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  1. OK, this is to confirm, there are 3 BW files available: Part 2.1 is the Bundeswehr itself Part 2.2 are the Territorials Part 4 is the Navy Still waiting on Parts 1 and 3. Any idea when the plan is to release them (on the 'bucket' list' with an estimated collection date are XMAS) Will fill everybody in a day or two on my condition. konev
  2. Gents, Does anyone have the address for the page that has all of Nafziger's OBs in WinZip files. I lost the address and I cannot seem to find the page again. Thanks konev
  3. Gentlemen, Does anyone know the status of the NATO OB file? I've been out of the loop for a while (cancer/chemotherapy does that) and right now I'm playing "catch-up", in addition to trying to get some of my "bucket list" done. konev
  4. Dr. Leo, I took a SWAG at the numbering system and I think I came up with a one similar. Right now I'm establishing the files, then I'll work on filling them out. For the OB files, it's be Year/Month/Front [stavka Reserve] and the Operational Army unit listing will be Date of Publication/Type unit. I can break down the Rifle, Airborne, Cavalry, Tank Divisions and Assemble the Artillery Divisions (including the service units) Right now I'm in bucket-mode (not sure if Nafziger is in better or worse shape than me; will know on 24th June), but I will try to get as much done as possible. konev
  5. Is there a system in use that determined what the file designations were? I have a plan to put up about 10,000 pages of translated Russian OB, but I'm not sure how to label the files konev
  6. Question: Can anyone confirm how many torpedoes the USS WEST VIRGINIA took? The last word I heard was it was initially believed she took 7 torpedoes, but when it was refloated and moved into a drydock, there were indications that an eighth torpedo hit. (Wasn't that the most any ship took?) thanks konev
  7. 3rd Armored Division HQ was located at Drake Kaserne (northeast side of Frankfurt a.M.) with all of the DISCOM units in Frankfurt located at Edwards Kaserne, which was located across the street. At one time (sometime between late '83 and '85), the entire G-2 section was assigned to the 533rd MI Bn (yes, the Bn technically had TWO LTCs and 2 SGMs) for administrative purposes. Operationally, the G-2 came under the Division CoS. This was changed sometime in 1985, when all were re-assigned to the HHC, 3 AD (along with the move to a newly built barracks) The G-2 was broken down into 6 sections: Admin (G-2 LTC, G-2 SGM, plus 2-3 clerks) C&D [Collection & Dissemination) ASIC (All-Source Intelligence Center) TAC CP (otherwise known as G-2 Forward) Engineers (Map Maintenance and dissemination) CI (Counter-Intelligence) TAC CP was the section with the M577 (plus 1 M880 pick-up with trailer) and were out the gate first. All other sections were at G-2 Main. In addition, TAC CP personnel were the ones that ran the OPFOR units in MAPEXs in REFORGER excercises. I took utter delight in running down my home-state National Guard Brigade when it deployed to Germany. Been there, done that. konev
  8. Can you please post is somewhere those of us who are not fluent in German can download it? I have absolutely no idea how to gain access to it on the Cold War Forum. Thanks. konev
  9. I finally found the problem why I couldn't view the site. I have to use Firefox instead of MS Explorer. konev
  10. Gents, Any idea when the first of the files is going to be posted? Regards, konev
  11. Mine would not be a battle, but an action. My perspective would be as Commanding Officer, Heeresarchiv in Potsdam before the bombing raids started. I would try to find the largest and deepest mine in Germany (western Harz Mountains or southern Bavaria) and send every scrap of paper in the Archive there. konev
  12. Yep, That's the one. I get nothing from it. konev
  13. I have been trying for the last several weeks to get to the Nafziger Collection website. No dice. Does anyone know what happened? konev
  14. Cpt Cav, What is with this fetish "given the statements of the Soviet generals in the Stockholm Conference are true"? How about the truth somewhere in between? konev
  15. No, NATO forces always reacted to what the WP did, not the other way around. konev
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