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  1. In the postwar (1948? I didn't go look, so could be off year or two), the cannon company was replaced by a 4.2" heavy mortar company.
  2. Is there a way to get a list of topics with new content? I can get a list of new posts, but not topics.
  3. The Dem position is logically inconsistent, the Rep position is not. At least in this case.
  4. There are two critical differences. We've been over this.
  5. Yeah, or not. No trains, no camps. I hope it doesn't come to that, because I've seen loud and exciting, and it doesn't seem as fun at 45 as it did at 25. But I'm still ready to,write a saga if needs be.
  6. There's a significant difference between a situation where POTUS is term-limited, and the Senate is majority the other party, and a where POTUS is NOT term-limited and his party hold s the majority in the Senate. Especially when the last election repudiated the POTUS by a 9-seat swing against him in the Senate. In such a case (2016), calls to wait for the election are logical, to let the people determine the way ahead. Such a case does not exist now. But make your ad hominem attacks, they certainly add to your credibility.
  7. If you can get them for free* from Uncle Sugar, why not? *Subsidized SOF deployments are a cheap way to build capability.
  8. Probable Error is a 1 standard deviation in artillery firing tables - I assume that others are the same.
  9. Analysis of the 73 war was pretty important to the development of AirLand Battle in the mid-70s. Does that count?
  10. So how does one fix that? We could start by simply not incentivizing poor choices and bad behavior. We wouldn't even have to disincentive them, just stop the encouragement that the government forces us to provide.
  11. Superb!!!!!x∞ Yes because American posters here NEVER put their spake in about Merkal or German Immigration issues. Who?
  12. http://niehorster.org/011_germany/__ge_index.htm I didn't check every possible structure, but those I checked all show the trucks in each squad.
  13. With a Chinook, you can sling a howitzer and prime mover together, like in picture 4 at this link https://www.army.mil/article/111661/black_falcons_swoop_shoot, or in this video, The assertion may still be true, if you can sling two of them together, like the first picture on this page, https://buyaircraftparts.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/active-military-helicopters/
  14. The division already has TOW HMMWVs in the cavalry squadrons and in the weapons companies in the infantry battalions. The LAVs are stand ins to develop TTPs for the sought after Mobile, Protected Firepower system. Of course we had to do some foolishness with A/4-68 AR, which doesn't make any sense under that Army Regimenatl System- subordinate companies to ARS battalions don't have a separate existence without the battalion. It should be either A/68 (which would become 1-68) or D/68 (4-68). Or better yet, just make a fourth Troop in the cavalry squadrons, so that the IBCTs mirror the SBCTs an
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