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  1. There wasn't really a USMC division to put there pre-war. It took practically the whole active USMC to cobble together the regimental combat team that was the ground element of the 1st Marine Brigade, and the rest of 1st Marine Division was filled out with recalled WWII veterans to make Inchon. i don't know if @Ken Estesis still around, but I'd be the that he can reference details.
  2. Short answer, I think we should have left a long time ago, but significantly botched the execution of the withdrawal. Long answer We went far more forcefully than we should have, thanks to Bush and his neocons that believed Afghan want western democracy like ours, and despite the fact that "the West" has lost the moral self-assuredness to do what needs to be done to really enforce the necessary change. We stayed, far too long, for a number of stupid reasons, despite the fact that let ourselves get distracted by other issues. Obama made noises about leaving, but passed up an outstanding opportunity because the MICC wanted to keep making money, and because he had not fundamental, foundational values in foriegn policy, so he could be persuaded. Trump made a plan to leave, from a position of strength, after staying longer than necessary for the same reasons Obama did. Biden took that plan to leave and goofed it up beyond all recognition.
  3. First, it's the UN, so it's suspect. These organizations gain by exaggerating ANY crisis. Second, even if this issue is HALF as bad as the UN orgs want to portray, how is that anyone else's concern? Not my circus, not my monkeys.
  4. Duh, you can't catch or transmit the 'Rona if you're sitting down at an eating location. Everybody knows that's why masks aren't required when you are seated in a restaurant, only when walking around.
  5. And once again the cultural gap is so vast that it almost defi s comprehension. Beyond the fact that we have a republic, not a democracy, the very intent and design of our federal republic is to NOT have a central hub. These United States are fifty separate and independent states that created a federal government for certain, strictly and explicitly limited functions. Except for gross perversions of the design, most folks should never interact with the federal govt except to voice their opinions of its make up every 2 years. The Senate is supposed to represent the states, not the electorate. And a building certainly isn't anything like the Queen, as even a symbol of the entity that you so overvalue. And the fact that the 9/11 terrorists placed some value on that building is a weak argument- they also placed some significant value on the WTC (judging by the fact that they targeted that building over the course of a decade or more). The WTC took on much more significance to Americans BECAUSE of the attacks than they ever had before them.
  6. At one point, the ARNG had both the 49th and 50th Armored Divisions. IIRC, 49th was all Texas, while 50th was based in NJ, but also had units from New England and TX.
  7. "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The 2nd is pretty clearly an individual right, not a collective right at the state level. But nice attempt at obfuscating the issue.
  8. I don't know, I think everybody in WW2 was far tougher than people today, and then I read about Dave Bellavia (who I knew as a high school kid), and the men of Chosen Company or Bandit Troop. Dirt poor peasants inculturation from birth to obey, never quit, and die as necessary are pretty tough, but we got some pretty tough men out of the draft, and the Russians got some tough men out of their peasants. The Brits and Americans that survived 3+ years of Japanese captivity were pretty tough, too. Sometimes you just do what you have to do. I hope I never have to find out if I'm that tough.
  9. If only there was a discernible pattern in which states require ID and which don't!
  10. You have to scroll down a bit, but Clay's 4 volumes are free pdfs here https://www.armyupress.army.mil/books/browse-books/units-and-organizations/ i checked on on 181st and 182nd vice 102nd and 103rd. Looked like the first two were Massachusetts National Guard units activated as pioneers in WWI, and then assigned to the 26th to keep the entire division in Massachusetts, replacing the Connecticut 102nd and Maine 103rd
  11. To Maneuver and Firepower will give the overview. If you're looking for details of each regiment/division, you can find much in Stanton's WWII Order of Battle. For example, 26th Infantry Division inducted 16 Jan 41 as a square division with 51st Infantry Brigade (101st and 182nd Infantry Regiments) and 52nd Infantry Brigade (104th and 181st Infantry Regiments). This is a change from the WWI composition of 101st, 102nd, 103rd, and 104th Infantry Regiments (Clay's Order of Battle Between the Wars may answer the change). 102nd and 104th remained with 26th War. 182nd Infantry Regiment relieved from the 26th on 14 Jan 42, and deployed with TF 6814 and then assigned to Americal Division while overseas. 182nd Infantry Regiment relieved from 26th on 27 Jan 42 to become a separate regiment under Eastern Defense Command and XIII Corps until inactivated 8 Feb 44. 328th Infantry Regiment (part of 82nd Division in WWI) activated separately from that division 12 Feb 43, assigned to 26th to replace the 181st, and served the rest of the war with the 26th until inactivated 29 Dec 45 (same date as 26th Infantry Division, and 101st and 104th Infantry Regiments)
  12. By this definition, Fascism is not Rightist, though- there's individualistic about Fascism, just the groupings that they collectivize people in.
  13. “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." Heinlein sorry for the formatting- I don't know how to make the quote a lighter text so it is visible.
  14. IIRC, the big advantage was that they were able to get nuclear capable 8" quicker than 155mm.
  15. I don't see what is "far-right extremist" about abiding by the oath we take to the foundational document of our country. If you aren't going to abide by ipthe oath, don't take it. If you don't know the document you're swearing to uphold, why would you swear to uphold it?
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