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  1. But... but... Sparky says it's a great idea... I'm surprised unmanned and low profile turrets haven't been seen more in recent MBT developments. The list of benefits seems very impressive.
  2. Weren't the first AR-15 magazines made in that "waffle" pattern design too? I wonder if they were any better than the early aluminum GI 20 round mags? From what I've read it was fairly common practice to only load 18 or 19 rounds in those.
  3. Any additions to the OA-10A were pretty minimal. It was mainly a change reflecting the aircraft's role. The same thing occurred with some A-37Bs becoming OA-37Bs with supposedly no change to the actual aircraft. I believe a YA-10B variant was offered as a definite FAC A-10, but this never went anywhere.
  4. I believe they're actually rebuilding the wings on the modernized A-10Cs so they can serve another lifetime. But the A-10 is certainly not a "light" attack aircraft.
  5. You're right about that. But patches are different from shelling out $2 to unlock small ER lasers for my mech. I just haven't had fun experiences with many of these F2P games.
  6. Has anybody fired the Robinson Arms XCR here? I'm curious as to how the recoil and accuracy compares to direct impingement and short-stroke gas piston AR-15 variants? Have any long-stroke gas piston design actually made it into any of these carbine competitions over the years? IIRC the XCR was disqualified from the SCAR competition due to some technicality. Regarding this H&K Project 50, it sounds like they were trying to repeat what they had with the G3/HK21/MP5 family.
  7. You mentioned supercruise? Was this featured on any of the JSF bids? The X-35 and X-32 seemed far from production aircraft, even more so than the YF-22 and YF-23. I don't see how having the aircraft compete against the criteria laid out in their respective bids was supposed to sidestep all of those hassles of the development stage. The F-35 has a good portion of the Western world behind it, plus engineers from LM, NG, countless subcontractors, etc. All of these problems are damned depressing because if the F-35 has the potential to be a great machine IMHO. I just wish the weights could hav
  8. If Boeing was focused on keeping construction costs down, why the redesign of the wing and tail layout? I don't see what about the Boeing design meant it wouldn't have gone through all of F-35's troubles. I don't see how they could have saved their STOVL variant either. I'll admit I didn't like how the Boeing X-32 looked like a bloated A-7. Looks don't really matter, but with that massive intake I don't see how it could have hoped to match Lockheed's design in terms of stealth qualities. Regarding the F-35's price, development is certainly going to be very expensive. The high-degree of co
  9. I was under the impression that the French forces had switched to the FAMAS G2 years ago. I didn't realize that most of their military is still using those '70s era F1 variants.
  10. I don't know if it would qualify as a firearm of note and ridicule but supposedly the FAMAS has a really bad reputation, something I did not know until recently. It can't be good if the French are already looking to replace them. Does anybody have more details about the problems the FAMAS has?
  11. I think you guys are comparing apples to oranges when you compare the XM25 to the Carl Gustav or SMAW. The way I see it, there is room for both in a eight or nine man infantry squad. The SMAW II "Serpent" might be a better option than the CG. Supposedly the launcher is almost 40% lighter and the spotting rifle is replaced by some fancy electronic sight with LRF. The whole system could probably easily be made compatible an airburst 83mm rocket. I think it's good for the Marines to look into 40mm alternatives but I don't see why they'd want an airburst system for the M203/M320 over the M32 M
  12. Maybe it was just some wrong reporting, but the T-90AM (or T-90SM) is what the Russian Army plans to transition to? The previous plan was low rate production of T-90As while upgrading T-72B and T-80Bs? I find it odd that we get so many great pictures and drawings of these, yet still nothing much of the now cancelled T-95. Frustrating.
  13. I feel betrayed. WHY CAN'T ANYONE GIVE ME MY PROPER MECHWARRIOR FIX? Not this "free-to-play" (you still have to pay to get decent stuff) MMO mess! I'll give you $50 or $60, you give me a complete game, not a game that's a job. In other words, I am not optimistic about this at all.
  14. So I just reached Level 14 and I find my warrior (mainly specialized in one-handed weapons) is getting his ass kicked by everything. Bears, bandit thugs, dragons, you name it. Bethesda's level scaling caused me all sorts of headaches like this in Oblivion too. But my ass getting kicked aside, I'm amazed by the sheer scale of the game world. Now if only I didn't have that "job" thing to go to during the day.
  15. Works well enough for APS target practice I suppose. Does it only have those two shots then it has to be reloaded manually? Is it pure HE blast effect that kills/detonates the missile or fragmentation? I thought Trophy was more of a shotgun type system.
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