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  1. You mean the 1/3 he convinced there was voter fraud.
  2. I think the indigenous peoples of the Americas would disagree with your comment.
  3. Has anyone read Mary Trump's book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  4. Spitfire Vb (EN830/NX-X) fell into German hands late in 1942. On November 18th while being flown by P/O Bernard Sheidhauer of the Free French Air force, attached to 131 “County of Kent” Sqn RAF, he and his No.1 P/O Henri de Bordas had been on a “rhubarb” (an RAF World War II code name for operations by aircraft seeking opportunity targets). Making land fall at St Aubin sur Mer they picked up and followed the Caen to Cherbourg railway attacking several targets along the way. During the mission they were met by flak and purposely avoided Carentan because of the concentration of flak in
  5. I see that TBS has started.🙂
  6. You mean that damage control speech prepared by someone else and read by Trump?
  7. Maybe it was on another board, was a long time ago, but it went into much more detail on the a/c. I couldn't find it but didn't look that hard.
  8. He made lots of noise about a so called rigged election and the pineapple patriots of the Mango Mussolini eat it up. He could have made more noise about repairing the voting system. But like everything he did, it was half assed.
  9. Who is to say that our known universe is not a universe inside a bigger universe, like a cell inside a body.
  10. Rick, you didn't comment on my God is alien post.
  11. And both times he lost the popular vote. Old saying: tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
  12. The Hal Far Fighter Flight was a British fighter unit formed during the Siege of Malta in 1940. For several weeks, the island of Malta was protected by a small force of Gloster Sea Gladiator biplane fighters, based at RAF Hal Far, which was also known as the Fleet Air Arm station HMS Falcon. The flight is the source of the myth that only three aircraft, named Faith, Hope and Charity formed the fighter cover for the island. In fact, six aircraft were operational, though not always at the same time; others were used for spare parts. The names Faith, Hope and Charity were applied to the aircraft
  13. TWO SPACEMEN - THE PROPHET ENOCH and THE PROPHET ELIJAH. The bible tells us that God took away the Prophet Enoch from Planet Earth. The Book of Hebrews specifically elaborates upon this, as Enoch is an important prophet, as Jude (commonly believed to be the physical brother of Jesus) mentions an End Time prophecy by him. The same thing happened to the prophet Elijah, who was taken up in a chariot of fire. In the ascension into heaven Jesus appears to have done the same thing. BIBLE SPACEMEN | faroutro (wixsite.com) God is an alien?
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