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  1. If the u-boats couldn't do it, surely IJN sub force wouldn't be able to. Too close making to heavy of a home field advantage for a US that pumped out endless destroyers and transports. There was a thinking to cut off logistics which was by cutting off Australia from US lines of communication. "Not that it would matter" in 3, 2, 1. Speaking of subs, a Japanese sub is joining JS Kaga and two other destroyers on a training mission into the Indo-Pacific from August.
  2. The Iranian BM strike on the US bases in Iraq still (pending any possible declassifiction of documents) caused very little human loss because the BMs were detected early in their launch, given time to respond. Space based observation probably can detect long range missile launches, even low altitude ones like Iskandar. Having the missile launcher closer to the target gives less possible reaction time, or having missiles launched from less expected vectors can make defending more difficult so air or naval platforms can still expand the operational sphere of missiles. A purely independent missile based structure would be easier to predict and easier to design a counter force, either as defensive or counter reaction, as it would have less possible vectors to launch from.
  3. Another interesting discussion with you, thank you.
  4. That is a simplification. War makes people brutal if the war goes long and desparate and US involvement prolonged the war in Asia and raised the stakes with the oil embargo. BTW, asia largest cathedral was in Nagasaki and was in the middle of mass when all got vaporized. Prisoner killings is also a sort of exaggeration since total killed prisoners by the end of the war was around 20% and that includes those killed in the hell ships. Mind you Japanese themselves were also going through death by starvation and Japanese civilians were facing the prospect of mass starvation yet by the end of the war, 80% of prisoners still were alive and returned home. Things laike the bataan death march were bad. Surely instead of marching them like they did, after they held up the white flag, if the Japanese wanted show a worth that they didn't care to show, they should have left them in the cave for a few days with some food, let them recuperate a bit, and then relocate them in a more civilized manner to prisoner holdings. So that is a war crime. But that revenge came from hate generated in the course towards the war. Flying Tigers AVG were offered three times pay rate or something like that. The FDR adminstration was doing all sorts of things getting itself more and more involved. If not, there shouldn't have been such deep pent up reason if the leadership at the top had not done so.
  5. It's true that the US had a whole new naval force to be commissioned from 1943 and onwards. But if 1942 finished with good results for Japan, its chances are higher in comparison to the night before the PH attack. What really would the guys landing on Peleliu, Saipan, and Iwo Jima really be fighting for? "Remember Pearl Harbor" is dumbed down propaganda, along with the rest of the "slap that jap" stuff. Japan had its own propaganda, and if Japan somehow managed to win the pacific war, surely they would develop an ego and arrogance of obnoxious levels.
  6. I have come to the conclusion that it was not US duty to humanity, idealism, liberalism, democracy, or w/e to take the initiatve in supplying the Nationalists Chinese with loans of credits and taking and other tit for tat escalative steps with Japan over Asia regional matters. Had the Japan somehow even won the Pacific, the US homeland would have been perfectly fine. The US and its constitution was not on the line of fire. The result was the spweing of communism all over asia, Korea getting cut in half, Taiwan cursed with the China identity issue, and a shame on Japan so great that it handed CCP China a ticket onto the WTO because of Iris Chiang's "China Holocaust" and other related "remember Pearl Harbor" stuff despite the PRC itself less democratic the whole time then Japan ever was and the PRC in the mists of its Falun Gong eradication program just as US Congress passed bills to let the PRC onto the WTO. Hypocracy to the max. Japan was still an empire and its end was not all entirely bad and i do think both the US and Japan made much effort to develop and foster a good relation on new balance and terms. But I cannot find full fault in Japan for wanting to resist instead of just agreeing to heavy handed terms to get the oil back with no interest in the US side to seek a meeting with yhe Japanese calling for a meeting in order to get the two countries off the collision course.
  7. The first six months was a precarious balance for the USN. Code breaking gave hot determination a needed leg up to work with. After Coral Sea, had Yorktown been more damaged so as making it not possible for a hasty repair to send her off in time for Midway, then even if code breakers got the intel as has been done, does the USN still try the ambush at Midway with only 2 carriers?
  8. The whole guadalcanal campaign and really the whole war had great risks. If pursueing the Gaudalcanal campaign is accepted as the constant, making use of BBs (which were increasingly falling in strategic value) for the bombardment was relagively good trade off then if trying to do the damage with more air attacks from Rabual or risk more transport ships to haul over more army heavy weaponary. With hindsight, If they had the doctine flexibility, they should have sortied Yamato and other BBs to do shore bombardment of Midway island. If they attracted a hornest nest of US attack aircraft, or even just a few squadrons, that attraction would have lessing the pressure on kido butai and their dive bombers. Better to lose BBs then losing carriers and their aircraft and pilots. Instead Yamato contributed very little in 44' and 45' in entirely impossible scenerio and ate up fuel to get to 44' and '45.
  9. Of course, they did use BB shore bombardment during the Guadalcanal campaign.
  10. 60cm howitzer probably would have short range, making it something only usable once superiority at sea and air has been established, in which case, BB cannons are sufficient for shore bombardment. In a similar function mass rocket bombardment was used.
  11. Current progress of carrier number 3.
  12. Too much leg pulling which burns out patience and raises distrust.
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