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  1. Going to be another long 4 years.
  2. Really looking forward to 4 years of being lectured about my carbon footprint by the man who thinks jetting to Europe to talk about climate change constitutes taking action.
  3. I was at Fort Carson, a bunch of us watched it in the barracks breakroom. I don't think 18-20 year old soldiers were the target audience, we thought it was hilarious.
  4. I suspect that not being able to cook will matter less than the fact the food distribution system will be borked. Urban areas with million + populations are not going to abound in ingredients a couple weeks into a major conflict.
  5. It's nothing new, cooking is a chore and requires, time aptitude specialized equipment. The Romans were big on take out 2000 years ago. I enjoy cooking and work from home, so I cook more than average. We could easily get by with heat and eat meals and delivery for about what I spend on ingredients weekly.
  6. I like all kinds of pizza, thin crisp crust is my favorite but every so often I want a chicago style or even a deep dish.
  7. I had this in Paris during the last France I&I. I had kind of forgotten about it but then stumbled across this video in the suggested video sidebar on youtube. Since we don't seem to have a pizza thread I thought I'd start one.
  8. Hopefully the pen he bought at the NSA gift shop will be backwards compatible whatever it is.
  9. I'm giving it a try, not sure I like it, but I expect that is mostly about it having a different look and feel than I'm used to. It supports last pass so I can at least give it a good try.
  10. None for the tanks, the tankers may but not as tankers. That is if I understand the Marine Commandant's intent correctly.
  11. Other than a whopping big fine I don't really see the remedy. There are plenty of search engines out there, people are free to choose the one they want. Every browser and phone I've used for decades lets me choose my default search engine.
  12. Exactly, Chromecast can also integrate into the google home ecosystem if you are into that sort of thing. I don't do that but I know it's possible.
  13. Could be fun, close enough to the Marine Corps museum to make a twofer.
  14. My wife popped her achilles while doing the low impact option at a fitness class. When she asked the orthopedic surgeon (who looked like he was about 14) what could have caused it he said "Oh you're just at that age" I don't think he realized how close he came to death.
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