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  1. The M2A1 has design improvements which include a quick change barrel, fixed headspace and timing. How would that compare to the latest version of the DShK? -- Leo
  2. Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. -- Leo
  3. Corinthian is Filipino and lives in the Philippines. 😜
  4. That's been done before. It did not end well. -- Leo
  5. Aren't you throwing out the baby with the bathwater?
  6. OK. Thanks guys. Still does not answer which arm or service of the Army they belonged to. (Infantry, Engineers, Quartermaster, etc.?) Perhaps an indication of which NATO symbol is used to depict them? I thought, perhaps, they belonged to the engineers. For example, the Japanese in WWII had landing engineers, which transported troops and material between shore and ships, provided liaison between the Navy and the Army on ship and shore, and occasionally fought. -- Leo
  7. To which arm or service did the "Compañia de Mar" at that period of time belong? -- Leo
  8. In my day, the army had us march by in the training company (ca. 250 men) just after induction through a hall, and proceed to inoculate the hell out of us. Sure, there was the very occasional adverse reaction, and the male nurses weren't always gentle, but those jet injectors could handle a lot of people in a very short time. So why couldn't this apply to the COVID-19 vaccinations? -- Leo
  9. @sunday Greetings! No, it was benign. @Stargrunt6 Thank you. Thankfully, I had a full anesthesia. I don't want to start on all my past operations, let along infections, etc. (And I also did spend some 30 years in "third world" countries.) @Steven P Allen Yeah. I hear you. The doc said there is a 10% chance it won't work. @DougRichards I sincerely feel for you. I truly hope your travail is at an end soon. My aunt —my last living blood relative— just recently passed away. She had been hoping to die for many years, but could not bring herself to do a medically assisted deat
  10. Just had a prostate operation (TURP). They recovered all of 20 grams. Original complaint: - frequent need to urinate, particularly at night (ca. 30 to 60 minute intervals); - time between need to urinate and urinating very short; - pills originally prescribed did not work Diagnosis: - prostate swollen, causing the entry of urine from the bladder to the urinary canal to be hampered. - a surgical procedure would alleviate the swelling, and enabling mostly normal urine routine. Result to date (1 week after operation): - frequent need to urinate, particularly at night (
  11. Don't forget those newfangled bucket seats. Tough on the girlfriend.
  12. Towed vehicles are not optimum for off-road, mobile combat use. Something mounted on independent vehicles is needed. -- Leo
  13. Helicopters' first combat used in Burma, 1944: https://www.airspacemag.com/airspacemag/helicopter-goes-to-war-180972605/ -- Leo
  14. Interesting that the Crimea is not shown as part of Russia. Old map? -- Leo
  15. My groceries delivery company (REWE) now once again has a one week delay between ordering online and delivery. During the summer it was down to 12 hours. Some articles now sold out, like fresh veggies, but that might the time of year. TP available in various ply and colors. -- Leo
  16. @BansheeOne How was the patient protected at night/while sleeping in the hospital? How was the face mask issue handled? -- Leo
  17. Great models, and stop-action. But I don't see any RC antennas. -- Leo
  18. Sorry, but this just came back to me. I do remember a convention for Massey Ferguson, where an overzealous employees had banners made reading "Welcome MF'ers". 🤣 -- Leo
  19. The "German" pizza has a very thin, crunchy crust. I prefer pizza. (Although without pineapple.) 😜 -- Leo
  20. There are also the Swiss "Bundesblatt", which published changed and/or new orders of battle. All available on line from the Swiss Government https://www.admin.ch/gov/de/start/bundesrecht/bundesblatt.html -- Leo
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