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  1. Transport: Day Date Weekday Driver Vehicle(s) Capacity Total seats 1 10.10. Thursday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 2 11.10. Friday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 3 12.10. Saturday Allan Ford Escape 4 Pete Ford Escape 4 8 4 13.10. Sunday Allan Ford Escape 4 Pete Ford Escape 4 8 5 14.10. Monday Allan Ford Escape 4 Pete Ford Escape 4 8 6 15.10. Tuesday Allan Ford Escape 4 Pete Ford Escape 4 8 7 16.10. Wednesday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 8 17.10. Thursday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 9 18.10. Friday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 10 19.10. Saturday Allan Ford Escape 4 4 So, missing: Thursday (10th) and Friday (11th) Wednesday (16th), Thursday (17th), Friday 18th), and Saturday (19th) Do we need one for arrival day Thursday (10th)? Do we need one for departure day Saturday (19th)?
  2. And here I thought the thread title meant this. https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/vaginal-steaming (I know, I know, my mind is in the gutter.) -- Leo
  3. Is the above the "final" schedule? At least regarding dates? I might take a side trip to visit the family in Mexico before or after the I&I. So dates would be important. Same applies for my flight and hotel reservations. Would be nice to reach a consensus regarding hotel(s). -- Leo
  4. All very nice -- but will the reservation system work -- and what happens when the air conditioning fails ... ?
  5. I take it that is why the locomotives are changed at the German-Dutch borders?
  6. OK, I agree that electronic devices — whether voice* or visual — are easier to use. But, these devices occasionally fail, and it's good to be able to revert back to Map Reading 101. Study the map before starting to drive, and/or pull over and see where you are / are going. In case of emergency (as a proper male) as for directions. And have the map with you, of course. I was unaware that in the US localized road maps were scarce. Here in Europe, that is not a problem. Construction sites and other traffic hindrances on major traffic carriers are broadcast on special radio channels, with recommended detours indicated; at least here in Germany, these channels are sign-posted along the Autobahn. Although, frankly, sometimes when you have been standing in a traffic jam, you hear the recommended detour was "x" kilometers behind. * But not if it is "Surfer Dude"!
  7. How about using a "physical" map, instead? Useful skill. Bought a used Iphone 6S, cheap. Battery on its last legs, and some other problems. Replaced it for €16.50.YouTube has some good stuff for repairing / maintenance of iPhones! Now everything works great,
  8. I’m from the USA and I’m Here to Help. (Take on Reagan — "The nine most terrifying words in the English language".)
  9. Yeah! For some reason the air conditioning on the trains (IC) fails more frequently in the summer. Just spent two hours traveling in a non-airconditioned train. Outside it was 27°C: Inside it was a lot more. And, there absolutely is no way to open a window.
  10. Looking at the title of this thread — does this accident mean there are now only TWO Eurofighters combat ready?
  11. Has anyone been keelhauled, made to walk the plank, or flogged 'round the fleet yet?
  12. Yes. When I was in stationed in Germany early 1970s in the US Army, there was a jeep with an officer, an NCO, with a driver who did damage assessment during and after maneuvers. Farmers and other upright German citizens were always pleased to see us. Although I was only involved in the on site inspections and resulting paperwork, I understand the compensations by Uncle Sugar were quite generous.
  13. I had one of those Märklin HO Krokodil models when I was little, many, many years ago.
  14. Might that have something to do with taxes and not patriotism?
  15. After the near destruction of the Second Army in January 1943, it was placed in charge of the occupation forces on 17 January 43, and subsequently redesignated as the Hungarian Occupation Forces Command on 1 May 1943. Parts of which had already been in the occupation forces, parts were remnants of the 2nd Hungarian Army. On 1 January 43 there had been seven security divisions (1, 102, 105, 108, 121, 124, 201 Light Divisions); by 4 March 1943 this had increased to eleven, (these same 1, 102, 105, 108, 121, 124, 201 Light Divisions, plus four former Second Army 9, 12, 19, 23 Light Divisions (reforming). By 7 July 43, there were thirteen, (1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 12, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 201 Light Divisions); with the total manpower growing to 121,000 men. In addition, approximately four infantry regiments plus misc. other units arrived from 1943. to early 1944. (Note that the light divisions were consolidated into nine three-regiment divisions over the winter 1943/44.) You can download my book. Specifically, see Chapter 13, which deals with the Hungarian occupation forces. http://http://niehorster.org/015_hungary/book/Royal_Hungarian_Army_1920-1945.pdf
  16. Sorry, double tap. (TN is very slow right now.)
  17. The Germans were running out of cannon by the end of the war, so the inclusion of 75mm caliber field guns was not so much a choice but not having anything else. Hence, the Volksgrenadier divisions — were raised using the October 1944 organization — had their artillery regiments with one battalion 75mm field guns (18×7,5cm leFK 40), two battalions of 105mm light FH (12 each) each, and one heavy battalion of 150 heavy FH (12). The 1945 version had three battalions (8×105 + 6×75), and one heavy battlion (12×150mm). The infantry regiments in the VG and 1945 divisions was still authorized both 75mm and 150mm infantry guns. Initially, the corps artillery was conceived as having a supporting role in achieving fire superiority in the divisional areas, so these corps artillery battalions were equipped with two batteries of the same 150 sFH. An additional battery of 10cm Kan was included for mainly interdiction of targets beyond the divisional target areas.
  18. Here it is in English: "German public prosecutor’s offices do not provide a sufficient guarantee of independence from the executive for the purposes of issuing a European arrest warrant The Prosecutor General of Lithuania does, however, provide such a guarantee of independence" https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2019-05/cp190068en.pdf
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