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  1. Correct, so which of the two is trolling. /R
  2. What part of it counts as trolling? That Trump was part of the union or that many people here generally thinks of the unions as commie bastards? /R
  3. This is true, when joining is mandatory that's just bad. /R
  4. That wasn't what I wanted to communicate, just that the commie bastard union I thought it was funny, nothing else. /R
  5. Read that Trump quit the union for tv and films and stuff. Who knew, Trump member of a uniion. Thought only commies were part of the union, well and gangsters of course. /R
  6. My math's definitely off /R
  7. Wow, 21 pages in 21 days, plus the guy's only been president for a week. Sooo, 208 pages by term's end then? /R
  8. Apparently Jake Angeli was tricked by Trump to enter the Capitol. No free will of the QAnon Shaman. This is hysterically funny /R
  9. Isn't this a bit soon? Considering that Antifa stormed the Capitol? /R
  10. When you choose the "Vogon Poetry", you almost can't change back since the contrast, or lack of it, makes it hard to find the menu again /R
  11. He's quite entertaining to listen to, and has a great story, and awesome photos! /R
  12. Gatewaypundit and objective in the same sentence. Check! /R
  13. One should not make fun of Kool-Aid, it's what made Brian Shul come back to life! /R
  14. This! Which was my second point I was coming to, could this also be happening on the "other side"? Maybe it's time to stop thinking about "left and right" in these cases. There are a couple of morons in these crowds which will make more "not so morons" do stupid things. /R
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