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  1. The core constituency of the shitlib Democrats is the urban political patronage workers who adulterate the voting rolls, the ones who work at the organizations who send out bullshit ballots, who deliver those bags of votes to the captured counting sites, those who lie about this fact, and the ones who swear to those lies. S/F.....Ken M
  2. Fair point, which is why I moved out a while ago. Still work there, if you're in the chaos industry, you have to go where the chaos is. S/F....Ken M
  3. Listing all the shit the enemy does is so tedious. The enemy lies...no shit, you expect anything else? The enemy will do everything possible to oppose human civilization, they don't have any shame, they don't have any self-awareness. What are you doing to stop them? S/F....Ken M
  4. How we will make Sri Lanka rich by 2025 | World Economic Forum (archive.ph) Guess what they were doing didn't work. Wonder if the WEF will make any assessments and changes in their recommendations? I wager not. S/F....Ken M
  5. What's the intended purpose? I've had several Gamo and FWB .177 match rifles for practice, but I prefer 20 and 25 caliber for hunting. The larger ones would appeal for lower noise, but they're pretty loud. I'd just use suppressed 38 Special or 44 Special. S/F....Ken M
  6. There's nothing to discuss. They don't trust their fellow men because they know what they intend to do, which is tyranny. Either that, or they're loathsome cowards; either way, no point in talking, complete waste of range/gym/dojo time. S/F....Ken M
  7. No idea about the T-xx vs Western APFSDS, but the US was heavily concerned about the possibility of Iraq having BM-42M in 2003 due to the risks posed to M1 Abrams of that timeframe. S/F....Ken M
  8. The constant attempts to tie everything hated to the Nazis is even more stupid and tedious than when the braindead Hollywood twats do it. I'm disappointed that the UK pussies didn't dispatch an SAS squadron to deal with this POS when he fucked with their currency. Establishing a precedent of weakness and cowardice. S/F....Ken M
  9. AHEAD works fine on incoming 155's, they have specialized C-RAM shells in 35mm. S/F....Ken M
  10. I have been reading all these postings about using SAM systems to shoot down MLRS, and no mention of the "normal" C-RAM setup, point defense AAA like AHEAD or a naval CIWS type system. S/F....Ken M
  11. The massive increase in productivity allowed for the massive growth of the unproductive.... What do you mean you didn't see it coming? S/F....Ken M
  12. Sure sucks to be a minority in another nation's country, what a profound observation...totally reason to disarm a nation, so that their extractive elite doesn't have anything to worry about. S/F....Ken M
  13. There were not bunkers full of 105mm, there were several development programs to do new IM HEP rounds and other typical green welfare busy work when they did 105mm Stryker. The costs of maintaining and "retooling" for 105mm greatly exceeded whatever dusty crap they might have found sitting unforgotten at an ASP in Utah. Which would have just gone to DRMO anyways. The purpose of this whole clownshow is to enrich the MIC, let's not pretend otherwise. S/F....Ken M Addendum: The US doesn't really stockpile much stuff anymore, all that got sold off to connected twats after it was declared "surplus." The fact is we don't stockpile modern ammunition, just some remaining piles of the truly immense production of WW2 and VN, and that's why these intelligence "analysts" keep projecting that the Russians are running/going to run out of ammo any day now. Which they've been saying for the last 3 months, because they're fucking stupid and committing the cardinal sin of analysis, thinking that the other guy thinks like you.
  14. I said short 155mm using MACS and automated loading a decade ago. Nothing has changed except the tax cattle have been leeched near to death. S/F...Ken M
  15. Yep, if you never deliver the product, you always have incentive to keep selling the solution. The purges of Stalin won't even be a starting point. S/F...Ken M
  16. I thought all you Euros would have learned about entangling alliances from the mass slaughters of previous continental wars. And yet you keep doing the same stupid shit. S/F....Ken M
  17. Sounds hardcore American to me. Stuart can take his guilt trip and fuck right off with it. S/F...Ken M
  18. The basic theme of American history can be summarized as "myopic grubbing traitors continuously sell out potential utopia for cheap servile labor and ruin everything, repeatedly." S/F....Ken M
  19. No, you're inverting cause and effect. These areas are shitholes because the people that reside there are fucking scum. Lazy, stupid, impulsive and savage. There is no magic dirt that turns black neighborhoods into pest holes, conversely, the magic dirt doesn't turn whiteland into magic utopia either, so all the nonwhites chasing down the white man just turns those areas to shit also, as the carrying capacity of white society gets overloaded by freeloaders and simple incompetence. See Detroit, Flint, or most any black majority area. The simple fact is that society used to be better because the dominant American (white, Christian, northern European) culture, which comes from the people forced other ethnicities to conform. This was called racism by the subversives seeking to ruin society. And the weak assed Americans tolerated it, instead of crushing it as required. Blacks used to be rising in society, relatively speaking, because they were forced to. Up until the "Civil Rights Era." Now they're pandered to, used as a weapon, and they're defaulting to their genetic African mean. Civilization is hard work. No, you're lying by increment. The neighborhoods in Chicago that the feral blacks occupy used to be beautiful. Brick and granite and hardwoods. It's a testament to the craftsmanship of the builders that many still stand. Detroit is much the same, although further down the path to ruin. The first post ACW, post 1871 waves of European rabble lived in slums for a time, but they rapidly turned these slums into clean and orderly neighborhoods. Chicago was, and remains, the fastest expanding population area in history, in the 1870-1910(ish) period, the mass settlement/homesteading period to flood out the Indians. Much the same as the mass immigration/invasion of foreigners is being used today to flood out the actual Americans. Section 8 housing is just another euphemism for black, because people can't be honest, because they're punished for honesty when dealing with the protected classes. And most people are weak, afraid to fight. S/F....Ken M
  20. If you break out the homicide rates by race, I think the US white numbers would fall in line with similar European numbers. The FBI stats are pretty shady, those lying fucks mix and match "Hispanic" with Caucasian white wherever they're trying to massage the data. For Chicago, if you break out the black and Hispanic numbers, there's basically no violent crime here. S/F....Ken M
  21. It's much more productive to use common components, especially the actual wear items. Common brake components, shocks, engines, transmissions, wheels, tracks, batteries, etc etc. As well as to a lesser extent; fabricated plates instead of castings, etc etc S/F....Ken M
  22. Given the number, and far worse the common personality traits of fatty mcfats I interact with, no pity for them here. Personal responsibility or die. S/F....Ken M
  23. It's the bird gun version, probably choked extra full. Lead shot is back on the menu. S/F....Ken M
  24. Yes, it's unsafe, what you really need is a STASI level surveillance state, so we can watch and masturbate as you're murdered by the feral street animals we empower by robbing and hobbling you. S/F...Ken M
  25. I drive over 50,000 miles per year, what is this ignorant subhuman blathering about? I know these sheltered urban cunts know less than zero about all the enterprises that allow their festering parasitic existence, but the projection about what they value and their own stark stupidity is all I got from that twat. The average realtor or sales rep will bury that mileage. S/F...Ken M
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