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  1. I was raised in Mexico. There are two very simple (unofficial) rules regarding right of way:

    • If it's bigger, it has the right of way. Period.
    • If approximately the same size, the one who arrives first goes first.



  2. 5 minutes ago, R011 said:

    Circumstances requ9ired an off the shelf buy or as close to one as made little difference.  After our experience with British automotive technology and the known problems of Chieftain, it just wasn't in the running.

    Were the Chieftains equipped with Lucas electrics?

  3. 7 hours ago, Simon Tan said:

    If you think the Chinese are staging out of Blighty, you are sadly misled. In the way that India is very much a creation of the British, it is India that will fuel the idea of Britain. 

    Sorry, that is a bit too obscure (deep?) for me. Please explain.

  4. 15 minutes ago, sunday said:

    +1. Now you could go back to the traditional means of balancing the budget, like harrying the seaways of the world! :P

    And exploiting the colonies. No, wait ... 🤔

  5. 6 minutes ago, seahawk said:

    This current deal is not a long term solution. The UK needs to become a global country and drop the connection to the EUSSR.

    Good luck with that. The days of "Great" Britain are over. The world has changed, and going it alone for small countries is extremely difficult.

    And, the belief of many USians that democratic socialism is the same as communism shows true ignorance of the political systems involved.


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