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  1. Fauci wasn't the only one to lie. Trump said it would be gone in 2 weeks and when the weather got warmer.
  2. We haven't reached anywhere the level US cops have. Another dead US citizen by cop near Minneapolis.
  3. If you were a person of colour would you pull over in a dark area for the cops?
  4. Maybe the heavies could have been used during the German attack during the B of the Bulge as the mediums and FB a/c couldn't.
  5. There was trouble with a church in Aylmer ON.
  6. Not the first time, Edmonton-area pastor arrested, charged after repeatedly ignoring COVID-19 rules | Globalnews.ca
  7. No tag/license plate. He did have a temporary one taped to the vehicle which the cops failed to see.🙄
  8. Not just that Rick but there was those that had to clear the rubble and fix the damage done. Iirc it was over 1 million persons.
  9. Oil campaign of World War II - Wikipedia Oil campaign chronology of World War II - Wikipedia
  10. Major Strategical Flaw of World War 2: Failure to Target Germany's Electrical Power Grid The German electrical power grid of the 1930's-1940's era. The German power system, except for isolated raids, was never a target during the air war. An attack was extensively debated during the course of the war. It was not undertaken partly because it was believed that the German power grid was highly developed and that losses in one area could be compensated by switching power from another. This assumption, detailed investigation by the Survey has established, was incorrect. The German elect
  11. Nephew is a cop and this is what he said: The cop escalated the situation. He could have told the guy why he was pulled over and then said get out of the car.
  12. The cop was being a jerk, racial profiling. He did put on his 4 ways and was looking for a safe place to pull over.
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