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  1. glenn, all my first 14 years i lived in soviet union, the official USD/rouble rating was 6 usd to 1 rouble iirc. the day it was released it went 1 usd to 20 roubles and after that fell like Felix Baumgartner
  2. please kindly offer him and others of his ilk refuge in your country, nobody would welcome him here. besides, he´s living his dream , why would you want to take it away from him?
  3. rouble is basicly non-convertible by russia´s own admission. on sanctions and esp. the leaving of very specific western companies , the best comparison i can think of is like a hospital . one day the whole anesthesiology section leaves and takes with them their drugs and textbooks. now, the hospital administration can beat on their chest that this is ok, look, the dentists can do novocaine injections and besides, our in-house apothecary has never sold so much aspirin before and we have youtube anesthesiology DIY tutorials but soon there will be no serious operations aside from the ones done with good old stick between teeth or the same novocaine shot...
  4. i often wondered how ´WW3, but non-nuclear´ would have turned out, with all major participants having only armored divisions of ww2 type and almost none having the infantry that made up the rest 80% of the armies . with a typical mech. inf. batallion having around 200 infantry and logistical tails so huge. there was a training exercise in estonian defence forces late 90´s , where commanding officer , trained in Sov.Army, said to AT platoon co ´well, they will shoot 122How here, there, and there, since these are the most likely positions, it will be murderous´ and cited the norms for such shoot ,like 200 shells. the AT platoon commander asked, if they shoot 4 tons of ammo to supress every little crossroads every 2 km , how much trucks the russians need to advance 200km. on multiple roads and can they really do such logistics? ´huh.......´ looking at ukraine, probably not. would be an interesting thread to read if there were a ´Lessons learned about Cold War, looking from 2022´
  5. proposed inf. Company for urban battles, also 2006 era Com. Platoon - signal squad -2x AT squad - 2x Carl Gustaf RCL - 3x Fire direction teams - 3 men Mortar Platoon - 3 x81mm Spt. platoon - field kitchen - article says that this should really stay at Batallion area and food should be brought forward) - repair team - med. squad - ammo squad 3x Inf. platoon - 2x Inf squad (1x LMG (MG3 or Negev, IDK), 2x M69 RPG) - MG squad (2x MG3) - DMR squad 4x DMR)
  6. this was Estonian inf. company structure back in 2006 in plt. commander handbook, don´t know how widespread it was , there was much experimentation and changes back then. i think it´s for territorial defence orientation (separate Spt. platoon with cooks etc. ) - Com. Platoon - 22 pers., 2x Carl Gustaf 84mm RCL , 3 DMR (M14 i guess) - Mortar platoon - 3x 81mm - 3x Inf. platoon - com. squad - Plt.Com. (PM pistol+ AK-4 (swedish G3 clone)), Plt. SNCO (AK-4) , runner (AK-4), medic (PM) , 4x driver (AK-4) Fire direction team - FO (AK-4), measurer (AK-4), comms (AK-4) AT squad - squad leader (AK-4), 2x AT (Carl gustaf + AK-4), 4 x AT assistants (AK-4, CG ammo) 3x Inf squad - squad leader (AK-4), MG ( MG-3 or Ksp-58(swedish MAG), MG assistant (AK-4), 2x RPG oper.( M69 chinese RPG-7 copy +AK-4), 2x RPG assistant (AK-4+ ammo), sanitar (AK-4), assist. squad leader (AK-4) - Spt Plt (15 men - cooks , ammo carriers, drivers i guess )
  7. jane´s had in around 1993-94 an short article about ´Flame´ , common launcher for both Milan and AT-4 iirc. had something to do with Hungary, since it was in Hungary special supplement. iirc it looked like . i think it was aimed at India. edit. - https://bdl-india.in/fagot-launcher-adapted-to-milan-equipment though this seems to shoot milan only
  8. these were used in Afgh, one guy wrote later that it was a vital part of ´hearts and minds´ program, because everywhere these vehicles went, squeaking and bouncing back and forth like a clown car, it brought broad smiles on faces of locals , both young and old
  9. i think finnish arty is quite dispersed too, like 800m between guns iirc
  10. when russian spokesperson Zahharova went on her drunk rant about all this being about Borsch recepies, my wife commented that then one side could be called Borsheviki, but she can´t decide which side...
  11. ah , but this nokia was probably prepared specially for this shoot, like the russian airborne do with the bricks they smash with their heads, soak in water-freeze-heat-soak-freeze-heat till bricks have consistency of baby poo. nothing under 30x173 should be able to take out a out-of-box nokia my cell phone is the nokia 3310. smartphone LG died exactly 1 month after 2 year warranty ended, and i decided to give up on smartphones, tablet is better for online anyway and i have zero need for apps etc. this nokia has worked flawlessly for over 3 years i think, only thing that sucks is that bluetooth connection to speaker is not comfy to use when someone calls while music is playing and camera is not even potato-level.
  12. possibly the most heroic translation job into estonian subtitles i´ve seen was the guy who did the whole Monty Python catalogue, juggling with wordplays, obscure references, etc.
  13. uhm. very specialised metallurgy for very specialised technology sector. russia cannot even produce new generation of fighter engines, that have been tinkered for 15(?) years, Armata is not progressing forward because of also engine technology problems, sukhoi superjet was russian only as far as fuselage was concerened. they just discovered that they have problems with rapid trains between St.Peterburg and moscow, since it was made by siemens. and maintenance is also siemens only. china will not do maintenace for siemens train, they will offer to build maglev train instead.
  14. there was a podcast of a russian energy sector specialist, and it said that of oil sector , there are 4 high-end specialist companies that provide most of know-how and tech for oil exploration in difficult conditions. all 4 packed up and left in the first days of war, since they are all american. and iirc they provided like 80-90% of tech for russian northern projects, and not just tech, but also maintenance etc. there is nobody else in the world who has the know-how and experience , who could replace these 4 companies and if no solution will be found for return of these 4 companoies or at least some of them, all newer projects in russian north will be affected hugely. to cannibalise tech is possible for short time, but to re-invent it (with or without chinese assistance) is out of question, like trying to pick apart P&W or RR jet engine - you may copy all dimensions, but you cannot find out the finer specialities of metallurgy etc., he said that this is probably the biggest single problem the war has caused to russia this day, and since it´s so specific, it has been under radar for most people. too bad that the site i read it is down and i can´t find it on my own on youtube .
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