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  1. Heard a rumour that, The combat weight of an E8 (not much difference between the M4A1E8/A2E8/A3E8) was around 74k lbs. Add on some field-expedient armour such as steel plate or concrete, and you could quickly end up in the same ballpark as a Jumbo. The steel plate (often cut from knocked out Shermans or German tanks) was very effective. I have not encountered reports of lower reliability for field-expedient uparmored Shermans. A notable example was the command tank of Creighton Abrams called "Thunderbolt VII". Patton hated concrete and sand bag armour on "his" tanks. US 14th A
  2. LOL. Simon, what's your take? Is this going pear shaped or will it fade out?
  3. Humanity seems to learn from its mistakes in that after a really good shindig, the next 2 or 3 generations tend to mind their manners. After that, the forces in society that cause disasters - the Custer types that look for personal aggrandizement by way of foreign confrontation and drama - tend to get the upper hand and another round of shindigs occurs. By that theory Hitler's biggest surprise was that he did it with only a 1 generation gap. My take is that Putin probably thinks that the fall of the Soviet Union could have been averted by decisive leadership in the Kremlin.
  4. I am advised that - the Jumbo had the final drive ratio 10 or 20% higher than the other Sherman models if I recall correctly. I do not believe that any changes to the transmission occured, and it seems likely that the road wheel bearings would have remained the same. The extra 5 tons of weight - The Jumbos were rough on their suspension -- if you look at pictures you can see how the suspension travel is typically severely compressed.
  5. Biden's sea change with Russia was quite stark from Trump's. Whereas Trump was transactional and non-judgemental, Biden's is based on ideology, and the immediate turn in rhetoric was notable. With Trump CNN snidely wondered if Trump was some sort of agent of Putin's, but in 2015 if you recall I did mention that one of the reasons I wanted Trump to win over Clinton was that Clinton seemed hell bent for ideological or reasons of arrogance to make a tragic mistake with Putin. Here, Biden comes in, declares he's going to get tough on Russia, and steps up the rhetoric. This is better than Trum
  6. I wasn't thinking of Iraq - they can no more stop the Israelis flying than the Lebanese can. More that the US might not allow Israeli passage over Iraq. Israeli policy doesn't seem to be in a rush to bomb Iran directly. When you look at Israeli military history, they thrive in situations where wars are quick and decisive, where the Israelis step back and allow their opponent to get up and dust themselves off. Sometimes, (Jordan, Egypt), there's even a handshake and relations are improved. I think the reason why Israel isn't in a rush to bomb Iran is because the war that looks to c
  7. In 2014 the Russian army remained in the field all campaigning season if I'm remembering correctly, so I would expect they'll be massed on Ukraine's border all year, into the fall. While you and I have no say over anything, your opinions to me showcase for why Ukraine might turn into a tragedy. You refuse to accept the doctrine of spheres of interest, which means that this type of confrontation becomes inevitable when a power that should not intrude into another's sphere does so. This type of reckless ideology basically veers down the wrong side of the road until eventually i
  8. Yes, quite. And just imagine what stern inspirationals he'd have posted if Germany actually had an army to back up the rhetoric.
  9. Probably, but Europe and China might not be pleased with the Gulf states stopping oil production in a merry refinery war. After all, the Israelis have to get there by flying over someone, and that someone will not be Turkey or Iraq.
  10. Well, I'm glad Stuart's posting some background stuff at any rate. My mom was looking to build a car garage this spring and got an estimate last year at around $35,000. Building materials have gone up a bit, so the quote now is $85,000. I'll ask her which of that and Russian grain she cares more about.
  11. Can't disagree with any of that, but the nukes are also a millstone around the neck with the Washington elite. Endless drama and sanctions. With the North Koreans they seemed fanatical on getting the bomb like it was a national mission statement. The Iranians by comparison seem more lukewarm to me.
  12. I'd think so. I think she might have been really frightened and distracted and running on pure instinct. Apparently the gun is set to the dominant hand side, which might have been a contributing factor.
  13. Probably refers to this, Iran fires missile at Israeli-owned ship near UAE - report - The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)
  14. Do they? Seems to me that the Iranians want a deal with the US more than a bomb. Maybe some hardliners in Tehran think otherwise. But if the Iranians had no program, what would they negotiate with as leverage?
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