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  1. https://www.defence24.pl/borsuk-na-dragonie-21 Some more informations about Borsuk IFV. 3 vehicles were built so far, a pre prototype (model), 1st prototype which was used for ballistic tests, and 2nd prototype currently tested. Polish goverment so far invested 75 mln PLN in to the project, which translates to ~20 mln USD. Through entire 2021 vehicle will go through initial factory trails. In 2022 it will go through state/military qualification trails, if successfull, 2023/2024 contract will be signed and manufacturing phase will commence. It is also confirmed by HSW, that t
  2. Interesting, good to know, thanks!
  3. I might be wrong, but is this an ex Polish T-55AM Merida? I see CDDN-1 day/night sight which is integral part of the Merida FCS. Also it looks like that turret front BDD modules were not only removed, but also their attachement points were cut off.
  4. More photos of Borsuk from Nowa Dęba. It have both ramp and door in the ramp. Inside there is acces to unmanned ZSSW-30 turret. More photos.
  5. PGZ presentation of Borsuk IFV. Currently prototype is being tested at Nowa Dęba training grounds.
  6. Export + politics. We want to be a sovereign state, so independence in terms of arms manufacturing and arms life cycle is quiet important thing. Let's assume we have a disagreement with Germany, and we have a lot of disagreements just now. How much we can be certain that there won't be any problems with providing spares for example? World is not so nice place anymore these days, as it was 10 years ago.
  7. @alejandro_ "Wilk" program will be concluded closer to 2030 than sooner, so this gives Turkey time to complete BATU engine. When I briefly talked with deputy minister Gryglas, he confirmed that there is desire to produce modern engines, including ones for tanks in Poland. In such case both Republic of Korea with DV27K engine and Turkey with BATU engine have a good chance to be suplier, as we want to get away from MTU. Recent experiences of Republic of Korea with MTU is negative, K9 SPH sale for one of Arab countries was blocked, when MTU was going to stop supply engines for K9's
  8. Update on the Polish Army next MBT program codename "Wilk" ("Wolf"). At the moment there are several options considered. 1. Domestic design prepared by OBRUM, we do not know it's current stage at the moment but it's possible it will be a design with unmanned turret. Like this early graphic. Because it is domestic design, it can be considered as one of the favorites. 2. US offers M1 Abrams tank, however we do not know what variants are offered and other details of the offer at this stage. However M1 is definately considered as one of the favorites. 3. Sout Korea
  9. @Stuart Galbraith All these sights can be used, and probably are. Depending on specific vehicle configuration. And also what Ukraine can buy at specific timeframe. In other words, it's kind of a mess.
  10. Good question. One source claimed that these sights and thermal cameras might be made in Poland. We have such thermal sight for T-64 and T-72 series designated PCT-64/72 with thermal camera KLW-1 Asteria. In Ukraine however there are also thermal sighs, PTT-1, PTT-2 and PTT-3. Perhaps these are combination of KLW-1 Asteria in PTT-1/2? Some data. https://pcosa.com.pl/en/klw-1-asteria-thermal-camera/ https://pcosa.com.pl/en/pct-72-periscopic-thermal-vision-sight/ http://www.photopribor.ck.ua/en/products/defense/equipment_for_armored_vehicles_control_systems/buran1
  11. T-64BV Model 2017.
  12. May I also remind that photographs of M1E1 prototype shows weight simulator plates on turret and hull front. M1IP and M1A1 front turret and hull armor was improved. BRL publication confirms that, just like photographs of M1E1.
  13. Yes, at least a single T-80U was sent from UK to US for tests. I also found using Google Maps that at least one T-80UD AKA T-84 is still being kept at Yuma Proving Grounds.
  14. Challenger 1 perhaps? National Armor and Cavalry Museum have one, question is when it was obtained?
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