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  1. They probably are. There might be a few that were hidden away somewhere, but I think the USMC was pretty thorough in cannibalizing that inventory. S/F...Ken M
  2. This is what happens when you let foreigners in your country. S/F....Ken M
  3. The nazi threat ended in 1945. After that it's just a boogieman trotted out to fleece the ignorant and the craven. S/F...Ken M
  4. Nah, we have interests, not responsibilities. The only responsibility American government has is to the American people. Everyone else can eat shit. Letting yourself and your nation get lead around by the nose of fake and gay make-believe morality is soft handed weakness of the most contemptible nature. S/F....Ken M
  5. Wheels within wheels. It's another bit of progress, consolidating local and state issues into the centralized Federal morass of tyranny. S/F.....Ken M
  6. Given the interchangeability of corpo and /gov bureaucrats and how they swim back and forth, it's just a distinction without a difference. The world may be "the oyster" of the US based globalist tyrants, but for the actual American, the world is just a seething mass of human shaped cockroaches, invading actual America as quickly as they can. They do the same to Europe. so it seems, but since I'm not European, I don't care. Someone else's problem. The impervious ignorance of motherfuckers who have done nothing, that are just regurgitating what they're told is tiresome. S/F....Ken M
  7. You think Russia is an existential threat? To whom? GTFO. S/F....Ken M
  8. "It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It"- Upton Sinclair No point in wasting the time. All these deceptive shitlib vermin simply lie and claim their bullshit redefinition of the meaning of a word makes it "legal." Let's just skip all the word games and get to the decisive action. Only thing that ever matters. S/F....Ken M
  9. The guilt by association thing is shit. An idea stands on it's own merits regardless if it's advocated by retards. Example small 30x113mm cannons and Mike Sparks. Also like that example (?)you brought up of the German nativist party advocating good fences making good neighbors and ethnicities advocating for their own interests being slandered by association with nazis. S/F....Ken M
  10. I'd rather hope the family gets justice, which doesn't involve them getting paid off via taxpayer looting. S/F....Ken M
  11. The last UK "conservative" worth more than a bucket of piss was Enoch Powell. S/F...Ken M
  12. Lawyers suing shitlibs, shitlib assassins wacking lawyers, right wing death squads purging shitlibs. It's a beautiful dream. S/F....Ken M
  13. The Gay Old Pedos made their own bed, being the Washington General party that openly and deliberately fails. They don't deliver for their actual voters, so their actual voters are purging them, and all the filthy lucre of the donor class can't stop it forever. It's just a political purge now, but soon it will be a real purge, as the naive and innocent voters realize they've been sold the fuck out for generations. S/F....Ken M
  14. "Absolutely destroyed" means what? How many ACLU subversive vermin have been executed? Jailed? How many have even been prosecuted? There are dozens of "Jan 6" protestors who are in jail without conviction for years now. So spare us all the hypocrisy about "rule of law" or other blather. Until actual Americans accept and embrace the indispensable use of power, all this talking about "absolutely destroyed" is just meaningless and self defeating dilution of justifiable rage. S/F....Ken M
  15. Taurus makes utility grade guns for the poors. It's all a commodity. If it's what you have access to and can afford, rock on; practice and talent trumps hardware most times anyways. As the economy crashes, deflation will have the prices of guns crashing as businesses try to move product. Already seen and taken advantage of this. S/F....Ken M
  16. You think 30mm HEDP is a significant disadvantage compared to 20x139 APDS? BTR60 and BMP-1 aren't really much of a benchmark anymore. S/F....Ken M
  17. They weaponize everything, and attack until you stop them. S/F....Ken M
  18. Quite the contrary. There's a lot of organization and money behind these fucks. Prosecute these fucks, put them in with the savages inside the American prison system and you'd have a nice roll up inside of a year. Any USMC infantry battalion organization from the last 20 years could do it, resourced adequately. Given US TLA resources, it could be done inside of months, FFS...this is already a done deal given the complete penetration of computer and smart phone networks. It's literally a google search away on the TS/SCI computer network called JWICS. Why do you think the Soros organization went after the local and state prosecutorial positions? It's battlespace shaping and self defense. S/F.....Ken M
  19. Here's a fucking idea....get the fucking garbage off the road and get traffic moving, while you process the greasy hippies on the shoulder. It must not be too hot if you are going to ground on the asphalt in shorts. Every asshole is just so blithely cavalier about wasting one of the few truly priceless commodities...time. S/F....Ken M
  20. Wiesel seems a good fit for the M230LF, which is similar to the existing 20mm version, with increased performance. I think Sparky exists as an operation to discredit good ideas by association with craziness. Maybe the right people aren't getting paided a bonus? S/F....Ken M
  21. I'd love to see anyone attempt to discuss how human civilizations are supposed to address the issue of compulsively irresponsible 3rd world primitives reproducing in a neurotically altruistic 1st world society. You'd have less risk juggling flasks of nitroglycerine while standing on a flaming beachball. The Biblical level slaughter that's coming is completely predictable. S/F....Ken M
  22. The "good fences make good neighbors" party. If the goal is peace and stability, this seems about the most reasonable policy of any political group. S/F....Ken M
  23. The draft and diversity are basically mutually exclusive in a free society with universal sufferage. I should probably restrict that to "diversity isn't possible in a free society with universal sufferage." Or perhaps "permanent conscription isn't possible outside the framework of a nation" with the rather touchy point being that the USA is an empire, not a nation, and hasn't been for a long time. S/F....Ken M
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