acceptable ...), and either one torpedo, two "Tiny Tim" analogue rockets, or comparable bomb load should be coming along. I should get back to those doodles I was working on, now where did I put my "Janes fighting aircraft of WWII?" As to blending the wing, body, and nacelles, I have been wondering whether enough could be done with fiberglass to reduce the overall drag on the aircraft. though I still wonder about a lifting body center section between nacelles, housing cockpit, weaponry, and significant fuel...
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