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  1. This is what we were taught back in -97 with the FNC-ish. Our MG3s required a fair amount of motor oil to operate and it was the only lubricant we used from what I recall. /R
  2. Not any worse than Murrica is probably. I suppose we will se far more bad behavior on your side of the pond. /R
  3. I'm not envious of the jury (or the judge)... /R
  4. Ah, I read it as you found the loader's position to suit you best. My bad. /R
  5. Funny, I'm 185(,2)cm tall and I had no issues in any of the positions of the Leo2, I couldn't stand straight with the tanker's helmet on in the loader's position, but then again, you rarely would. /R
  6. I've only briefly been in a T55 (might have been a T62) at a showing during my training and my memory of the loaders place is that it isn't that cramped. Not near the vast open space of the Centurion ball room and the Leo2 was also larger but it wasn't a catastrophe in any way
  7. Sad to hear, although it's at least good there was no pain. Condolences to all who knew him better than me. /R
  8. The more documentaries I see about the revolution the more amazed I am that the British didn't succeed in shutting it down. The continental army was outmaneuvered, defeated and on the run how many times? /R
  9. In that case it's a weak ass organization (FIFA) which seems to think it's the way the sport should be played, but that's another discussion /R
  10. Sure, there's a fair bit of complaining going on in Sweden too, even if it hasn't come to UK standards and actually leaving. But if you join a federation with a set of rules, which aren't really a secret, and then complain about these being followed. I mean it's like sports people complaining about being penalized for not following the rule book. /R
  11. I'm a little bit confused. It's not THAT long since these countries applied and was accepted to join the EU. If they don't like what the EU is doing, why join? /R
  12. The US navy had some issues finding a Swedish sub running AIP IIRC... Guess it doesn't make that much noise. /R
  13. I sort of disagree with this, the right one isn't science worshippers in my experience but people that have opinions in general without any real idea from how scientific results are generated. Or are armchair generals... /R
  14. Yes I can make my own decisions and I also think that you should, what I'm saying is that I'd be darned if I can make a reasonable risk assessment of how bad a covid infection would hit me. Example, I took a road trip to meet up with a couple of people to the south of Sweden this summer, hoping that people would be smart enough to stay at home if they were ill, which we didn't have to worry about since no one was ill. The other day I took the commuter train from the office and two idiots were coughing their lungs out a bit away on the train. Then and there I was wondering what they had and if I would get it and if I did how bad would it be. No idea and I sort of thought that taking the train wouldn't be THAT much of an issue rather than being in a crowded pub. Do I prefer scientists making my decisions, well holding a master I sort of fit into that box I suppose and to some extent I prefer to listening to doctors (MD type) for health related issues, yes. Making the decision, perhaps not so much but the advice is taken. Example is that I had a bit of pulmonary embolism the other year and I got a clean bill of health afterwards, no restrictions. After talking to a friend who is an MD, he told me that I should REALLY consider quit diving which hadn't even crossed my mind but after some thought I started investigating how I should get a checkup, which wasn't obvious mind you... After a lung CT the aerospace/diving doctor told me that he didn't have the authority to rip my license since I didn't have a professional license but since I had scar tissue in my lungs the risk of getting air trapped at depth which would expand on ascent I could get serious injury. So, I got a motorcycle license instead /R
  15. Sure you can make a risk assessment, anyone can do that. What I'm thinking is that is that risk assessment any use at all? I could make a risk assessment of a new airplane but considering my limited experience in aviation engineering what good would that be? Also, considering how many smokers that are surprised that they get cancer, I really doubt that there are a lot of people that can make any risk assessment /R
  16. I honestly don't know if anyone can make a risk assessment. I know a guy from my military service who went into ventilator care, 40ish years old fit guy. There seems to be too many unknowns in this, AFAIU not even medical staff can see any obvious pattern on who gets seriously ill and who gets cold-like symptoms. /R
  17. Rickard N

    The T-62

    None of those were put in production, were they? I thought that it wasn't before the M1 and Leo2 that anything else but British tanks had any composite armour in the west. (oh, and I wasn't trying to make any suggestions that the Soviets couldn't be ahead, I sort of get that feeling about my post which was in no way intended. The "Right" was more of a "ok, that I didn't know") /R
  18. Does this fit here? https://www.gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2021/09/01 (and some of the following strips) /R
  19. Rickard N

    The T-62

    Right, the Soviets were well ahead of the west then? Wasn't stillbrew one of the earlier composites in the west and that's in the 80s sometime IIRC. /R
  20. Rickard N

    The T-62

    Was there any composite armour available when the T62 was designed? I thought that was later. /R
  21. Wasn't the ship under pilot when it got stuck? (or what it might be called) /R
  22. The shooting of the police officer is now reported, from the police, as a probable wrong target. Where in what I wrote was it called an accident, and that was also from on of the Swedish left wing media. I'm not defending them or their angle at times but you are making things up that didn't exist in what I've written so far. Is this what a straw man is? /R
  23. Well, you could have replied if the answers seems ok from your point of view since you asked what the media "IN MY COUNTRY" said before starting the questions in another direction, but that might be my idea of a conversation that's wrong. /R
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