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  1. So, no point in trying to talk to you, huh? If that’s what it all boils down to for you, I have no hope of ever being able to communicate meaningfully with your ilk.
  2. 🙄 That’s what Obama claimed, too. How did that work out?
  3. Living in an apartment, I don’t even have a shovel to bring, when I’m interned. Big disadvantage.
  4. How about a person who apparently slept her way to a DA job? Who imprisoned many in California as DA and Attorney General, many of them black, many for drug related offenses, and then jokingly referred to her own use of such substances? Who did so abysmally in the primaries that she was the only one of the large Dem field to drop out before the first votes? Who was specifically picked for her melanin content and genitalia? Other than that, she’s highly qualified to be president when Joe strokes out because some tame reporter asks an actual question.
  5. I’ve been expecting this all along.
  6. Shouldn’t that be “dog face pony” up?
  7. It is simply astonishing to me that anyone could look at the last election and not see problems. Then again, I’ve thought for decades now that “progressivism” is a mental illness. Prove me wrong. Don’t bother trying; you can’t.
  8. It’s the Atlantic, one of our many versions of Pravda.
  9. It’s nice to be seen, good sir. I’m hoping to stick around for a while this time.
  10. I don’t block people, although a couple leftists I know have blocked me. No big loss.
  11. Is it wrong that I feel significant schadenfreude?
  12. Portland and Seattle antifa scmucks rioted again Biden last night.
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