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  1. Note that Canada did have troops in Asia, namely Hong Kong in December 1941. Namely, the Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of Canada, i.e., two battalions with some 1900 men.
  2. As always, a good summation of the defense planning in Germany. PS Sorry, BansheeOne, but I am sure you mean billions, not millions in your last paragraph.
  3. Add to cheap mass produced beer with little or no flavor: Holland (and elsewhere) Heineken Germany: Löwenbäu, Oettinger You add to them other beers produced by AB InBev, including such winners as Fosters, Corona, Labatt, etc. The taste of my favorite Dutch beer, Grolsch, has also suffered after the takeover by AB InBev. It has lost flavor in the last years. (And no, it's not my aging taste buds. It is the general opinion of many Dutch beer drinkers.) Another German growing group is the Radeberger Group (owner by Dr. Oetker).
  4. No problem for me, either. Note, I do have NoScript installed., so normally anything strange would not work without explicit permission on my behalf. I hate all this JavaScript, CSS, etc. Give me plain old explicit presentational HTML.) But NOT version 5 ! — typical case of programing nerds making changes just because they are paid to program.) Humpf! Phooey! -- Leo (Ignoring "recommendations" by W3C since 1995.)
  5. See that 3/4-ton, and speaking of watching the road through the bottom, in the late 60s, I was "privileged" to drive a 3/4-ton truck which had been prepared for air dropping. These babys were not palletized, they were simply dragged out the back of the plane by a small parachute. Hopefully with the handbrake on. And landing — again, hopefully— intact and right-side-up. Anyway, besides being pretty well stripped down, holes had been cut over the shock absorbers. What with the lack of tarps, windshield, and doors (also removed for airdropping), it was a very unpleasant vehicle to drive. Heater? We're talking late 1960s here. Most jeeps and 3/4-ton vehicles did not have heaters. At least not in Europe.
  6. Aah, but it is UK who is leaving the EU, not the EU who is leaving the UK. And the UK who all along was trying to get a better deal than the rest of the members. When it didn't get its way, it decided to pick up the marbles and leave the game, and blame it on the EU. Unfortunately, many of the marbles are only available as a member of the EU. So now it is once again whining that it wants a better deal, with all the perks but none of the obligations.
  7. In or out: only if the Brits get to pick out their own raisins, as well as have their cake and eat it, too.
  8. The longevity of the 52 is still just... not even sure what word to use to describe it. B-52 = Cher.
  9. https://ww2db.com/images/55e519d182cca.jpg Copy and paste the above in a new window, and the following image appears: USS Jupiter 18 –22 — 1. Mare Island, Cal. October 16, 1918
  10. Interesting series. I particularly like the early panzers. Perhaps you should prectice your talks. You insert "eh" and "um" a lot, which detracts from what you are saying.
  11. Hi, Still in Holland on family matter. Please keep us (me) informed what you are doing, so I can at least be with you vicariously. I very much regret missing this year's get together. -- Leo
  12. Was there any kind study of done regarding the additional support units and logistics necessary to intruduce a new tank to an overseas theater? Such as the M26 heavy tank? What about the M24?
  13. Geez, Rich. I sit and learn at your knee.
  14. Re: your very intersting talk with Bernhard Kast. Wasn't the consideration of sending of the Pershing to the European Theater (and probably the others) was based on the shipping bottleneck? Plus something about being able to ship more Shermans vs. heavy tanks — and having to establish entirly new supply and maintenance organizations — which prevented the theater commanders from requesting the new, untested vehicles? And please, the Bailey Bridge could theoretically be build in ANY load-carrying configuration, so it could hardly have been the engineers who prevented heavies from being sent for fear of their bridges collapsing.
  15. I'm told the Leopard I was reasonably quite, and therefor quite useful for some recon missions.
  16. Most English-speaking adults. For the rest of us it means "Number". But I do agree the joke is hilarious.
  17. So where is the "token Asian"?
  18. Well, my Green-OD cushion sole socks still fit.
  19. If the locomotive on the rails moves back and forth, I might get one.
  20. ANNA News makes really outstanding videos.
  21. I am in Holland with my terminally sick (only) aunt, who is expected to pass away. The date is obviously not set, and I personally hope she recovers. If able, I will join you, but right now I feel it is tempting fate to book hotels and such. -- Leo
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