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  1. In the early 1980s the French (and other AMX-30 users) were limited to the HEAT OCC-105, aka Obus G, with the OFL-105 APFSDS being available in the mid 1980s. It is known France bought a test batch of M735 but as far as I know only for tests. The bore design of the DEFA F-1 was optimized to use the OCC and could not fire APDS. No such problems with APFSDS rounds. The DM23, aka M111 became available in the late 1970s so I doubt the Leopard 1 fleet was limited to APDS until the A5 upgrade. As mentioned, vehicles fitted with manual FCS only neded the reticles being modified. This was done to the M60A1 fleet, for example.
  2. Looks like something burns inside the array……
  3. This one suffered an internal explosion; I wonder if Iranian crews didn’t fill the ammo bins with liquid or if the concept wasn’t as good in practice.
  4. How’s the propellant situation? With the closure of propelling charge manufacturing I was under the impression the L30 operational life was dependent of existing charges shelf life hence the move towards NATO standard ammo…..
  5. Stuart, do you know if the Swiss simulator is the same as the Chieftain one? I knew of the Chieftain driver simulation which is older than this Pz68 sim and I was wondering if the Swiss army bought or licensed the British technology.
  6. Nexter ASCALON 140 mm tank gun exposed at Eurosatory. Notional ASCALON 140 mm rounds included a non-line of sight (NLOS) guided round and an APFSDS. Also, a nice size comparison to existing 120mm ammo:
  7. Thanks a lot! This makes much more sense. Still, surprised by the Stilbrew expected capabilities against KE threats; I guess a good lump of steel over another lump of steel should be enough against KE even if limited against modern HEAT……. Leopard 2 “Type C” should be the armor fitted to the later A4 and “Type D” the A5 package with wedge turret array?
  8. I’m really curious about this report: Leo 2 armor was so bad? Stillbrew is a simple chunk of steel on rubber mounts…… However, Methos mentions aonther report were Leo 2 appears to have a protection similar to Ch1. Ìm really confused
  9. Looks like designing and producing new ammo for the L30 would have been more cost/effective 😉
  10. Well, that basically halves de number of rounds carried….. any idea on where are the hull rounds stored? Are they protected?
  11. Problem is they don’t have air bases off limits to the Russians. Still, looks like they still have some capacity left which is remarkable after almost five weeks of warfare
  12. Point taken. Still, as we don’t know how many planes they have or how many sorties they’re flying it’s difficult to assess lethality. According to Russian sources, Ukranian forces are launching MANPADS as there was no tomorrow -> low lethality if true. We don’t know if it’s the same for the Russians
  13. I too think it’s too soon for really meaningful analysis but still….. Battlefield ballistic missiles have long been a specialty of Soviet/Russian forces, maybe as a way to counteract Western predilection for air power. Their use and results haven’t been overwhelming, but let’s not forget they’ve used in quite small numbers. It’s difficult to put and airbase out with three Iskander… or three Kalibr. Used in large numbers we’ll be speaking about how incredible they’re… once in range. The fact that old Tochkas have started to appear on the Rus side doesn’t say much about the Rus missile stocks. Same for other PGMs including cruise missiles, with Kalibrs being used sparingly and not in large numbers, Western (US really) style. MANPADS: very effective within their envelope. But it you can cripple ADA and leave your opponent just with MANPADS, you’re mostly safe operating over 5000m and at night lobbing “cheap” PGMs like JDAMs Tanks: while scores have been captured/damaged/destroyed I believe we still need more information about how they were operationally used and how they were suppressed. The fact they’re very vulnerable to top attack and the need to separate ammo for the crew is, again, being shown to full effect. Also, would like to know how heavy ERA has been doing. Air superiority: surprised to see Ucranian air defenses still operational, but looks like the Rus AF dominate the front line and, apparently, few A/C are being put out by forward defenses. Several Ucranian aircraft have been destroyed over the frontline but, as we don’t know how many attacks they’re performing it’s difficult to assess how good the Rus AD are doing at the frontline although they’ve deployed their best. Drone warfare: a real must for any modern military, although as they became widespread, neutralization systems, either hard or soft kill will be become widespread too.
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