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  1. Yes the mobile versions are just simplified versions of the full games in most cases with usually just the small scenarios but if you want to experience everything there is to offer you need to get the full version for the PC.
  2. Panzer Battles Kursk is now available for download on John Tillers website. 60 plus historic scenarios and the best of both the squad battle series and the PzC series was taken to create Panzer Battles plus of course many other new ideas that came along. And the graphics have been updated across the board. Aaron
  3. Have a friend who can answer most or all your questions, Royal Commando, deployed to Norway many a times in the 80s. Was gonna join but theres a new process of sending emails so im pasting what hes said. Midge991 Maybe in a few days he can join in himself. Germans were there only for political reasons, as far as I'm aware they never had any troops firmly committed. Only saw them once in the 6 winters I did. UKMF earmarked for Denmark, AMF did poke there nose in on a couple of occasions but again think their main role was Denmark. USMC I'm afraid were crap if the one decent road was blocked as they couldn't bloody ski! believe the Sov's we were gonna face was a MR Div that was expected to come through the top of Finland to cut off north Norway. At the time it was there they had PT76 and 62's The rest were expected to be airborne and air mobile 10 Mountain were earmarked towards the end of my time but they deployed further south than us we were always above arctic circle The main aim of the Sovs was to neutralize the northern airfields and ports to stop them effecting the Kola battle, that was our brief anyway I'm sure it was the Sov 45th MR Div 5th Airborne were earmarked for Denmark but on occasion they did deploy 1 btn with our Bgd The Dutch Marines always deployed with us The thinking was the Sovs would never get amphibious assets past our SSN's in Norwegian sea so they were gonna come by air and across finmark the Norwegian 5th Bgd used to be up north with us as well There's no way on earth they would of got a MRD down the E6 road as it was all pre prepped for demolition, boxes by the side of the road and on bridges It would of been fairly easy for us although on paper it looked grim 3000 lightly equipped troops with no armour facing Sov tanks and apc's We had caches all over the place and would operate in no more than company groups all self sufficient and autonomous We did an ambush on the E6 against the USMC, 4 hours later we ambushed their tail 30KM south having ski'd a pre recced route, their general couldn't believe we could move faster than his afv's! And that a company of 100 guys had delayed his whole MEB. We had two milans attached and a FOO for some of our Harriers. We then decimated his column with a few harrier strikes. The general came onto our ship to congratulate us afterwards and drink copious amounts of our beer. He mentioned NATO should reconsider where it deployed his Bgd in the future, as one road was no use to his amtracks and M60's. He also said he would start training his troops to ski which I believe he did Midge991
  4. I personally dont think it was realistic, to narrow of a front and bad terrain to fight in and if goin the amphib route they would have had to deal with Nato navies and losses would have been heavy unless they can pull off a Clancy, lol. I just dont see it, all i see is massive missile attacks and airstrikes to neutralize Norwegian airfields and naval bases and then commit their forces to the Central Front where the war will be won or lost. Winning or losing in Norway would not effect the outcome of a war. Aaron
  5. Canada pulled out of its commitment in the late 80s
  6. If i remember correctly most Soviet divisions in the Leningrad District and North were not equip with MBT but had PT-76s.
