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  1. @Manic Moran Answering to your question, about the choice of amphibious capabilities for our new IFV, I would say, that perhaps both reasons are valid. But the story here is deeper. I had opportunity to talk with General Gromadziński about this subject, and he said some interesting things. We need to move back in time, when Rydwan (Charriot) program was ongoing. Within this program, it was envisioned that two tracked platforms would be developed, a lighterweight tracked platform with amphibious capabilities and a medium weight platform. The lightweight tracked platform evolved in to Borsuk (Badger) IFV. A mediumweight platform was evolving in to direction of the fire support vehicle codenamed Gepard, but there was idea that Gepard will be a basis for heavy IFV. Gepard can be called conceptual equivalent to M10 Booker. In the end Gepard was cancelled as conclusion was that such vehicle was not needed. Then again, after some time, idea of heavy IFV returned and right now, PGZ received a contract to develop heavy IFV, right now known as CBWP which means Ciężki Bojowy Wóz Piechoty or literaly Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle. CBWP is meant to be based on the K9/Krab 155mm SPH chassis and subsystems, with ZSSW-30 unmanned turret, that is also intended to be used on Borsuk IFV, Rosomak wheeled APC/IFV and also new wheeled APC/IFV which probably will receive codename Serwal (Serval). Here is early concept graphic of the CBWP heavy IFV.
  2. Idea is that specific division will use only a single type of MBT. For example 18th Mechanized Division will use excusively M1A1/M1A2 MBT's, while 16th Mechanized Division will use excusively K2 MBT's, while 11th Armored Cavalry Division will stick with Leopard 2 MBT's for now at least. Mystery is 12th Mechanized Division, this is the only division with a single tank battalion, so probably they will receive K2's as well. So far with experience and conclusions. M1A1FEP have the best armor protection, best protection and survivability for the crew. Good FCS, good firepower, good mobility altough obviously it uses the most fuel. K2 have the most advanced FCS, great firepower, superb mobility, however while front armor is good, side armor is considered as problematic, crew protection and survivability like in Leopard 2. Some more photos:
  3. Today, a transport ship with next batch of vehicles bought by Polish MoD from USA was anchored in Świnoujście port. We received a batch of 26 M1A1FEP, 9 M88A2 and 11 M142. This means that Polish Armed Forces received so far 40 M1A1FEP, 12 M88A2 and 16 (or 18) M142. Poland might receive another batch at the end of this year or in the beggining of 2024.
  4. Armaments Agency informed today, that Letter of Request was sent to US Government, for acceptance of procurement by the Polish MoD, 25 M1150 ABV's. LoR alsl includes some additional M88A2 ARV's and mobile maintnace shops for armored vehicles.
  5. DSCA gives maximal potential contrac price, in reality contract values are always lower.
  6. There are snow icea cleats for T158 track series used in M1A1 and M1A2 Main Battle Tanks.
  7. M1110 is a new version of M1074 JAB, it have MLC115 with capability to go to MLC120 in case of emergency.
  8. Looks like not all T-72's were given to Ukraine. And these are upgraded T-72M1R's.
  9. Some photos from Nowa Dęba Training Area.
  10. Only because armored covers were lowered, this does not mean that Trophy was active. It should react if it was turned on. IMHO system was simply turned off with armored covers lowered.
  11. Right now they are restoring engine and transmission. Majority of internal components are also already restored or during process, but not installed before engine and transmission are completed. Owner of that Panther estimates 2-3 years to complete all work.
  12. At the moment we have 3 Panthers in Poland. 1x Ausf A that will be fully restored, 1x incomplete and badly damaged Ausf A or G hull and Warsaw, and 1x Ausf D Bergepanther hull that might be or might not be restored. Perhaps there might one more Panther in some private museum.
  13. Some more news. Recently in Poland a Bergepanther wreck was found. It was recently transported to Warsaw, and right now it will be cleaned, preserved, and if it will possible, it's rebuild process will start.
  14. Do not take too much attention to these models presented by Hyundai Rotem. Besides right now there is widespread opinion in Poland, that MoD is simply creating a competition between GDLS and Hyundai Rotem to see who will give a better offer for MBT production. Because not only Hyundai Rotem offers K2PL variants for Poland, but also GDLS is offering production of M1A2's in Poland. When I asked GDLS representatives if this means standard US Army M1A2SEPv3, they said that not neccessary, and that a Polish specific variant, let's name it M1A2PL is possible to be designed if Polish MoD will desire so. This also means next generation MBT codenamed Wilk (Wolf) might be either of Korean origin (K3) or US origin (M1A3?).
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