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  1. https://nypost.com/2022/09/26/uk-man-captured-by-russians-forced-to-listen-to-abba-on-repeat/
  2. The problem with economic systems is that they are run by people.
  3. I guess the Biden administration will come up with a seasonal, tailored solution.
  4. Tim Pool had an interesting take on the deep swamp thing, after Biden said what he said about defending the beaches of Taiwan. Basically asserted that both Biden and Trump administrations were overruled by the bureaucracy. He's got a point.
  5. This could just as easily go in the COVID thread, as rebuttal to beliefs that hospitals are being honest about cause of death;
  6. People are not considering the possibility that the culprit was Steven Seagal, in which case the answer would be both US and Russia*. * Seagal has some weird bromance with Putin, and is now apparently a Russian citizen...
  7. Koolaid promoter reverses stance; https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/view/71 https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/view/72
  8. Jews in Canada already going into hiding;
  9. The recurring mistake the foreign policy wonks continue to make is to assume that economic ties to a thugocracy will temper the thug's behavior. In the case of Europe vs. Putin, Europe self-inflicted strategic weakness and failed to restrain the thug at all. Rather like the US and the PRC...
  10. I think I found the source of the scripts;
  11. I haven't seen mention of this, in these hallowed halls; https://www.politico.eu/article/poland-von-der-leyens-the-tools-comments-scandalous/ I know nothing of the issues, but as reported von der Leyen seems to have made a "nice democracy, shame if something happened to it" threat. Not a particularly wise move, I would think.
  12. Elves are apparently powered by renewable energy. Isn't that a good thing?
  13. Hetero-normative patriarchy. Try to keep up.
  14. For an individual family practitioner, probably all stick no carrot. For the managing directors of large hospital systems, and doctors on state medical boards, I've no doubt numerous palms were greased...
  15. This, BTW, is slander. M1A2 would be chatting up a single mother at a strip club, who sees SPC Wareplate as her ticket to TriCare.
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