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  1. Deliveries fo 116 M1A1FEP will be completed this year, probably this month. Deliveries of 250 M1A2SEPv3's will be completed at the end of 2026, deliveries of 180 K2's will be completed at the end of 2025.
  2. Some additional informations about Polish Army tank fleet. Today we got information from the MoD that probably in september, during MSPO 2024 expo, Poland and Republic of Korea will sign first executive order for additional 180 K2/K2PL Main Battle Tanks. This means that in near term future, active tank fleet will look like this: 180 K2 Black Panther 180 K2/K2PL 116 M1A1FEP 250 M1A2SEPv3 105 Leopard 2A5 128 Leopard 2A4/Leopard 2PL/Leopard 2PLM1 In total - 959 modern Main Battle Tanks in the fleet. This will also allow us to completely withdraw from active service all remaining T-72's and PT-91's within the current force structure. Obviously force structure over time will grow and expand and will require procurement of more MBT's. Edit: MoD so far confirmed that there is a will to continue K2PL program and to create production lines in Poland.
  3. Last 47 from 116 M1A1FEP's for Polish Army enroute to port. These photos were made few weeks ago.
  4. CROWS allows you to mount M249, M240, M2 and Mk19, and any other weapon with the same mounting points. I doubt it was ever designed for soviet style weapons. Same goes for SCWS.
  5. Sho't (Centurion), Magach (M48/M60), Merkava Mk1 and Mk2 are withdrawn from service, some are scrapped, rest are just empty hull, like @Mighty_Zuk said, used as targets or training aids for ARV crews. Of course perhaps Merkava Mk2's might be refurbished and returned in to service within current change of situation.
  6. In Polish Army all vehicles coaxial machine guns are 7,62mm. However 12,7mm machine guns mounted on the turret roof are also not interchangable. Simply WKM-B will most likely not fit in to SCWS or CROWS-LP mount.
  7. Considering that all Soviet heritage vehicles are meant to be withdrawn from service, it means that we will stay only with 7,62x51mm NATO ammunition and weapons used on these vehicles, same goes with 12,7x99mm NATO ammunition and weapons.
  8. There are problems with mounting them in western vehicles. Believe me there were experimental attempts, results are, meh. For example there was idea to install UKM-2000C as a coaxial gun in Leopard 2's, after tests, Army just gave up and decided to stay with MG3. In general, while UKM-2000 in newest versions can stay as infantry weapon, all western vehicles receive western machine guns. It is a no go. We never produced all major components. As @urbanoid said, completely unrealistic today. It's better to focus on procuring license and produce on licence a foreign design, either K2 or M1.
  9. They are probably gradually sent to Ukraine, when more Beryl's go to reserve stock being replaced by new Grot A2's. Keep in mind that Polish MoD and Armed Forces keep the true size of military help for Ukraine in secret, and for a good reasons. What I can say is that, older weapon systems with soviet heritage, are becoming less and less numerous in the Army. Heck, there is a lot of talk among enthusiasts to keep some vehicles for museums before they will be completely gone in next few years. I will also remind, that some time ago, Army General Staff and MoD made a decision to gradually retire all weapon systems and equipment of WarPact/soviet heritage.
  10. I would not be so certain at this point how many AKM/AKMS are left in reserve stock. All 7,62mm AK's are being replaced in reserve stocks by wz.96 Beryl 5,56mm AK's. While Grot A2 and soon A3 slowly replace Beryl in active service. These are probably numbers taken from some contracts. This might not be, and IMHO it is not the full list of NVG's. As I said, Polish Army like to keep some procurement hush hush.
  11. If I recall it correctly, subcontractors were mostly used for polymer made parts. There will be some significant changes in Grot A3 design, like a different stock, it seems that Army right now prefers AR style stock. There might some other, also internal changes, and changes to charing handle design with better sealing. The Grot A2 that is currently produced, have mainly technological changes as it is called. A0 version is not used anymore by the Polish Army, all were sent to Ukraine, also A1's are right now minority. In general there will be a lot of design and technological changes in Grot A3 rifle, or rather carbine.
  12. Issues with Grot are overexagarated. Yes there were problems, but not with all rifles. Some had better, some worse quality. One of my colleagues own a civilian Grot variant, and for several years, he tested that rifle a lot, no issues with it, even tough this is one of the first produced civilian variant rifles. Grot will be further improved, as improved will be manufacturing. FB had some problems with subcontractors, because not everything had been made by FB, their production capabilities are still too small to do everything on their own. As I heard this is where some quality control issues originate from. Grot A3 will probably be last in the series for, first Grot iteration. There is a lot of talk about slightly changing it's design, maybe even reducing the modularity, like completely scrapping bullpup variant based on common upper receiver. Evolution will be somewhat similar to BREN1 and BREN2.
  13. FN MAG/M240 is superior as a vehicle weapon to PK and it's clones. This is because MAG uses milled receiver instead of stamped one. M2A1 in general is also seen as better than another close of NSV. There are reasons, I even talked about that with one of engineers at ZMT, who said that of course they can further modify soviet designs, but perhaps a better solution is to swich to western designs, that simply fit in to vehicles without the need for serious modifications. Infantry is a different thing. By the way, Ukraine received older Grot A0 and A1 rifles, that indeed have some issues, like all new weapons. Most of these issues are already solved with Grot A2, which is still an interim design. Right now new Grot A3 is being prepared. However Ukraine was a good proving ground to learn about pros and cons, and iron out all issues.
  14. IMHO so numbers might not be correct. You need to remember that Polish Armed Forces like to keep some procurement as secret. Altough NSV's were not procured in large numbers AFAIK, especially that after WarPact dissolved, and NATO membership become realistic, WKM-B was developed that is using NATO standard belts and 12,7x99mm ammunition instead of Soviet 12,7x108mm. However in my opinion, and some other people, we should completely abandon rechambered soviet GPMG/HMG and simply produce FN MAG/M240 and M2A1 on license. It would make a lot of things simpler. Tough UKM-2000 have one decisive advantage over M240 as a GPMG for infantry, it is significantly lighter.
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