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  1. The speech seems hoping that Biden wins the election and things go back to the way they were for NATO. She talks about Russia and China, but the tone seems more worried about internal divisions in the alliance, specifically with Washington under a Trump or Trump successor. The bit that Germany "cannot" provide its own nuclear deterrence is a strange comment. Why can't Germany consider its own nuclear deterrent in a situation where the US is becoming more distant? That dog don't hunt. The talk about Europe and Asia also seems cloudy - Europe has enough trouble agreeing on defens
  2. What's up with cashiers and asymptomatic Covid? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8894901/Doctors-warn-high-rate-symptom-COVID-19-infections-grocery-store-workers.html Specifically, are they asymptomatic at a higher rate than the background population, and if so, why?
  3. There is no impediment to sea communications during peacetime. That's why an S-400 shipment from Russia to China about a year ago had to be replaced - because the missiles were damaged in a storm in transit by ship. Perhaps the Chinese are too stupid to know that they need their shit in position before the war breaks out? I doubt it. Or maybe you believe that the West will go lunatic and launch a big attack on Russian and Chinese shipping and rail lines clear out of the blue in peacetime? I doubt that too. So what are you talking about that the Chinese can't use sea shipping to fo
  4. Trump should look to France to see how its done. I hear their plan is working wonderfully at the moment.
  5. My suspicion is that the "experts" actually believed that if they drove the infection rate down to as near to zero as possible that somehow this would mean that the virus was defeated and they could open up and the virus would not come roaring back. IMO, nothing else fully explains the fanatical dumbfuckery in which western governments overspent their treasuries, ordered their own civilians to stay home, and drained the life from their own economies between March and August. Sweden was excoriated in the Western press as nearly criminal in their conclusion that they were running a marathon an
  6. Drive a couple thousand tanks 5,600 miles in peacetime? Why on Earth would they do that when they can use rail and sea communications? You're talking about wartime contingencies, which have nothing to do with the discussion about China using Russia for access to leverage Europe, Middle East, Africa. Talk of a Sino-Russian alliance is premature because the debate in Washington on what to do about China is not settled. Why would China act prematurely? In terms of airpower, Russian long range aviation is ahead of China's. This is one area China would gain a march on both technol
  7. I see France's per capita infection rate yesterday is about 4 times higher than the highest per capita rate recorded in the United States. Good show. Was that 'science' that Macron was following to manage that?
  8. Political sway and alliances, sure. For example, India is a place where Russia might be useful to China. Re - air transport. Would be interested to see what plans there are for civilian airliners pressed into military service. A quick check gives about 2,900 civilian airliners in Chinese service. (US is 6,800, Japan is 670 and Russia is 660 for comparison). Re - access. You know that thing sitting in Asia and Europe that's 5,600 miles long? That's Russia. If the US goes for a containment strategy of China and Russia joins in, then China is contained. But, if the US does so a
  9. AFAIK only recently have Chinese troops and equipment taken part in Russian exercises in Russia. Here, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/china-russia-military-exercises-war-games-caucasus-2020-with-iran-belarus-pakistan-myanmar/ Method of deployment for the Chinese appear to have been air transport.
  10. I'm not referring to the Belts and Roads initiative. We are discussing a military alliance and I am referring to military access by China to Europe and the Balkans via Russia.
  11. Russia's foreign reserves now are 570 billion dollars. Add to that as much as another 100 or 200 billion hidden away by oligarchs that might one day be recovered. France's reserves, in comparison, are 220 billion Euros. Russia's total estimated value of resources held is 75 trillion dollars worth. These can be leveraged and traded for Chinese credit if and when necessary.
  12. Russia's economic problems have to be balanced against the fact that their national debt is low and their oligarchs including Putin have squirreled away huge sums that could be clawed back one day. Their birth rate can be offset by increasing immigration, and global warming is and will increasingly be to Russia's advantage.
  13. As stated, Russia has a massive nuclear arsenal that China does not, and provides China access into the Eurasian heartland.
  14. Oh, but I'm sure when people are voting by mail nobody will pressure anybody on which box to tick.
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