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  1. Rasmussen, a right of center pollster. Worst Trump 02-Aug-17 38% Approval Biden 27-Sep-21 40% Approval
  2. I would have thought one of the British members of this Grate Site would have mentioned the outnumbered RN defeat of the Spanish/French fleet on this day in 1805.
  3. What else would you expect from sunday?
  4. So when does it sink into the sea?
  5. What if he goes berserker if he is out of jail? He is dyeing so might as well become a martyr to the cause.
  6. Well he could change the names and the country. Trump Putting U.S. in 'Really Big Trouble,' Says His Ex-National Security Adviser (msn.com)
  7. That wood working is not that difficult but the rigging is definitely difficult.🙂
  8. Ohio police probed after man screaming 'I'm paraplegic' dragged from car Ohio police probed after man screaming 'I'm paraplegic' dragged from car - BBC News Bodycam footage shows officers stopping Clifford Owensby in Dayton, Ohio, last month and asking him to step out of his car so they can search it for drugs. Mr Owensby, 39, refuses, saying he does not have use of his legs. The officers insist he must get out and then pull him from the vehicle by his hair and arms as he calls for help. The Dayton Police Department says it is now investigating the incident that took place on 30 September. Authorities say the officers stopped Mr Owensby because he was driving away from a house suspected of hosting involvement in drugs. Police say they found a bag of cash containing $22,450 (£16,500) in the car.
  9. The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, military salaries, interest on the national debt, tax refunds, and other payments. The debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments. It simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have made in the past. Failing to increase the debt limit would have catastrophic economic consequences. It would cause the government to default on its legal obligations – an unprecedented event in American history. That would precipitate another financial crisis and threaten the jobs and savings of everyday Americans – putting the United States right back in a deep economic hole, just as the country is recovering from the recent recession. Congress has always acted when called upon to raise the debt limit. Since 1960, Congress has acted 78 separate times to permanently raise, temporarily extend, or revise the definition of the debt limit – 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents. In the coming weeks, Congress must act to increase the debt limit. Congressional leaders in both parties have recognized that this is necessary.
  10. I am a member of several Fb groups and their BIG no-no is politics. Politics will get you the boot/PNG real quick.
  11. Sort of. Get a Query Error message but close and is OK. Still some other glitches tho.
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