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  1. The same to you, with stars on it. Trump got more votes than any other incumbent in our history. He packed rallies nationwide, while Biden hid in his basement. Biden ran the weakest presidential campaign ever, and yet got more votes than Obama? It’s coincidental, I suppose, that for the first time in my lifetime, the voting count was stopped, with one candidate well ahead, and then when it restarted, thousands of votes for the other candidate had been found, and only in the swing states? The fix was clearly in, as noted in the Time magazine article. Time is hardly a conservative source. Don’t p—- on my leg and tell me that it’s raining. Too many people stood to lose if Trump was re-elected, on both sides of the swamp; hence the continuing pursuit of him, even after he was removed from office.
  2. We’ve been beyond that point for a long time. And I was once a cheerleader for The Left (tm).
  3. That helps to explain Mattis, somewhat.
  4. Only if you don’t live here. It’s fairly alarming from my angle.
  5. I was never a regular listener, although I grew to agree with him on quite a bit. He changed the talk radio game, for sure.
  6. I defended a nurse who had a history of being problematic. As steward, that was what was expected of me, and although I had some personal knowledge of her screwups, I worked out a deal that kept her job, as the union wanted. A couple of months later, she killed a patient through negligence. I believe that I own part of that death. As liberal as I was at the time, SEIU’s political stances were too much for me. My experience with them is part of how I converted to conservativism.
  7. You get this much better than an awful lot of USians. If you came here and pretended to be a Democrat, you could vote, no doubt.
  8. I was a shop steward for SEIU. I was cured of ever wanting to be anywhere near another such organization. Public sector unions are the worst.
  9. My wife and I did. We want the first warhead to hit our apartment directly, hopefully in the middle of the night. Roman, can you get us on the Sov...err, Russian target list? 😃
  10. I agree that the current season isn’t quite as good as the earlier ones. I’m a little tired of Naomi’s soap opera, truthfully.
  11. Wellington was one of my favourites.
  12. As we watch the approach of The Great Reset, picking a hill to die on seems entirely appropriate. From 2017-March 2020, the US was wildly successful under Trump’s leadership. The Plandemic(tm) put an end to the greatest non-war related period of recovery in our history, and nothing can change that. The leftist factions will never admit that, though. What hill are you digging in on?
  13. Now, now...you’re stepping on the narrative...
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