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  1. Dragoons could be a form of medium cavalry but they could also be IFV mounted infantry, since they can be used for mounted combat as well which would fit they role of preforming both as mounted infantry and as a medium cavalry as well. The American Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (M3 Bradley) and the M113 ACAV are prime examples of that,
  2. I hink they are thinking if not designing a version of this vehicle with a 120 mm gun as a replacement for the Challenger, personally I think that would be as much a mistake as trying to replace the M1A2 with a MGS Striker or a M8 Thunderbolt (the version with a 120mm gun)
  3. I understand your points perfectly and they make allot of sense, a better way of asking that might have been could they have build a version of the silent eagle as a one man interceptor instead of the two man ground attack version.
  4. Based on everything that i have seen the Silent Eagle is based on the F15E Strike Eagle, I wonder has anyone thought about adding those updates to a F15C for a air to air platform, it is a given that the building of the F22 makes that a poor idea for the US, but some of our allies who fight the F15 might be interested in it.
  5. That is the vehicle I was thinking about, it was designed for countries who couldn't afford the Gepard or similar vehicles or at least that was the idea i had gotten.
  6. I wonder what vehicles that would accept the Marksman turret that are in US service or at least we have in storage. and how would the Marksman turret equipped vehicle compare with the Gepard. if I am not mistake the Germans designed a vechile with the turret of the Gepard but built on the Spähpanzer Luchs body for export customers .
  7. Very interesting, how about compared to the T34 coming across the border when the Russian attacked in 1945? In some ways this sounds like comparing the M4 to the Panzer mark IV.
  8. How would the Japanese Type 4 tank compare to its mostly likely enemy tanks, had it ended production?
  9. Historically the Russian coast guard, since the era of the Tsars has always heavily armed included light warship they currently have several frigates in service that is more than some navies have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coast_Guard_(Russia)
  10. When I called it a light vehicle was based solely on it was called a scout vehicle and what it was replacing, I didn't have much to go one there.
  11. As anyone heard about this deal and what they are buying? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-02/u-k-buys-600-armored-vehicles-for-british-army-at-3-5-billion.html
  12. I think the South African government banned PMC from being formed in South Africa or possibly their citizens from even joining them, about that time period
  13. I was reading War Dogs (a book on Mercs) and that was the situation where armor and PMC came up.
  14. I wonder if the Chinese are trying to get into a market that the western left since the end of the cold war; the export/ third world armor market.
  15. Nah that would be a workable plan and might left things better off then they are now. and it would also piss off the UN.
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