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  1. Shhhhh there are folks here that are sleeping...
  2. What a baby. He thinks he can post his crap lies, sad. Disagree. I think it may be a first step toward development of a needed layer of media accountability on the internet. No surprise that Biden is in support, as he apparently has been hurt by the weaponizing of the internet himself. So lets get this straight, because it makes my head hurt. He signs an executive order making twitter responsible for the lies that he posts on it? Its the TN way!
  3. An interesting note: About 6 month ago, I inquieds of my doctor about getting my Army shots renewed (as applicable) and he referred me to the county board of health. They wanted to know why I wanted to do that
  4. But what is behind the M37? Nike Hercules.
  5. The Marxist path to socialism. The Left has always justified, rationalized, and encouraged violence that moves the pointer further to the left. Let somebody not of the left counter that violence with even a condemnation of said violence, and the Left comes totally unhinged.
  6. What Happened to Speaker's Corner? (For you UK types)
  7. There's nothing else to it. They want to take your weapons away so they can rape, enslave and kill you you, both literally and figuratively. They know they're tyrants, and they know they intend to do tyrannical shit, which is why they want to take the weapons away. There's nothing to discuss. There's nothing to talk about. These fucks are only alive because it's against the "law" to kill them. S/F....Ken M Amen bro...
  8. He is a Ginger, so that speaks volumes about her.
  9. . Get over yourself, stop deluding yourself. Good Advice,You should follow it.
  10. A glass roof is going to suffer the same problem Victorian Railway stations suffer from, ie, you have to keep cleaning the bloody things. Not to mention a real bad hailstorm.....
  11. Is there sufficient interest in a long range marksmanship to get a class scheduled either with WV or Montana?
  12. Stop subsidizing their insurance rates, and we will see which solution is more economical. The risk for powerplant operators is capped at 5bn EUR over here (maybe 6bn USD), everything above that is an explicit bail-out guarantee by the state. Which might be tolerable as long as they're built in areas where a meltdown is not going to create too much of a hassle (like, in the middle of a desert) - unfortunately you need cooling water, which means rivers, which means going where people and cities are. And that means that 5bn are absolutely inadequate cover. I'm all for market factors sorting it out here, but make it a level playing field. No subsidies for renewables, no bail-out money for nuclear powerplants, and we can talk. What have Fukushima and chernobyl cost so far? I bet they have easily broken the 5 billion € mark already. Don't forget the costs for waste disposal that are conveniently ignored. We are just piling bigger and bigger piles of radioactive waste with no real way to get rid of it. We have a mountain that stores them way uground but there is a Senator (former) that has blocked its use
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