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  1. That and there is probably a luxury demographic who can't quite charter a private jet to fly to Europe but who is willing to pay to make the trip faster. I think even with Zoom and such there will always be some amount of business travel. I suspect it will be the upper echelons of companies that keep meeting in person. Those people will pay to spend less time traveling and more time meeting.
  2. We loaded out of the bustle rack on M60s, grab the retainer, twist and pull and the round slid into your hands. We used the ready rack to refill the bustle rack as time permitted. The only rounds that would have been loaded out of the ready rack were HEP and WP since they had to be stowed vertically. I think our load out in the mid 80s was 2 WP and 4 HEP and they only got uploaded to the tanks for some alerts.
  3. My Father in-law has 6 or 7 fully kitted out AR 15s. I think it scratches the same itch that working on cars used to back when you installed upgrades with a wrench instead of a laptop.
  4. There's also LSD 52 USS Pearl Harbor
  5. I guess our local indoor concert experiment was a success. No masks, no distancing, no cases tied to it. It may be that everyone there was actually vaccinated.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Vasiliy-Krysov/e/B004GJBBD6/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1 He started with towed atgs and ended up a tank commander. ATG crew did not seem like a very survivable career path.
  7. The major difference being that covfefe was a one time keyboard fat finger while the humbling of corn pop is a story that Biden has told for decades.
  8. Local live music venues are now back to 100% capacity with masks not required for the vaccinated. I went to see the band my cousin's daughter sings with last night. Based on the crowd Denver has reached 100% fully vaccinated. It was a fantastic show, both the band and the people watching. https://www.highstepsociety.com/
  9. Just the one time but despite their noble motive it didn't do anything to enhance their credibility.
  10. I was talking about the lack of variation in the ground itself. There may be hills but it doesn't look like the maps depict all the folds and depressions that can give cover and concealment.
  11. The ground seems way too flat. I spent a lot of time driving m60a3s and M1s around Germany and I don't recall it looking like a pool table. Those M60s engaging from in front of a tree line looked odd too.
  12. The odds of any random person properly wearing a mask properly let alone possessing one that effectively filters out virus particles is pretty close to zero. I could buy that even cloth mask would keep my sneezes or coughs from spreading any further than the inside of my mask, but that was about it. Considering the number of times the CDC has purposely lied about masks I no longer see much reason to listen to them on the subject. Since I'm not an asshole I wear one when the place I'm entering says I should but if I can avoid going to those places I do.
  13. Wait I thought the mask was to protect other people, when did it switch to protecting the wearer? Why should a fully vaccinated person have to wear a mask at all?
  14. If I remember right they posted some pretty strong refutations of the 1619 nonsense.
  15. Yeah its a mess over there. A coworker just found out today that her aunt and grandmother died within hours of each other. I have some staff there and they are blaming the current government and also mixing in some conspiracy theories.
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