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  1. Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been open about his lifelong struggle with stuttering. “It’s a debilitating situation,” Biden said at a February event. “And I still occasionally, when I find myself really tired, catch myself (stuttering).” Joe Biden’s history of stuttering sheds light on the condition | UCLA Health Connect
  2. More dementia crap. nit, you should know how a person with a stutter talks.
  3. Well, the USA just closed the border for another month while Canada looks to opening up the border. Canada seems, for now at least, to have a handle on controlling the covid, which can't be said for the USA.
  4. The closure does not affect essential travel, such as crossing the border for work or for the transportation of goods. It does not affect supply chains. When travelling for essential work into the U.S., there is no self-isolation requirement. "Non-essential travel" includes tourism and travel that is recreational in nature, according to U.S. Homeland Security. "Essential travel" includes critical infrastructure support, economic services and supply chains, health, immediate medical care, and safety and security. U.S. citizens, permanent residents and those with valid travel documents are permitted to travel into the U.S. from Canada.
  5. What is this Democratic Fascism as Fascism is Right and Democrat is Left?
  6. USAF pilot, Mark Postai, had been killed in an attempted ejection from a MiG-23 in 1982.
  7. Monkeypox: More than 200 contacts tracked in US for rare disease (yahoo.com)
  8. If they were Republicans I could understand them lying. One just have to look at the stats of Dems and Repubs being vaccinated.
  9. Trump fired people he didn't want to listen to.
  10. The driver of the green and blue boat is a young woman as is the winner.
  11. So have some NY Yankees. Getting the vaccine doesn't mean you won't get covid as the vaccine isn't 100%. It does mean the covid won't be as bad as if one had no vaccine.
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