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  1. Coast artillery under the navy: Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria (although under Navy command), Greece, ... Coast artillery under the army: USA, Belgian, Spain, ... Coast artillery under both the army and the navy: Britian [1], Germany [2], USSR [3], ... [1] Army and British Marines (MNBDO) [2] Navy was mostly port/harbor defence. The army had a lot more of it, and they also did port/harbor defence. [3] Mostly navy. Some army.
  2. Which is one of the reasons why the Vikings came into being 1000+ years ago. Are we going to see a resurgence of the Norseman Menace?
  3. Please note, there is a difference between 2000 kilometers squared (km2) and 2000 square kilometers (sq km)! [= 4,000,000 sq km vs. 2,000 sq km]
  4. Thanks to BansheeOne, the only Germano-Dutch mayhem I have experienced concerned soccer fans — but in the news, as I neither attend nor even like that sport.
  5. Thank you, Simon. I, on the other hand, was going to write something about hangovers and puking or iron balls, but now I won't.
  6. Capitol is often used in Germany as part or all of the name of a theater. Having to explain jokes to Germans ... BansheeOne used to follow me around at the I&I reassuring the Germans that I was making a joke, not insulting them. Might have resulted in Germano-Dutch mayhem, otherwise.
  7. The only capitol punishment allowed in Germany involves sitting through some frightful show.
  8. You know "The" Google results are tailored to reflect your surfing history, don't you?
  9. Propellers (and other rotating objects) will also appear in "old film" to slow and/or turn backwards. Known as Wagon-wheel effect.
  10. Breaking news: Hostage situation at the Cologne main train station. No further news at this time. 14:30 LT (GMT+01:00)
  11. Try and find an agent. They take part of any royalties, but they have the contacts. They also advise if they think they can sell it, and of any changes, copy-editing needed, etc. to your manuscript. They might even have contacts which provide photographs. (These will also take another part of the royalties.) I have no personal experience, just heard from others who have.
  12. Pity, the Gelände der Wehrtechnischen Dienststelle in Meppen was a great place to get mushrooms and berries.
  13. Is this useful in a tank? Or a needless complication? -- Leo
  14. Looks like an explosion under the truck crossing the bridge on the left at 0:04. Or maybe a large flash of overhead line(s)?
  15. @Milo Nice map! Could you provide the source, please? TIA -- Leo
  16. RE: Unofficial High Speed Tour of the American Heritage Museum Minute 5 — 7.5 cm Pak 97/38 "spare wheel" This third wheel supported the trails when closed for movement by the crew for short distances without the prime mover. For a picture, see http://www.lonesentry.com/ordnance/7-5-cm-pak-9738-antitank-gun-ex-french.html For towed operation, this third wheel was fixed on top of the trails. For a picture, see https://www.pinterest.de/pin/441704675927391041/
  17. Pity you lower yourself to personal attacks. And, I am Dutch.
  18. Then there was the dreaded "War Wheel" in the Blackhawks! (Really dating myself, here.)
  19. What makes you think the EU wants a deal? The UK wants a deal. As always, picking and choosing conditions of membership. The EU wants to maintain its system, and not keep on making exceptions and offering special deals to the UK, and finally get the awkward one out of in line. So, even if the UK has another referendum — and then decides to stay in — I doubt that the EU would offer the UK it's previous special conditions.
  20. Why on earth would the EU be terrified?
  21. Tokarev said something to effect that a firearm is designed around a decent magazine. Production processes prior to WW2 were insufficient to allow mass production of workable, reliable magazines. You could do good magazines, but they would be laborous and expensive to make. Most of the rifles of the era used stripper clips for loading, even those which had detachable magazines. Garand's clips were a way to get around these limitations. Sure thing the concept became obsolete quick but for the time it was very workable. And later era(s): I remember using two-part stripper clips for the M14 with the magazine in it. Many a sore thumb! The M16 also had them, although we were never used them as we were issued loaded magazines.
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