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  1. I´m not pinning. The grip was about Stuarts usual exaggeration - this one " better to live in shit pile slum than DDR "
  2. it is also not correct to say "they didn´t know any better" as if they were too stupid or complacent etc. They capable of thought, and could assess their situation even with minimal outside information.
  3. " Bottom line : DDR life was not as bad/oppressive as you present it here, and better than shit pile as you claim. " I didn´t say " Not bad or oppressive. " . I said " was not as bad/oppressive." I don´t need a 2000 video reproduction of DDR police etc. I saw them enough at various border crossings to know what arses they were.
  4. " And im sure you are right, but of course, they didnt know any better. Yes they knew better - by various means. Any that lived before the DDR would have been living in a fascist dictatorship. It was certainly good compared to that, compared to West Germany? Not so much. Not as good as West Germany but much better than shitpile somewhere Ive read that the most common refrain among Osties were that you could live a perfectly normal life there in the DDR. But what does that mean? Was it normal to have everyone (and it was damn near everyone) informing on everyone else, untrue, not everyone al
  5. oh, I´m almost sure that about 100% of former DDR lers - of which a great % were not conform to "their" DDR would disagree with that. They would rather have lived in DDR than "pile of shit " somewhere in India.
  6. he apologized, but it didn´t matter, he got fired. Crazy how (mostly from conservative / right wing side politicians) make rather stark statements once in awhile, and then just as easily get to their knees and say I´m sorry - didn´t mean it that way.
  7. I read thru a bit, but not all. What is the specialness ? I thot the losses at Kursk were fairly clear, and that the German units lost a lot later on (doing serious retreating).
  8. x number of Karl Marx streets + Lux and Liebknecht
  9. Let´s hope the Sword of Fanboyism doesn´t fall unnecessarily when the efforts of honorable historian are not to your liking. I´m going to have to buy some more. Would like to visit Bovington for this, but one cannot travel anymore.
  10. Stuttgart identical this WE. Green mayor. Another MP has brought up lowering voting age to 16. This will happen as soon as Green / red head Government again. I´m for raising voting age to 25.
  11. went thru it gain. Could´t find any fanboyism. Guess I have to buy the Bf 110 vs Lancaster one.
  12. You guys have just dropped the resale value of my " KV1 vs Pak" from 1 $ to 20 cents. thot I had seen that name somewhere (Forcyzk), and yikes I have one " KV1 vs Pak " sitting next to Kens " Heavy Tanks " it was. I moved it between two Higgins. I would have to look thru again under this new aspect. You never really know where fanboyism can be.
  13. it doesn´t matter what you call them, and if a Left defining tag is correctly applied. They always work together - from right wing Social Democrats - trade unions included - to Greens to Communists Anarchists etc; they know each other; they help and shield always. The closest to center do the shielding of those further left that do the dirty work - increasingly violent. They will only start fighting each other when they get close to acheiving actual power.
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