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  1. How about voting on individual items rather than 6000 page monstrosities?
  2. Must be an interesting case of hydrodynamics as the ship sinks. IIRC the wrecks of the Lexington and Yorktown have planes in them. Even airplane tugs still on the deck.
  3. Didn't someone post here a gif comparing 1936 and 2023 temp data in TX? Can't find it...
  4. What is the origin of the immunity given to the covid vaccine manufacturers? Does this predate covid and who granted this?
  5. It is mind boggling how complex those high performance WWII piston engines were. It's no wonder than when the early jet engines, they were such a godsend: - Can burn kerosene, rather than exotic super high octane gasoline - Far fewer moving parts - 30% more thrust even in those crappy jet engines that ate themselves.
  6. I'd love to see some data on KV-1 reliability. The bar in 1940 was not exactly high for tanks of all weights, particularly if British designs are included. I have a soft spot for the KV in that it was the first 40+ ton tank that -as flawed as it was- was actually useful and deployable. It really broke new ground in its time. No pun intended.
  7. IIRC Truman flirted with joining them for that reason. And Clinton said as much during Robert Byrd's funeral, about his white sheet indiscretions.
  8. IIRC Stalin held a military command in the Russo-Polish war in 1919 and was trounced by the Poles.
  9. The Soviets murdered people the rest of the world didn't much care about. And they had plenty more apologists in media/academia than the nazis.
  10. I suspect the average German was quite a bit freer (or more accurately "less oppressed") under Hitler than the average Soviet under Stalin. I'm always amused at the lengths Hitler went to bribe high officials of the German military, rather than just resort to the mass arrests and executions that took place in the Soviet Union. I bet even post July 20th repression didn't come close to Stalin's purges of the Red Army in the late 30s. Same with the German churches, which the nazis were never able to entirely subdue - Public outrage from German christians forced the nazis to hide their euthanasia programs. I'm not saying that the nazis were less evil than the communists. Just that they had less control over German society and had to tread more carefully.
  11. I'm sure if Hunter's last name was Trump the media would be completely uninterested in his activities, both recreational and collecting bags of cash all over the world.
  12. Copying parts is one thing. Creating material specs and tolerances is an enormous amount of work, specially if initial data is not available. I believe the West Germans went through similar troubles with the MG3, since the MG42 manufactures/design were in East Germany.
  13. The problem with Trump (one of them) is that he does not have a consistent ideology and there are many matters to which he has not given much thought. If you ask Rand Paul a policy question, he's going to answer through the prism of small, limited government. With Trump... No one knows what you are going to get, not even Trump. This is one of the reasons why Desantis is often to the right of Trump. And I'm perfectly OK with that.
  14. Trump supports many progressive policies (which the left should be applauding). It's not surprising that many GOP candidates are going to be to the right of him.
  15. Absolutely. A painful lesson that was sorely needed.
  16. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-66093114
  17. No person should be forced into a transaction with another. Period.
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