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  1. Poland just signed contract with MBDA for license production of Brimstone ATGM for new 4x4 tank destroyer. https://newsroom.mbda-systems.com/pgz-mbda-uk-agreement-for-tank-destroyers/ Vehicle configuration will probably look like this graphic: However it will use new chassis codeveloped by HSW and Tatra. Here some graphics of Tatra/HSW 4x4.
  2. Only when suitable replacements are being found.
  3. Some videos showing tank crews from 1st Armored Brigade during their course on M1A2SEPv2's.
  4. Abrams ammunition hull storage is designed the same way as turret ammunition storage. It's isolated by armored blast doors and have blow off panels. You mean 3x rounds stored in armored box on the turret basket floor. It was present only in 105mm armed M1 and M1IP. When 120mm armed M1A1 was fielded it was deleted completely, and just like M1A1, M1A2 also does not have these rounds and armored box on turret basket floor.
  5. Sorry, Challenger 3 will have part of it's ammunition stored in standard ammo racks in the hull. It's a no go. It's either more M1's, either M1A2SEPv3's or even M1A2SEPv4's in future, or K2PL.
  6. There are both political reasons, as well as technical reasons. Let's say we had a lot of time to familirize ourselfs with Leopard 2's as well as other NATO MBT's (M1's, Challenger 2's, Leclerc's, C1 Ariete's). We are aware of both pros and cons. Also paradigm of our approach to soldiers life changes, slowly but steadily. We will never have numbers, so we need maximum survivability for tank crews. This is not only my view, I had opportunity to talk with one officer that currently serves on Leopard 2, and Army is fully aware of these issues. Also we are not happy with Leopard 2PL upgrade, due to many reasons, cooperation with Rheinmetall is not stellar either AFAIK.
  7. PT-91 base armor is identical to T-72M1. ERA is ERA, not matters if it's Nozh, ERAWA or something else. PT-91 have same ammunition storage as any T-72. Either we will quicjly procure more M1's, or we will expedite Wilk programme. I sent questions to the MoD, and we will see what they will respond to me.
  8. Some more photos from Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area where tank crews from 1st Armored Brigade are going through initial course on M1A2SEPv2's before we will receive our M1A2SEPv3's.
  9. Most likely T-72M's and T-72M1's. But who says that Ukrainians can't mount their own ERA on them? Most likely.
  10. I think there is some misunderstanding here. What we gave Ukraine, were our tanks from reserve stocks most likely. However active tank battalions were most likely not stripped from their tanks. Of course I can be wrong, because there is strict OPSEC kept around the matter, however I really doubt all our T-72's were given away. At least for now.
  11. Challenger 2's will be operated by British tank crews. I highly doubt that IF this will happen, these tanks will be operated by Polish tank crews.
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