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  1. I can understand why Armenia might want the Americans, but what does Armenia bring to the table for the Americans, other than the usual weak damsel in distress bit?
  2. Claims that Chinese J-20 is now at the 100 per year mark, China increases J-20 stealth fighter jet production (defence-blog.com)
  3. So Russian expansion is a huge threat to Poland and NATO, but at the same time, the Russian threat is so non-existent that Poland can throw Ukraine under the bus anytime without hesitation for the domestic audience. Got it. Sounds about exactly what I was expecting to hear.
  4. Sigh. At the risk of agreeing with you, I thought Trudeau came across like he believes the allegation as well. He's jumping at it for a variety of reasons, defending Canada, but also domestic political reasons. The Sikh community is strong in the Liberal Party and no doubt there's alot of heat behind the scenes. Also, Trudeau is floundering like an Italian battle tank in the polls, and he urgently wants to flip the script from his incompetence on numerous economic fronts. That being said, the West has played fast and loose will killing people illegally in other countries. India does not give a damn what Canada is going to say about this, because they know perfectly well that we're nothing without the US, and if the US really wants to get asshole about this, India has more cards to play than Biden does. That's one of the problems with your world view, Stuart. The West spent all its political capital for a shithole in Eastern Europe of no actual interest to it, and now 3rd parties sense Western weakness and treats us with contempt. See what I did there? I started off agreeing with you, but managed by the end to loop it back around to where we're "supposed" to be :^)
  5. Bingo. The Sikh community has fit in well in Canada and overall is a big plus. But, there are some minuses, and one of them is that some of them brought their historical baggage with them.
  6. I hear he's threatening the Indians that unless they play ball he won't dress up in his Indian costumes anymore.
  7. The Azeris signed a ceasefire agreement in 2020, and the Armenians lived up to their side of the bargain after that, did they not?
  8. I understand the Azeri position and I am the last poster on this site to argue against realistic politics in this world. But legally under international law such things are not to be decided unilaterally by force. Occasionally, when gloating about things like an unprovoked Azeri military offensive against the Armenians to the purpose of territorial conquest, some forget their mask and gloat happily at the attack. Sort of like the guy who claims he's crippled, but gets filmed leaving his wheelchair to walk to the fridge to get a beer.
  9. Really, it's Ukraine's fault for trusting Poland in the first place. I see that the Poles have clarified to say that "everything agreed" will be delivered, but that's a drop in the bucket and the war will continue long afterwards.
  10. You see, this is why the Global South doesn't believe a word the G7 says. We lecture the world after the Russian invasion of Ukraine about rule of law, the international order, the illegality of the use of force. Then, the Azeris break every rule in the book with an illegal attack on Armenia, and G7 couldn't care less. The G7 forgets its own principles. Assuming they actually ever had any, of course.
  11. Trump said he'd be in WW6 by the end of his term if he'd listened to Bolton. :^) With Biden, things like Blinken goes on a delicate mission to Beijing to try and restore ties after the balloon debacle, and Biden calls Xi a 'dictator' at a public rally within days and ruins everything. The guy is an imbecile.
  12. Trump's team handled the Ukrainian situation just fine for 4 years because Trump understood how to deal with the likes of Putin and Zelensky, both of which are hostile actors to US interests. Biden's team disintegrated on the Ukrainian portfolio because Biden's team is a combination of stupidity, incompetence, toxicity, and arrogance. That is why Biden's foreign policy portfolio has been a failure on all fronts. In all fairness to Biden's team, they are no worse than Canada's similar brand of woke globalist warriors in terms of foreign policy. It's simply an ideology that needs to be purged from our diplomatic ranks so that we can get back to dealing with what they think of as the 'lesser countries' normally. The US is the same - they'll do much better on the foreign policy front by removing Biden from office in 2024 and replacing him with Trump.
  13. Not just Ukraine. Biden's list of foreign policy errors, setbacks, and disasters is considerable. Ukraine is merely the one Biden foreign policy shit show that might cost him the election.
  14. I see news today that the Poles blew off Zelensky at the UN and cancelled a scheduled meeting.
  15. https://www.reuters.com/world/south-korea-lend-500000-rounds-artillery-shells-us-report-2023-04-12/
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