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  1. What improvement to the original cannon would this give more than a coordinated volley? /R
  2. True, they generally bolt on so it shouldn't be that much work considering the rest as you say. /R
  3. Are there FV432 with three return rollers?
  4. What in the name of everything that's holy is this sketch from? It looks like an unholy match of Leopard and MBT70. Has there ever been thought of a cannon on the turret roof of the Leo? /R
  5. Damn, what does the automotive parts think of that treatment? /R
  6. He's got a daytime job and doing alright? /R
  7. Aaarrgghghhhh LEARN BUOYANCY CONTROL FFS (sorry) /R
  8. Simple and convolution in the same sentence!!!! (No, transforms was NOT my favourite subject) /R
  9. Also, doesn't a sand storm wreak havoc on the thermal imaging system? IIRC the lens is not the most durable thing on a tank. /R
  10. I realize this is the Threadjacker 2000(tm) but what I meant with Starbucks is fine is that their filter coffee is decent, I concur on the "crappafrappachino soy latte". The rest of the filter coffees I had in NY was so-so at best and the one at Dunkin' donuts (which I visited just to have done it btw) was so abysmal I had to throw it away. One café near the Pike market in Seattle had good coffee by my standards too. /R
  11. I honestly can't say what you mean by this. IMHO the coffee at Starbucks is among the best I've had in the States /R
  12. That's roughly the same prize as I pay here. Now, if you want do chug beer, that's not what to buy but I think it's wort it. This isn't Miller mind you /R
  13. If you find Rodenbach, get it, I suspect you'd like it. Rodenbach Alexander is one of my favourite flemish red ale. It's about $10 for a 75cl bottle (that's about 3/4 of a quart, so 3/16 of a gallon? :P) Oh and if you haven't had the experience and after the crap-Corona-thingy, look for a Zwanze day. As for American beer and hops being bad, I just have to disagree, one of my favourite breweries is SKA in Durango, but then again I'm of the broken ilk that like the insanely hoppy IPAs. The best hops if from New Zealand though Motueka. /R
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