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  1. If Alexandria had fallen I believe the plan was to sabotage the Suez Canal so that the Axis could not advance into the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. The issue for the British was not the Germans. It was the Soviets. If Egypt falls, Stalin may take this as the indication that the British were done. If the Red Army attacks, the British are done.
  2. Your source says, Air Ministry estimates were that it took 6,000 shells for each claim in autumn 1940, improving to 3,195 in April 1941. So in 1940 if they fired 6,000 shells, they shoot down 1 plane. If they fire 12,000 shells, they shoot down 2 planes. In 1941 fire control improves so that if they fire 3,195 shells they shoot down 1 plane. If they fire 6,400 shells, they should down 2 planes. What Rich and you are saying is that if they fire 6,000 shells in 1940 they shoot down 1 plane. But if they fire 12,000 shells, they shoot down 1 plane. No. They shoot down 2 planes
  3. 1. Gibraltar is taken by the German army executing a direct invasion of Spain from France. This idea seems to confuse you. Somehow, you imagine that Adolf Hitler, of all people, was concerned about Franco's feelings, or needing to feed a conquered population. Geez man, pick up book. The guy was ruthless. 2. The whole strength of the Luftwaffe is not in the Mediterranean. They don't need it all there, just enough to shut the RN out of the Med and take Egypt. Much of the LW will be deployed in Northern France bombing the UK, (mostly by night). Some of it will be in France and Spain p
  4. One day it's the A-bomb they're not going to have, the next it's the blockade that's not going to work. It's all pixie dust. The British couldn't win the war without either the USSR or USA coming in.
  5. A quick google check here, don-caldwell.we.bs/jg26/thtrlosses.htm (don-caldwell.we.bs) Indicates that the Luftwaffe lost (defined as total losses plus damaged) 27,060 aircraft fighting the Anglo-Americans and 8,600 aircraft fighting the Soviets between September 1943 and October 1944. It does not break down the losses between the RAF and the USAAF, but assuming about 50/50, that would mean that the RAF accounted for something like 13,500 German aircraft and the USAAF and Soviets accounted for about 22,000. If the USA and USSR are not in the war, the RAF might shoot down or dama
  6. If a flak outfit fires 8,000 shells into a bomber stream instead of 4,000 shells, all other things being equal, it can expect to do about twice the amount of damage, on average.
  7. The German war economy was overheated and strained because it was fighting on two fronts. The three hammer blows, the establishment of Allied airpower in France, of the loss of France, and Rumania, ain't gonna happen. All of the Axis aerial forces committed to Barbarossa will come west. Some of the bomber force would be assigned to the BOA, more than the historical numbers. No, what's happening is that you are perfectly aware that if Gibraltar falls the British are done in the Med. So, what we get is a bunch of nonsense that Franco's Spanish army, half of which would probabl
  8. Germany actually took Crete and there was nothing that could prevent the fall of Gibraltar if Barbarossa was off. With Crete, Sicily, Sardinia, and Gibraltar, and with the whole strength of the LW without a war in the East, it was game over for the RN in the Med.
  9. I read the way the Japanese did it was they put two fuel systems into their fighters. One was the lower grade stuff for training and cruising and various muckings about. The other was the one reserved exclusively for air combat.
  10. Rich and I participated in a discussion last year on Axis History Forum where the use of unrefined oil in the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1944 was discussed. The problem, (IIRC) was high sulfur contaminants in the oil, which made the ships more vulnerable to fuel explosions in battle. But it was done.
  11. Invading the Soviet Union cost the Germans far more in resources than were ever extracted from it. Also, doing so prevented the trade pacts Stalin was wishing to sign in 1941 from happening, costing the Axis untold millions of tons of supplies later.
  12. The issue is not what the USA might do. The issue is what the USSR might do. It is undamaged, so is in the production league of the United States all on its own. Those insisting Stalin will attack Germany and bail the British Empire out are simply engaging in hopeful thinking.
  13. The German strategy would be the total annihilation of the British Empire by Germany, Italy, the USSR and Japan. The US will not enter the war if the political dynamics are not favorable.
  14. Hardly. More guns and ammunition would produce more Allied bomber losses in a linear fashion; twice the fire, about twice the casualties.
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