  7. 1983 05/04/1983: T-80 identified 28/04/1983: T-80 identified Sanddune project identifies Object 219 1984 T-80 operational with 9 TD and 11 GTD. Observed with 27 GMRD 22/02/1984: T-80 seen with 23 TR/9 TD At this time the T-64B is deployed with 1 company in each T-64A battalion sep-84: 100 T-80s with 9 TD 07/11/1984: Object 219B(or R?) is identified in a training panel together with 434 and 447. T-64 in 2 GTA, 3 SA, 20 GA; T-80 in 1GTA and 8 GA replacing T-62 Dec-84: T-80 with 10 GTD/3 SA 1985 T-80 identified with every division in the 1GTA and 8 GA Reactive armor present in T-80 and T-64B T-80 with 7 divisions in 1 GTA and 8 GA, 17 out of 28 regiments, 5 with ERA (at least 1,200 tanks) 1986 nothing worthwile. 1988 T-80 updating in 3 SA & 2 GT Heres some T-80 stuff, ive got the flu right now and feel like shit so having trouble looking but i know i have actual dates that some of the Independent tank regiments switched from t-62 to t-64 from a Russian website that has these tankers posting alot of info on these regiments. http://ryadovoy.ru/forum/index.php?topic=185 According to this it definitely wasnt before 84, i look some more but i know there was 0 at CFE Heres the CFE tankpark numbers And some version info for Oct 90: In October 1990, in connection with the signing of the Agreement on Restrictions on Conventional Arms in Europe, the Soviet Union admitted its possession of its European territory and in the databases deployed on the territory of former Warsaw Pact countries more than 60 thousand. czolgów. tanks. In this number: - 17 176 szt. stanowily czolgi T-80 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 17 176 pieces were T-80 tanks in the following versions: T-80 (305 szt.), T-80 (305 items) T-80B (12 806 szt.), T-80B (12 806 pcs) T-80BK (826 szt.), T-80BK (826 pcs) T-80BW (2 326 szt.), T-80BW (2 326 pcs) T-80BWK (90 szt.) T-80BWK (90 pcs) T-80U (823 szt.), T-80U (823 pcs) - 14 023 szt. stanowily czolgi T-72 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 14 023 pieces were T-72 tanks in the following versions: T-72 (3 855 szt.), T-72 (3 855 pcs) T-72K (179 szt.), T-72K (179 pcs) T-72A (2 501 szt.), T-72A (2 501 pcs) T-72AK (124 szt.), T-72AK (124 pcs) T-72B (3 360 szt.), T-72B (3 360 pcs) T-72BK (119 szt.), T-72BK (119 pcs) T-72B1 (3 657 szt.), T-72B1 (3 657 pcs) T-72B1K (228 szt.), T-72B1K (228 pcs) - 12 581 szt. stanowily czolgi T-64 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 12 581 pieces were T-64 tanks in the following versions: T-64 (1 730 szt.), T-64 (1 730 pcs) T-64A (3 881 szt.), T-64A (3 881 pcs) T-64AK (784 szt.), T-64AK (784 pcs) T-64B (4 391 szt.), T-64B (4 391 pcs) T-64BU (475 szt.), T-64BU (475 pcs) T-64B1 (1 242 szt.), T-64B1 (1 242 pcs) T-64B1K (57 szt.), T-64B1K (57 pcs) T-64BWK21 szt.), T-64BWK21 pcs) - 5 190 szt. stanowily czolgi T-62 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 5 190 pieces were T-62 tanks in the following versions: T-62 (3 919 szt.), T-62 (3 919 pcs) T-62K (270 szt.), T-62K (270 pcs) T-62M (477 szt.), T-62M (477 pcs) T-62MK (6 szt.), T-62MK (6 pcs) T-62M1 (180 szt.), T-62M1 (180 pcs) - 3 683 szt. stanowily czolgi T-54 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 3 683 items were T-54 tanks in the following versions: T-54 (523 szt.), T-54 (523 items) T-54K (2 szt.), T-54K (2 pcs) T-54W (1 771 szt.), T-54W (1 771 pcs) T-54WK (58 szt.), T-54WK (58 pcs) T-54M (1 275 szt.), T-54M (1 275 pcs) T-54MK (54 szt.), T-54MK (54 pcs) - 7 508 szt. stanowily czolgi T-55 w nastepujacych wersjach: - 7 508 pieces were T-55 tanks in the following versions: T-55 (1 167 szt.), T-55 (1 167 pcs) T-55K (153 szt.), T-55K (153 pcs) T-55A (2 231 szt.), T-55A (2 231 pcs) T-55AD (650 szt.), T-55AD (650 pcs) T-55AK (180 szt.), T-55AK (180 pcs) T-55AM (260 szt.), T-55AM (260 pcs) T-55AMD (63 szt.), T-55AMD (63 pcs) T-55AMK (3 szt.), T-55AMK (3 pcs) T-55M (2 762 szt.), T-55M (2 762 pcs) T-55MK (33 szt.), T-55MK (33 pcs) T-55MUK (6 szt.), T-55MUK (6 pcs) - 1 372 szt. stanowily czolgi PT-76. - 1 372 pieces were PT-76 tanks.
