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  1. Wish my boss could say that. His power goes out when the wind blows too hard. I've started calling the town he lives in Milpitasstan.
  2. https://www.part-time-commander.com/how-to-rejoin-the-army-national-guard-after-youve-resigned-your-commission/ I assume the process is the same for someone who resigns their active duty commission.
  3. Ran across an interesting stat today. The deaths from Covid in the US should surpass the deaths from the Spanish flu in about a week. Of course the US population is a bit more than 3 times higher so percentage wise it's not in the same league. I suppose if the president were a Republican the approach of the milestone would be getting more play in the media.
  4. So do you get infected by eating the watermelon or by having sex with it? Asking for a friend.
  5. What's still broken about them? I assume the answer is in the video but don't watch video game stuff.
  6. I was in DC at a customer site. After the Pentagon was hit they sent everybody home. Which for me meant I walked across the street to my hotel. I spent the rest of the day refreshing TN and listening to F16s doing circuits around the city.
  7. Not sure what you are asking for here? But because the internet exists I'm sure that a quick Google search will provide you with the info you are looking for.
  8. Just applying the standard of logic i see from the ever Trumper crowd. If he wasn't a plant he would have fought for his right to peacefully storm and occupy the people's house. By taking a cushy plea deal he clearly indicates that he was never truly committed to Trump and making America great again.
  9. It doesn't hurt that giving the presidency to the most disliked VP since Andrew Johnson would nuke whatever slim chance the Dems have to hold the Congress and Senate.
  10. Thus proving that he was clearly an antifa plant. I'm sure Biden will quietly pardon him a couple months, or have him killed.
  11. Finally uninstalled it today. I don't think I've even launched the game in over a year so it was time. It's the first time since WoT beta that I haven't had at least one WG title installed on my PC.
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