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  1. That was from an article and it’s for the US population as a whole, iirc. I don’t remember where I saw it, sorry.
  2. Michael, 

    Would you provide a source for the mortality rate on your 9/29 post. "... All this, for a disease entity with a fatality rate of 0.003 %."

    Thank you. 



  3. A bit late, but I will chime in. I’m not sure why some of the British denizens here find it so unthinkable that the people who have been setting fires and rioting since May might actually wander out of town to continue their little revolution. There have been a number of people arrested for arson up and down the Left Coast, although admittedly so far they seem to be mostly mental health cases instead of neosoviet loons. I also think that most of the Antifa twits are mental as well. At any rate, I have no faith that the media would report it if they caught anyone doing it to overwhelm po
  4. It was a Level I trauma ICU in a university hospital, and he was a young athlete who should have had a minor wound. Physics within a body cavity is frequently not our friend. Those units were an assortment of whole blood, packed cells, fresh frozen plasma, and platelets. The fluid resuscitation was so vigorous that he was no longer recognizable from the edema.
  5. Good remembrance on King and Geoff, Mike. We are all the poorer for their absence.

  6. It’s been ten years. They have been eventful years, and I have a pretty good idea of how they’d both feel and talk about this one, especially. There are places that I can’t think of without thinking of King. We did a lot of traveling, 2002-2009, and met quite a few of you folks. I have books, models, and games that King passed along. I only spent time around Geoff at the ‘09 I&I, but we had been in contact for a long time before actually meeting. There is a Geoff street on my frequent dog walking route, and spiders often make webs on the street sign. I have to smile every t
  7. Thanks, I hope that I can stick around for a while. Joe Isuzu was at least funny. A malfunctioning public health hierarchy, not so much.
  8. Yeah, it was the most memorable death of my career, and there were a lot of deaths.
  9. This is really nothing more or less than elder abuse by the DNC.
  10. The bloodiest case in my career was a 17 year old boy who was shot in the outer buttock with a.32 ACP. It clipped his abdominal aorta; at one point 3 trauma docs, the charge nurse and I were all pumping in blood products as fast as we could. His chest tube containers filled up with blood so quickly that twice blood got into the wall plug-ins before we had time to react. By the time we realized that we were losing the battle, blood was literally ankle deep in the room, in spite of soaking it up with blankets. IIRC we transfused over 150 units of blood products before we called it.
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