  8. Might have to look back threw my stuff but by 81 i believe only the independent tank regs. had T-62s and these were swapped out by 86 for T-64s. The only other units would have been some training divisions that would still have some and 0 T-62s by the time of CFE. Looked threw my info on the independent regs and T-62s were swapped out by 1982 for T-64s
  9. My link Try this thread In my latest oob i have used this info and have what i believe is the correct unit assignments. 2- 138,221 1- 147 8- 119 3- 115,145 20- 58 Aaron
  10. Forget what book but thats what was in the Tomsk book. Its pretty much a VERY heavy division, dont know exactly how or what but if you look they are called BDEs not regiments which could mean something because in the Soviet Army a Bde is a independent unit, i believe thats why its called a Corp instead of a division and usually a Tank Bde consists of 3 Bns of 49 tanks each plus a command tank and 1 company of BMP infantry plus various small eng,aa units. So in the end they could be renamed Bdes because they are independent units or because they had a Bde structure, i have never dug far into it just heard/read bits and pieces on Russian forums looking for other stuff. I forget what date but the whole idea was scratched before June89 (this was my target date) i believe it was NOV88 Aaron Just to mention a mech Bde would normally consist of 1-2 49 tank Bns and 2-3 full Bns of Inf(BMP-BTR)plus various support elements including art.
  11. Damn skippy, looking forward to seeing all those little known units.
  12. 4) pereformirovali army corps in the new formation, in the so-called Rapid Packaging Response (similar to the arrangements established in the time of American). For example, 5 - m special guards became 120 AK - I Guard MSD in Belarus , 48 - m in the same corps - 5 - I Guards TD in Transbaikalia. In such buildings are included 2 to 2 tank and mechanized brigades, 4 individual regiment - artillery, anti-aircraft missile, landing-assault, A helicopter, as well as jet division, and other parts, included in the division in pereformirovannoy corpus. In doing so, changed numbering only teams created from the shelves. For example, 355 - and Guards Tank, 339 - second, 334 - and the Guards and 356 - and infantry regiments newly created 5 - Fifth Corps began on 1 - and 2 - and the Guards tank, 177 - and Guards and 176 - and mechanized brigades (the rest of the former division preserved rooms, a helicopter and Craft-assault regiments, jet division had 1180 numbers, respectively, 276 and 1318). A 48 - and AK Guards respectively had comprising 3 - yu Guards, 4 - yu tank and 178 - yu Guard, 179 - yu mechanized brigade. Developments change late 1980 - ies. Packaging remains returned so their organization. If I have read well then part of the oob of the 5th Corps is: 1st Guards Tank Brigade 2nd Guards Tank Brigade 176th Mechanised Brigade 177th Guards Mechanised Brigade 276th Helicopter Regiment 1318th Airassault Regiment 1180th Missile Bataljon ? Didnt use them in my build so didnt dig much into it but do have a little info on it. As for Spetsnaz i dug a bunch into it and still not sure but yes the 3rd had either 1 or 2 of its units were of a recon type. Email you a doc on Spetsnaz, it might help Aaron
  13. Heres a site with some more info,history and org. http://www.csla.cz/armada/os/ps_organizace.htm If you cant translate it theres alot more info under Pohraniční stráž at the top of the page Aaron
  14. Excellent, thats the stuff. I had a feeling most wernt equipped intill 1990. Thanks again Aaron
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