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  1. Low growth model still has greater growth in absolute terms than most other countries because the low in low growth is relative to total GDP size. I.e. 2% growth for US is much more than 2% growth for a place like Australia. Posturing is warranted so long as the PRC maintains its policy of 9 dash line and Taiwan. The PRC is already the largest by far in the region. An alternative approach that the CCP will not consider is compromising the 9 dash line claime with other SCS claimants and ending its double pincer of calling Taiwan as part of China while at the sane time threatening military retaliation is Taiwan declared an end to the status of being ROC. Whether or not Aussie SSN plan is to be an effective form of posturing is a different matter. There's a lot of uncertainty in guaging PRC strength. That makes it difficult to calibrate reasonable countermeasure. The PRC says very little about the amount of items it plans on procuring. How many J-16s do they plan on making? How many J-15s? How many J-20s?, how many Z-20s, how many new SSNs, how many carriers? How many so and so for so many things. Even the Pro-CCP posters elsewhere, both seasoned and fanboy, don't even know and so are always pour their eyes on whatever new images that emerge so as to better guess how many so and so are currently in possession or currently in the pipeline. That is because the PRC govenment simply does not provide even that basic level of transparency. Only a few examples of briefly stated amount but those have all been just surface combat ships like Type 52Ds and Type 55s, thus the few cases are easiest to observe construction and procurement anyway. So that uncertanty combined with their policies warrants posturing.
  2. Well as I said before this circle of qualification of books, from the amount that I do know, I am of general same posture as you even if not nearly as deeply of an established posture. I can't expect such amount of reciprication from others about everything specific of stuff that I may know, for example. It's why a group of qualified people is far superior than just one. There's a token of benefit of doubt, particularly when trust is acquired.
  3. Could happen if one reads too fast. So in the end they "read" it while not really internalizing it.
  4. It's not a matter of a desire to not want to inform myself. Other things come first on my bucket list. It can't be helped. If you think whatever is on my bucket list is a waste of time and of lesser importance, well then I can't help with that.
  5. Books being selective, or just not fully comprehensive, shouldn't come as a surprise. Which is why people ask for recommendation books. They want to be sure that they get a good one that has established credibility and deserved acclaim. "Hey, I tried" sounds hysterical or a fake punch line. zzz
  6. Everyone has limits. I have limits. Limits in time. I simply do not have the time to read all that stuff on top of what I'm currently going through. So I make do with what I can. Relying on web stuff obviously comes with its bottle of salt. There is one benefit to forums that books don't have, which is being able to read the buttheading of contrasting ideas. Books can be selective in what they decide to write and in what form and can also be tied to publisher desires. Even if a given book does not have such selective form or publisher pleasing bias, I can't know for sure unless I become so informed on a given matter to be able to judge the contents of a whole book myself. On Russia.. its not going to happen. So I can't go as far as that "don't". しょうがない。Hopefully others can pick up on those books.
  7. Yeah, even though I didn't say that quote, I had concluded that to myself before ┐(´д`)┌
  8. As for books, yeah, but it's because I've got a full plate of books (English and Japanese) so for that Russian angle, I have to rely on TN (as a particpant or as a lurker should it be) and other internet places.
  9. Well yeah, I should be more clear as I know very well that sentiment of not getting stated recognition for rather important points so on this matter I'll do so. I agree with you much more than not. There's the creep into Georgia, vacationers into Ukraine, to add onto the other things already mentioned. To which others would post in a way to suggest they would be perfectly willing to throw not just the Ukraine but even the Baltics states under the bus on the basis of "Russia's sphere". Gregory as well had posted much about this stuff that would go entirely unnoted had he not. Of course Russia's opposition (US, UK, etc) are not perfect either, so that does dampen a bit my own sentiment towards those Russia related matters. But I do see where you're coming from.
  10. "our borders 'crept' east because they wanted to join. We even invited Russia to join. It's not that I hate Russia, I like the people and a lot of their military kit has my respect, look at UK army procurement mess. It's Putin and his gang that I take issue with since they want to restore old SU and go so far as using chemical warfare in other countries." Something like that in 3, 2, 1.. Not to completely disagree, just making a prediction based on past reading of these debates over and over.
  11. "A source with knowledge of the negotiations told Reuters that planes from China, the United States, Russia, South Korea or Israel were being considered." https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/argentina-plans-spend-664-mln-fighter-jets-possibly-china-or-us-2021-09-21/ So... JF-17 (or was) Don't think they offer J-10s. F-16 probably SU-33 but others could guess better. TA-50 surely. Lavi??
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