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  1. Don't forget the rest of the wandering, we also swung through Samur, Cantigny, Beumont-Hamel, Vimy Ridge, and Ypres to name a few.
  2. This sort of fits here I guess. Manual of Army Cooks 1910 https://archive.org/details/manualforarmyco01statgoog The recipes in this surprisingly varied. Some familiar things with strange ingredients. Tamales made with mashed potatoes instead of corn flour is one.
  3. I haven't run into it, but that may be down to the time I play. I play mostly between 5 and 7 am pacific time.
  4. Congrats on a successful migration.
  5. Lock a country into using an archaic tank gun well beyond its useful life.
  6. It was said he was going to check on the kids in the car. Why did he not go to the passenger side then instead of opening the drivers door? Did it look like he was reaching for a gun? Sure but why didn't the THREE of them do anything earlier? I mean nothing, nothing, nothing, empty magazine is a rather strange violence escalation to me. It's not like he's running either, slowly walks. /R I suspect 6 months ago he would have been gang tackled to the ground by the three of them. These days I'm sure the warnings about 'escalating' situations are many and severe. So things progress to the
  7. I make my own but still have to buy them from time to time. This year I will be lucky to get another three or four quarts done. My cucumber plants have got powdery mildew. Based on the last 4 years, it's not if your plants get it but when.
  8. The US gets its ass handed to it, it wouldn't even be close. The game is designed around tiers from 1 to 10. The higher the tier the stronger the ship and if a ship is more than two tiers higher than a ship of the same class it is facing the result 99% of the time is that the lower tier ship dies. Numbers matter so the Japanese starting with 12 ships and the US 9 means that the US starts at a tremendous disadvantage. The maps are tiny, there is no room for strategic surprise, the majority of the US ships are slower than the Japanese ships so there is no chance of tactical surprise. The Jap
  9. I recall the cleaning lady at the motel in Mobile apologizing for the unseasonable cold the morning we left.
  10. Probably bite the bullet and do Hawaii. Although would prefer Curacao if travel to the Caribbean is an option.
  11. It would be cool if you could rent a private rail car, plan an itinerary and get added to whichever train was going to your next stop. Probably not cheap, but after touring a rail road president's private car a few years ago it seems like a hell of a way to travel.
  12. The location is fine, I'm afraid October won't work since I owe Jami an anniversary trip to somewhere tropical.
  13. Yeah yeah yeah, steal my frick'n ideas and enjoy friend We could reserve you a bunk.
  14. The periscope port in the middle of the driver's hatch is a rectangle if they were fitted with a an IR driver's night periscope. If they had a passive periscope it is more of a square. Of course It's not 100% since the hatches are interchangeable and just because the driver's hatch has a square periscope port it doesn't mean they actually had the passive driver's scope. The same can be said of the armored air cleaners, they could be fitted to any version of the A1. This page has pictures of both port types http://afvdb.50megs.com/usa/pics/m60.html
  15. I would happily do a canal boat I&I. I've been trying to convince the friends we go houseboating with, that a week on a canal boat in the UK would be a not terribly more expensive alternative to our usual week on Lake Powell.
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