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  1. Speaking of "The Virus", panic buying here in Hangover is now at the point where it is not possible to order from my favorite supermarket's home delivery service. At least, it does not offer any delivery options for the next 11 days. Dates from 2 April are not (yet?) shown. Guess I have to go out into the wild pestilent unwashed masses and buy in person at the supermarket, while I still can. -- Leo
  2. I'm probably biased, but the 80s were a ]wonderful time for movies in so many genres.
  3. That opens up the M4. That has got to be a win for the Rus-SAA!
  4. Nice! But does it blow up when it stops. Or, better, light your cigar? -- Leo
  5. Another problem seems that the extra horsepower of the M114 "seduced" some drivers to excess speed. In the process loosing a track and spiraling the vehicle. Personally seen on the autobahn here in Germany, and read about others. -- Leo
  6. I am inclined to agree with you. Hopefully by October things will have settled down a bit. I fear the Toronto I&I will have to be postponed, also. -- Leo
  7. The losses in Syria are of Turkey's own making. It was not attacked. On the contrary, it invaded a foreign country. So, NATO is not going to get involved militarily on the Turkish side in Syria. -- Leo
  8. Why limit Russian (re)supply through Iran/Iran if the Bosporus is closed by Turkey? There is always through the Mediterranean from St. Petersburg and Murmansk. -- Leo
  9. Well, panic buying has started here in Germany. I order the heavier part of my groceries online — Saves me schlepping them up five stories of stairs. Up to now, the delivery has been within 18–24 hours. (I usually opt for a late delivery, as it is cheaper.) Well, imagine my surprise when this time, when I ordered on Thursday, the earliest delivery was for Tuesday afternoon. At first, I thought, maybe end/beginning of the month sprees. But almost all canned/jarred goods that I ordered were either not available, or much more expensive alternatives offered. -- Leo
  10. No surprises there. No. 1 priority for the Turks all along has been, is, and remains the destruction of the Kurds. -- Leo
  11. Selbstfahrlafette auf Fahrgestell VOMAG 7/660 mit 8,8cm Flak The trucks started construction in 1940 of 21 - 24 vehicles. First of which were delivered in early 1941 to the only unit to receive them, the I./Flak-Rgt. 42, at Berlin-Lankwitz. The battalion was issued 20 vehicles, used to mount the 88mm (88mm Flak 18 Waffentrager), as well as range finders and gun directors (Flakmesstruppkraftwagen). Batteries were equipped with four gun carriers and two gun-director vehicles. The remaining vehicles were issued as reserve vehicles, without armament or equipment. Tessin states that the I./42 was a "Niederflur-Abteilung" (low bed chassis), and that it was an experimental, self-propelled 88mm Flak unit (Versuchs-Abteilungfür 8,8cm Flak (sf)). No further units were produced. -- Leo VOMAG 7/660 with range-finder/gun director
  12. We must not have a levitation gap!
  13. British ships suffered relatively light losses during the Duinkirk evacuation near land. (And many of those were unarmed civilian ships.) I imagine the Luftwaffe would be lsess well of trying to sink the Royal Navy in the high seas. See Wiki (yes, I know) Dunkirk evacuation [The totals in the two tables do not correlate, but they do give a general idea of losses / damage.] -- Leo
  14. Yes. On a Sunday. And notice the shadows: early morning. -- Leo
  15. I think you missed a decimal point. 56 out of 2000 is 2.8%.-- Leo
  16. Of 2000 infected, 56 have died. [= 28%] FAZ. See 8th paragraph, last sentence. https://www.faz.net/aktuell/gesellschaft/gesundheit/coronavirus-entwarnung-nach-verdachtsfall-in-berlin-16601620.html
  17. Right. You point the gun towards the back. Put on full automatic. Pushed into desired lane.
  18. Lovely model. Unfortunately, it wasn't built to land on water.
  19. And how much did the pencil lengtheners cost versus the amount of saved pencil? But you could reuse the holders indefinitely for innumerous stubby pencils. Did I mention that you had to turn in the stub to get the new pencil? -- Leo
  20. For the pennypinchers. When I worked for Hertz Rent-A-Car, we were issued pencil lengtheners. Only when the stub was too short to fit into the slot, were we finally issued new ones. -- Leo
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