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  1. I like the title of this thread. What has Sweden done that the world must be protected from it by a minor?
  2. Woah, he did say "Stick 'em up"! Fair warning.
  3. Probably unworkable ... How about buying a van and selling at the end? Might be cheaper than the hire on two cars for some two weeks.
  4. Nice overview. Be helpful if this were updated.
  5. 10.10.2019 fine with me, too. Pretty flexible until airline tickets confirmed. Same for hotel reservations. Has anyone given thought to transportation?
  6. ... War in Ukraine is the hugest and bloodshed military conflict since WWII. During 2014-2019 more then 10000 military and civilians were killed. The war still goes on. ... Absolute, total nonsense: Korean War French-Indochina War Vietnam "Conflict" Various Conflicts in Afgahnistan Bangladesh "Liberation" War Algerian Civil War Nigerian Civil War Ethiopian Civil War Syrian Civil War etc., etc.
  7. The Novi Sad events in 1942 resulted in some 3000 Serbs, Jews, and even Hungarians, being massacred. It is not considered as part of the Holocaust, but as a war crime. Those Hungarian officers responsible were tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by Hungarian courts. Unfortunately these men escaped to Germany, where they were welcomed with open arms. Hungarian labor units—consisting approximately 80% Jews, and 20% "non-Magyars" (Ruthenians, Slovaks, and Rumanians)—on the East Front had suffered 35,000 killed or missing in the Soviet offensive in January 1943. Not considered part of the Holocaust either, but as rather as part of the overall catastrophic losses, (130,000 casualties of 200,000), suffered by the 2nd Hungarian Army as a result of this offensive. The Hungarians had made peace overtures as early as 1943 to the western Allies, mainly Great Britain, which remained steadfast in its stance regarding the "Unconditional Surrender" and the "No Separate Peace" agreed to by the Allies in WWII. Hungary had been occupied by the Germans in March 1944 as a result of these peace feelers. Hungary regained a semblance of autonomy only after a change of personnel in the government following this event, but basically the Hungarian independence was over. And the real pogrom began, with more than 550,000 Jews being deported and murdered as of this time. Furthermore, Horthy's (the ruler of Hungary) announcement on 15th October 1944 did not indicate a change of sides, merely that he was in the process of suing for an armistice with the Allies, specifically the Soviets [1]. The Germans did not approve, and quickly intervened before an armistice was concluded, and this time replacing the entire Hungarian government, including Horthy, with the Arrow Cross, the local variant of the Nazis. [1] Probably wishful thinking, as I don't think the Soviets would have agreed to as armistice this late in the war. It was unconditional surrender or nothing.
  8. I don't have problem with having extracurricular lessons, being prepped for exams, or, frankly, even having papers looked over outside of school. It's what parents do, or private tutors are paid for; so when does it become copy editing? Difficult to draw the line with the latter. Where does the pupil's own work fade and the assistance preponderate? And, the internet offers endless opportunities of copying and pasting. Is accepting a donation, for example, for a new university wing ("for the greater good") in exchange for facilitating the acceptance of a student unfair? Maybe wrong, but nothing to get too excited about. Many educational institutions have to scramble for finances. Frankly, most people make least difficult choices, do not always tell the truth, or fail to maintain moral standards. There were approximately 20 million college enrollments in the US in 2018. Even if all the super rich ("the 1%") were to buy admission to colleges for their children, (and just how many of the very rich would have been school graduates in 2018?), it would be a drop in the bucket. There is a lot more unfairness in admission rejections based on the applicant not having the required "correct" ethnic background, or some other criteria. But nobody is going down that rabbit hole. The world abounds with accepted nepotism, cronyism, and favoritism. Minorities tend to stick together. Belonging to the same family, tribe, ethnic group, race, nationality, or for that matter club, association, etc. gives members an unfair advantage. See, for example, religious affiliation; graduates of military academies ("ring knockers"); sororities/fraternities; etc., etc.
  9. Yes, that's what I meant. (I've always known it an "unditching log".)
  10. Me too. Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more.
  11. Wouldn't an unditching beam (tied with chains to the tracks) be a helpful implement to carry along?
  12. It's difficult to get a handle on Belgium and the Belgians. Aside from beer, chocolate, Bruges lace, and Manneken Pis, of course. Also Hergé, Edgar P. Jacobs, Willy Vandersteen, and others from my (present day) youth. Be interesting to see what else comes here.
  13. Oh, Oh. Seems like Russia's going to be handing out passports, again! [shades of Crimea.]
  14. Not four vehicles, but four brigades. One the training brigade the other three active service, regular brigades. The number of vehicles per brigade will be more than one Ah misread that. So anyone got a number? So, 4 per brigade = 12 + 4 = 16.
  15. That's what happens when you only post links, without any remarks or content indication (I know, I know, Leo has found a new hobby horse. . .)
  16. "Plus another ~1.1 million from other countries." ?
  17. Note date of 2011 on the map (bottom right), which was the year the Syrian civil war began. So no refugees from there would be registered. A more current map would show the estimated 300,000+ Syrians who have arrived in Germany since then. Puts Syria from #35 to #4 of "foreign citizens" in Germany. Plus another ~1.1 million from other countries.
  18. Hi Roman, May I, respectfully, suggest that when you post a video, you write a brief outline of what it is about, and why you are posting it. Theoretically, this is in the guidelines for this website — and although not all members follow them — is no reason for you not to. Leo
  19. If anyone is interested in the Belgian 1940 fortifications, I have an article about them: http://niehorster.org/021_belgium/forts/_forts-part_01.htm
  20. What's so special about this incident? I can show you 100's of accident videos involving trucks, cars, etc. on YouTube courtesy of dash cams in Russia.
  21. One of the other objections to nuclear power in Germany is waste disposal. Solar power (photovoltaics) is not only a really viable solution here in the north, and it is also proving to be too expensive for the return expected.
  22. All very nice to get new trains, (although why we need more ICE4 is beyond me). Would prefer German trains ran on time, weren't cancelled so often, and that the on-board reservation systems worked properly.
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