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  1. On Netflix. Starring Colin Firth. Worth a view. That is all.
  2. Does your armament industry still support M3/M36 90MM Cannon?
  3. German Flak Battalions were owned by the Luftwaffe. Reading accounts of RAF and US Army Air Corp Raids on Flak Protected Targets you read descriptions of "Vicious German Flak". What is the opinion of the learned members of this forum reference the makeup and efficiency of the German Flak units?
  4. Other then M77 AP, T82 APC, T33 AP and M304 HVAP rounds, did any of the Other End users ( Korea, Taiwan, Israeli) develop AP rounds for the M41 Cannon?
  5. Jeff, know you are and Always will be My Friend. May you be at Peace.
  6. Seems somebody got motivated enough to do Terry Pratchett's Series on The Watch And Sam Vimes. Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8080292/
  7. Yes. Hypo build of Hawaii with the 3/50. Sorry for not replying sooner. Life got in the way.
  8. Ok, Stumbled across this.
  9. 125 MM HE Frag at foxholes. The definition of overkill.
  10. I’m in for October. Was planning on Interschutz in Hannover in June but that has been cancelled.
  11. This is more directed to the 105 MM users, 120 is such a mish mash of MPAT, HEAT and other geee wiz ordy. Danes had a true HE round for the Leo I they used in Bosnia. US used/issues a HEP/HESH round for use in the MGS Stryker. Brit/Commonwealth Folks liked the HESH round as both General Demolition round as well as Anti Armor round up until recently. I like HEP for its duality function. I do however see the utility of a dedicated HE round. Nick Moran had far more experience then most With His Tank Company in Iraq and used MPAT almost exclusively. What saith the forum?
  12. AT bunker in the British sector If I recall. Mounted a 50MM PAK gun on a pedestal. Could fire directly up the beach. Was supposedly a bastard to knock out.
  13. I was TDY there back in 2015 working a fraud case. Visited the local museums and got to look at the beach area and where the fighting had taken place. I know we invested a huge amount of money once we took it back but why knowing its position in the Pacific, did we not invest or prepare it for the coming conflict? We put a Defense Battalion and a squadron of Fighters on Wake Island with far less utility but the Navy did not commit the investment in the infrastructure in a Asset worth far more.
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