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  1. I think something I saw on twitter sums up my view. "I approve of the monarchy but don't give a crap about the Royal family"
  2. This may leave a mark https://medium.com/@lindseyboylan4NY/my-story-of-working-with-governor-cuomo-e664d4814b4e
  3. Don't forget they also painted their tanks with all kinds of cool patterns instead of boring green, gave them cool names (Stuart, seriously the allies named a tank that? Sounds like a kid who got beat up at recess) and put those awesome muzzle brake things on their main guns.
  4. And an endless stream of what if Germany had captured Crete threads here.
  5. Same, I don't recall any fire control maintenance on M60A1s in two years. The FCS in M60A3s and M1s seemed much more finicky.
  6. Well since the Siebel would be returning empty to Italy, it should be fairly simple to load them up with crude oil in barrels and then haul the crude by rail to Romania for refining. Of course if the Nazis snap up Turkey, then you can divert a stream of Siebels to shuttle crude to Romania and refined fuel back to Libya. Heck with all that extra oil in the system you should be able to support even more Siebels. Rich I know you are going to bring up engine production again but I'm fairly certain that the Germans could neatly solve that by diverting the excess synthetic oil production capacity
  7. I agree, I don't see how commie Hitler gets to power peacefully so maybe we get a German civil war in 1930 with Stalin supporting his man Adolf and the Czechs and Austrians supporting the German government.
  8. Wwhen I saw some speculation that Trump would now be acting in his own defense. I pictured this as his opening statement.
  9. When do Hitler and the commies come to power? I don't see either the industrialists or the conservatives doing as much to aid them as they did the NAZIs. Once they are in power how long do relations stay cordial (or as cordial as they ever were) with the Soviet Union. I suspect that German style communism would not be particularly palatable to the Soviet Communist Party. With both Germany and the Soviets supporting the Republicans it could lead to an overwhelming Republican victory or a three way civil war that was even more destructive than what actually happened.
  10. In fairness, when I was gunner I doubt my loader could have done it either, he could barely handle 105 heat round.
  11. There's a local vine like weed called bindweed, it is notorious for wrapping around and around just about anything that stands still long enough to be wrapped. I found a recipe for pickled bind weed, the author's final comment was something like, yeah you can eat this but there's reason we stopped doing it after the war.
  12. Yeah, I was conceding that point because it was the closest thing to a reason Glen could come up with. The Soviets were on the hook to deliver 900,000 metric tons of oil to Germany, in return for actual goods. I suspect that, that is as much as Stalin figured he could spare so the odds of the Soviets diverting oil to Japan in anticipation of making it marginally harder for the US to fight in the future seems pretty far fetched.
  13. That might be worth a few hundred thousand barrels of oil, but how would the soviets get it to the Japanese? I don't think there was rail capacity in the Soviet far east to actually transport it.
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