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  1. 328m is the minimum safe distance from frag.
  2. I am not familiar with A-IX-2. Is there another name for it? Frag radius for 23k, NEW 3.4 (still using TNT) is 328m.
  3. I'm sorry, I'd forgotten all about this. For the round mentioned below, 125mm 3OF19 HE-F, minimum safe distances for *BLAST ONLY* for 3.148 kg of TNT human safe distance 198m human ear drum rupture threshold 11m human lethal 50% 3m human lethal near 100% 3m (don't ask me why these are the same) heavy machinery destruction 6m heavy machinery moderate damage 10m vehicle trailers complete destruction 8m I need the total weight of the round to calculate frag radius
  4. Excellent information, Andrew. Just want to make sure jua understands that the cone does NOT inverse. That used to be the common belief, however, split second photography actually shows that the cone collapses. Copper has been found to be an excellent material for shaped charges, as is glass. However, glass is not practical for ordnance but it is used in some demolition charges for cratering. Also on fuzing. There is a round that uses only a base detonating fuze with nothing in the nose except air.
  5. This fall the "Play the World" edition/upgrade/addition/whatever is supposed to be released. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Also, for all those that had bugs and crashes, try the patch, it works.
  6. FYI, Someone is working on finding out if we can get on a range during a live fire at Ft. Hood. As soon as we find out something it will be posted. If this doesn't work, we still have another option.
  7. I have a program that will figure blast and frag distances based on amount and types of explosives. If you send me what you want info on (NEW and type of explosive) and I will send you what I have. Also need to know if the munition is heavy or thin cased.
  8. They also have a patch you can download at the civ3 homepage. seems to work out the bugs so far.
  9. Brian, I made a mistake. To put a spy in a city, you do it the way I told you to, by right clicking on the city you built the intelligence agency in. It will ask you which country you want to put a spy in, and you pay for it. Your spy will either be successful or caught. Now, to conduct the various missions, click on the little "E" on the right of your display box or whatever it is called on the bottom right of the screen. This is where it gives you the options like steal troop placements plans, etc. And I figured out why India attacked me. I didn't know they had troops near a city
  10. About the wars, well, the one I'm on now, France attacked me about 1900 or so, and it is now 1967 and India just declared war. We had a mutual protection agreement and were in an alliance against Rome and Japan, but apparently they got bribed to go after me.........so. But I haven't noticed that they won't go to war after 1900. Must be my diplomatic skills.
  11. You can also do it from the city that you build your intelligence agency in. Right click on that city and click on "conduct espionage." It will then give you the option to do it with a spy or with the embassy, along with the choices of what you want to do. Along the same lines, does anyone know how to deal with the following? I lost about 10 of my workers and it was really wierd. They were working away and then one by one they ran towards one of my cities. Each time, my tank would shoot them as they approached. They were my workers that were citizens, not captured workers, either.
  12. OK. Finally figured out the spying missions. Once you build the CIA, you right click on that city to conduct an espionage mission and plant a spy in whatever country you want. Then when you go to conduct a mission, you can choose to either use your spy or use your embassy. I've had some of my spies caught, but no ill effects from it as of yet.
  13. Can we do that? (Play CIV III online?) Hmmmm..... The highest I have gotten is Mao the Fair. I didn't destroy all of my enemies. I usually play 6 or 7 opponents, but I know what you mean, no challenge. So, what did you think the spaceship looked like? It kills me everytime I look at it.
  14. hmmm. I don't know why you can't see oil. very odd. I know that it should be in the desert or maybe in the flood plains??? Can't remember right now. And for the record, I never opened the rule book. I did however, use the icon in the middle on the top left of the screen to check out why I couldn't see some resources, or how to do this or that. I may be a sissy, but I'm the one that's won the game. Have you seen the spaceship yet?
  15. Jim, to get aluminumiumumum, you have to have Rocketry, for oil, you have to have refining, rubber is replaceable parts. I looked for cheat codes, never found them either, but there is a patch for the "edit." I haven't tried it. Do you guys even look at the index for the resources, units, improvements, etc? Just like a man, try to put something together without reading the directions.......sheesh.
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