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  1. Libs are already prepping the battlespace to justify oppression against the non-believers; https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/major-threat-pandemic-vaccine-hesitancy-rcna25460 Ironically true. To wit; https://www.bitchute.com/video/J3U-BCj29gg/ The CDC argument for boosting babies is based on an Israeli study of the effects of boosters on adults' antibody titers. Heather Heying on the Dark Horse Podcast had a good riff on real scientific inquiry vs what's going on now.
  2. https://www.newsweek.com/whether-we-say-it-not-our-culture-provides-cover-groomers-opinion-1717808
  3. Liberals in the US and Canada dropping Ns like it's 1799; https://redstate.com/jeffc/2022/06/25/racist-white-progressives-love-the-n-word-when-its-being-used-against-clarence-thomas-n584109
  4. I wish one of the big mutual fund firms would create some sort of anti-Krugman investment fund. I'd be retired by now.
  5. It seems to me that there will be circumstances where offensive drones won't need good IFF capabilities, for example scenarios where there is a clear and known battle edge. Throw hundreds or thousands of cheap killer drones programmed to blow up every truck and tracked vehicle, make sure they explode reliably and violently on impact so they cannot be cannibalized and reused by OPFOR. Kind of an area denial thing. Yeah, various poor tractors and farm trucks will be pounded to nothing, but disrupting OPFOR's rear echelon will do good things.
  6. He was probably looking for the extraterrestrial spaceship that he was told to leave alone. Still, a great find. And the story is one of many involving USN destroyers mixing it up with much bigger opponents. One might wonder about the efficiency factor of DDs vs cruisers and BBs; sort of a "tons put into service divided by enemy tons sank" kind of thing.
  7. Compare and contrast; https://rumble.com/embed/v176d2s/?pub=4
  8. My FB friends that are pro-abortion are now writing stuff like "if antiabortionists cared about babies, there would be free daycare/health care/maternity leave/etc". IOW, J. Random Taxpayer is financially responsible for the burden of unplanned kids from casual sex.
  9. My take on rapid tests is that they are about as accurate as Ouija boards. So, Bill Gates is talking about infectious vaccines. I wonder if its time for me to slide into Milla Jovovich's DMs?
  10. I haven't read anything from a serious author about an outright ban. What is really going on? Some hints here; https://reason.com/2019/01/16/deregulate-the-pill/
  11. No mention of politics in anything you have posted. As I suspected, a baseless assertion. And in the US at least, one can tabulate the sins of left wingers by tabulating the claims they make against the right.
  12. America has an obesity problem. That's all I'm saying...
  13. Give him a week, as data flows in he will probably revise his early statements (something he does on the regular).
  14. One can have some fun with SecProgs by using Utilitarian-like arguments. Execute violent criminals after their 2nd felony or 4th misdemeanor. Outlaw Affirmative Action etc, make non-merit-based selection a felony with a 25 year sentence for the selector on the 1st offense. Sterilize everyone with an IQ under 100.
  15. What evidence is there that the murderers were right wing?
  16. https://www.icandecide.org/ downloadable documents from court filings etc. plus 300+ documents from Pfizer.
  17. At this point, it seems to me that France has the lead in experience, safety record, and less likely to abandon a customer due to cultural/political differences. Had it not been for Fukushima, Japan would be right there also; much harder to market Japanese designs unfortunately. Note that I'd much rather live near an average nuke plant than a photovoltaic plant...
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